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British IS girl has had her baby

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BrizzleMint Sun 17-Feb-19 17:55:27

She's had her baby - a son.

Cabinet minister Jeremy Wright told BBC's Andrew Marr programme that the baby's nationality was "not straightforward".

The culture secretary, who was previously attorney general, said the first priority was establishing the health of her and her baby.

needmorepizzainmydiet Sun 17-Feb-19 17:56:25

Can’t someone go and get the baby and bring him here? If she allows it.

slipperywhensparticus Sun 17-Feb-19 17:58:00

She is married doesn't that make a difference to nationality?

Why should we bring her child over here it needs to stay with mum and dad in Syria

Gershwin Sun 17-Feb-19 17:59:21

Yes, there is a long interview with her on Sky news today.

CameliaCamelia Sun 17-Feb-19 17:59:28

needmorepizza who do you propose should travel to Syria to remove this child?

Insomnibrat Sun 17-Feb-19 17:59:33

Why should we be burdened with it?

Arkos Sun 17-Feb-19 18:01:06

I don't think she's British anymore... surely she's chosen to take her husband's nationality

Changedmynametoolikeyou Sun 17-Feb-19 18:02:58

Guys. You can’t just look between a baby’s legs to assign it’s nationality. You have to let it grow up in the middle of the sea and then decide which country it wants to be part of.

Asta19 Sun 17-Feb-19 18:05:32

From Wikipedia:

Syrian nationality law is the law governing the acquisition, transmission and loss of Syrian citizenship. Syrian citizenship is the status of being a citizen of the Republic of Syria and it can be obtained by birth or naturalisation. The Syrian nationality is transmitted by paternity (father) (see Jus sanguinis).[1] Therefore, Syrian nationality is determined solely by the father's nationality, while the place of birth is irrelevant. In other words, birthright citizenship is not recognized since being born in Syria does not grant an automatic right to become a national. In most cases, individuals are deemed to be Syrian nationals regardless of whether they are born inside or outside Syria as long as their father holds Syrian nationality.[2][3][4]

So the baby is not a Syrian national.

MillytantForceit Sun 17-Feb-19 18:07:45

...So I come onto a feminist website, [Kinnock ON] A Feminist Website, to find someone arguing that a woman who marries loses her own nationality and takes that of her husband???

She's British. Her child is British. Can people not grasp that the law is whatever it is, not whatever you want?

BrizzleMint Sun 17-Feb-19 18:07:51

So the baby is Dutch-British, I wonder what the Dutch view is on the family going there.

Marcipex Sun 17-Feb-19 18:08:33

Does she want to send the baby to Britain alone?
My impression is that she's hoping the baby is her ticket to preferential treatment ie. a rescue.

Tomtontom Sun 17-Feb-19 18:09:45

I don't think she's British anymore... surely she's chosen to take her husband's nationality

@Arkos No, that's not how it works.

No one is disputing that the woman has UK citizenship, the question is over the child's right to citizenship.

slipperywhensparticus Sun 17-Feb-19 18:10:38

Is her father Dutch or the baby's father Dutch?

MyDcAreMarvel Sun 17-Feb-19 18:12:02

This is a groomed , brainwashed, sexual abused child we are talking about. At 19 she is still very young. She should be allowed back, possible sent to prison depending on specific crimes. Her baby should be adopted in the UK.

MillytantForceit Sun 17-Feb-19 18:12:19

PS: The baby is not Dutch. They are not legally married and unmarried fathers have no parental rights under UK Law.

Marcipex Sun 17-Feb-19 18:13:25

The baby's alleged father is Dutch. I think his current whereabouts is unknown.

Asta19 Sun 17-Feb-19 18:14:15

I watched a snippet of the sky news interview and twice she said that British authorities have no “proof” or “evidence” against her. That’s what guilty people say, it isn’t what innocent people say! Oh but apparently she was “just a housewife” and we should all feel “sympathy” for her. We all know she’s going to be brought back, she won’t end up facing any charges. It’s a joke. And I am all for giving people second chances in the majority of cases but not in this instance.

CameliaCamelia Sun 17-Feb-19 18:15:47

So she comes back then milly

Under her own steam.... why should we send 'someone' to get her?

CameliaCamelia Sun 17-Feb-19 18:16:21

milly which 'feminist website' were you referring to there?

IrmaFayLear Sun 17-Feb-19 18:17:34

Regarding the "groomed" - is that always a get-out clause? Is there ever any personal responsibility or are all girls/young women just hapless and vulnerable and in no way the architects of their own fortune?

I read today the question of whether you would forgive a child who joined the Hitler Youth and then went on to become a member of the SS. Well?

MillytantForceit Sun 17-Feb-19 18:18:43

...She can knock on the door of the embassy in Ankara or Beirut and she will be entitled to receive consular services.

But she appears to expect HMG to send a taxi.

"South of the Euphrates at this time of the war? You must be jokin...."

HackAttack Sun 17-Feb-19 18:18:45

It???!! Can we remember that, never mind the choices of any parent that baby is an entirely innocent life. Syrian/British whatever that baby is hours old and surely we should hope for the best outcome for any baby.

MyDcAreMarvel Sun 17-Feb-19 18:19:00

She was groomed by nature of her being a child not because she was female.

slipperywhensparticus Sun 17-Feb-19 18:22:03

There is no actual proof she was pregnant tbf she is just saying it and we believe her 🤷‍♀️ she doesn't seem too bothered about the children she allegedly lost either

There was some hints about DNA testing if she did show up with a baby in tow but I'm unsure of the legality of this

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