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Anyone else's child just won't stop eating?

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PleaseDontEatme Thu 21-Feb-19 10:54:14

3 year old DD. Not even lunchtime and she's already eaten half my cupboards.

So far she's had; bowl of cereal, toast, crisps, 2 bananas, a yogurt, a dairlee dunker, and a small box of raisins.

She asked for lunch at 10.30 as she's "So so hungry".

She's not thirsty as she had milk with breakfast, and has access to water at all times which she's slowly been drinking her way through.

She's small for her age; 18-24m clothes, 2nd percentile for weight, 9th for height. Is in proportion. No belly or excess fat (she's under a paeds for something else and he's happy with her). She just eats.

This isn't unusual for her. She goes to Nursery a couple of times a week and will often tell the manager she's not had lunch when she has to get a second one (thankfully they only charge me for one meal) and she usually eats double fruit and snacks there too. Again has access to water at all times at Nursery.

Anyone else got a non stop eater?

t1mum3 Sat 23-Feb-19 19:01:24

Although she doesn't sound like she is excessively thirsty, eating excessively without putting on weight can be an early sign of type one diabetes. Might be worth familiarising yourself with the signs (toilet, thirsty, tired, thin, plus infections, thrush, excessive hunger and in the late stages smell of pear drops, vomiting, drowsiness and difficulty breathing) in this is the issue.

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