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What activities does your 2 yo do?

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Strippervicarrs Thu 21-Feb-19 10:42:50

I worry that DS1 who is 2, doesn’t do much. We also have a 5 mo DS who only naps in the sling so I struggle to make time for DS1. DS2 screams in the car, I know he’ll grow out of this eventually but I avoid driving anywhere.
Our week normally looks like this with an activity in the morning and then pottering in the house/garden in the afternoon:
Mon- local toddler group
Tue/wed - park/out on scooter/nursery rhyme group/museum
Thurs-fri - nursery
Weekends are normally doing the food shop, seeing relatives or park.
We rarely do big trips to farms or softplay, he doesn’t do any clubs like diddy rugby or football. Does this look totally boring and is he missing out? It will probably make me feel really guilty but can anyone share their weekly activities?

TheMidiMitch Thu 21-Feb-19 10:43:45

That's fine - he's only two. Don't worry!

Strippervicarrs Thu 21-Feb-19 10:53:05

Thanks! Yeah he seems happy and loves nursery. I just feel guilty when I see friends with just the 1 child doing loads of clubs and going on trips to London etc and feel like that would be too tricky at the moment with ds2

EmmaJR1 Thu 21-Feb-19 13:00:07

I have a 21 mth old and we literally do parks/walks/ feeding the ducks. Occasionally soft play and toddlers trampolining if it's rubbish weather - he's got so much energy he needs space!
We do play dates with similar aged children but they don't play together just around each other 🙄

mintchick Thu 21-Feb-19 13:01:48

That's more than I do with my 2yo DTs. Don't worry!!

Lllot5 Thu 21-Feb-19 14:35:28

I feel like I’m 100 years old sometimes. The idea of activities for a two year old is so alien to when mine were little. They just played. Not meant as a criticism btw just a observation on how things are different.

Strippervicarrs Thu 21-Feb-19 15:59:02

Lllot5 - that’s kind of my point as my DS1 spends a lot of time at home “playing” and I see lots of mums with kids similar ages going to several classes - cooking, gymnastics, rugby etc and feel guilty as I find it too difficult to do things like that with DS2 in tow. The benefit of this is that DS2 provides lots of entertainment though!

LBOCS2 Thu 21-Feb-19 16:09:45

I take my 2yo to one toddler group (at a private school up the road; has good cake) and one singing group (free, next to the supermarket which I usually need to go to, my friend goes as well and we often have lunch afterwards). That's plenty, she enjoys it, gets social interaction, and my brain doesn't dribble out of my ears in boredom. Works for both of us!

MamaRaisingBoys Thu 21-Feb-19 16:17:15

My 3yo & 17mo have never done a class or gone to a group.

We go for a walk/scoot/to the park most days. Soft play once per week. Farm maybe once a fortnight in the summer. Museum/library/swimming when I can be bothered. The rest of the time we just play/watch tv/read/sing/do housework/crafts/occasionally bake. I think yours sounds fine if it works for you.

Also how close are these friends living to London who are taking their children regularly? At 2yrs old if you have to travel quite a way to get there I don’t think it’s worth the stress!

PurplePotatoes Thu 21-Feb-19 16:19:48

That's fine for a 2yr old don't worry!
My 2.5yr old goes to nursery Mon-Wed full days then we got to toddler group on a Thursday and maybe soft play on a Fridqy. Wknds are family visits, shopping, odd trip out.
I find the thing he needs most is just to run about as much as possible!

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