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Gift for 11yo boy into fortnite?

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dancingqueen345 Wed 20-Feb-19 21:38:56

Hi all

Anyone with experience of 11 year old boys want to give me any advice for a gift please?

I was thinking just money or an amazon voucher, but then thought with him being so into Fortnite, is there anything related to that I could buy?

I don't know the game at all, but is there like a voucher I could get that gives him access to stuff or anything like that?

Any help appreciated!

CrackersDontMatter Wed 20-Feb-19 22:14:25

My DS would love an Xbox voucher. They can buy Vbucks with it and then use it to buy things to use in the game. I don’t let him use actual money on there as he’d spend the lot but I’m happy for people (including me) to buy him a voucher for that purpose.

redhat Wed 20-Feb-19 22:15:05

amazon voucher for v bucks

Whatsnewpussyhat Wed 20-Feb-19 22:20:02

PoptartPoptart Wed 20-Feb-19 22:34:17

V bucks vouchers will be a massive hit if he is a big Fortnite fan. Find out if he plays it on Xbox or PlayStation and then you can order the vouchers on Amazon.
DS is really into Fortnite and got some vbucks vouchers for Christmas - he was delighted and one of his best presents hmm

dancingqueen345 Wed 20-Feb-19 22:37:16

Ahh brilliant, thank you all!

TheWoollybacksWife Wed 20-Feb-19 22:47:09

My DS loved these socks if you wanted to buy a little something in addition to a voucher.

dancingqueen345 Thu 21-Feb-19 17:44:36

@TheWoollybacksWife those are fab but unfortunately wouldn't arrive in time! Will try and remember those for Xmas though!

Bluestitch Thu 21-Feb-19 17:47:37

My DS is into Fortnite and loves the Pop Vinyls.

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