Would you say this dress is acceptable for a wedding evening reception?

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Acx2728 Tue 12-Feb-19 18:25:05

I've just purchased this dress for an upcoming charity event I have to attend but I am hoping it will be double up for an upcoming wedding due to the cost and I am having to have the dress altered and taken in slightly so would be nice to get more than one wear out of it. It will only be the evening reception I am attending. It will be paired with black shoes and a black bag and the bottom of the dress is like a taupe colour.

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Toooldtobearsed2 Tue 12-Feb-19 18:26:02


Acx2728 Tue 12-Feb-19 18:26:24

Sorry ladies, I am trying to upload a picture, for some reason it didn't add it.

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NothingOnTellyAgain Tue 12-Feb-19 18:27:27

i am going with yes
It's lovely
Go for it

Acx2728 Tue 12-Feb-19 18:27:40

This is the dress below. Sorry had an issue with upload.

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Acx2728 Tue 12-Feb-19 18:28:39


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WFTisgoingoninmyhead Tue 12-Feb-19 18:29:48

Yes it’s lovely


Parkrunner25 Tue 12-Feb-19 18:33:28

If it was any other colour it would be fine. But white to somebody else's wedding is a no IMO.

StellaMorris Tue 12-Feb-19 18:37:22

If it is deiifiniteky tauoe/beige/gold - and not off white/ivory.

Toooldtobearsed2 Tue 12-Feb-19 18:37:25

Oh, thats really unusual and lovely!

I think you could wear it to a wedding, with the right accessories. With something bold, like navy blue, the ivory colouring could be overlooked.
Disclaimer: I am shite at this stuff!

CocoLoco87 Tue 12-Feb-19 18:39:12

Same as Parkrunner. It's a nice dress but it looks too cream / ivory for a wedding. If you wore that to my wedding, I wouldn't have said anything but would be a bit hmm

Chewbecca Tue 12-Feb-19 18:39:30

It is generally a bit of a no-no to wear a white dress to a wedding.

Thequaffle Tue 12-Feb-19 18:41:03

It’s lovely in design but the colour is a bit too close to white

PetuliaBlavatsky Tue 12-Feb-19 18:42:30

It's a beautiful dress, where is it from?
It does look quite pale on the photo but as you are only going to the evening do, I'd say it'll be fine.

Acx2728 Tue 12-Feb-19 18:45:35

Thank you. It is from an independant shop in my home town but the designer is Lizabella which does occasion wear.

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Echobelly Tue 12-Feb-19 18:47:58

Fine by me, the colour is OK in my book as it doesn't look like a wedding dress at all. Unless you know the bride is especially uptight (and honestly, it would take a pretty uptight bride to be upset that someone's wearing pale-not-wedding-dress) in which case maybe avoid.

Ribbonsonabox Tue 12-Feb-19 18:48:38

Yes if you wear brightly coloured or black accessories. Because otherwise it is too white. You dont know if the bride might be wearing a short white dress... or the bridesmaids, and so it might be embarrassing if you look too much like them.
Someone wore a short white lace dress to my wedding which was almost exactly the same as my bridesmaids dresses... she hadn't done it on purpose but it looked really odd in all the photos... she looked like some nuts person who had tried to tag on the end of the bridesmaids... some older family members did have a bit of a grumble about it.

Acx2728 Tue 12-Feb-19 18:52:21

Lol. Thank you. Hmm Navy sounds quite nice to pair it with. The girl getting married is a friend of mine and we used to go on nights out a lot together, I dont think she would mind, but I'm more concerned about other guests opinions, some people are a bit funny about colours but then I've also read its not equitette to wear the same colour as the bridesmaids either (no idea what colour they are wearing though) ive also read black is not very popular, so it's like what the hell am I supposed to wear kinda situation haha. I personally wouldn't mind if it was my wedding, its clear im not the bride and im sure as its her first time getting married she will be in a lovely floor length wedding dress.

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Sparkletastic Tue 12-Feb-19 18:53:01

You could wear any other colour without fear of causing offence except white. So why wear white?

Acx2728 Tue 12-Feb-19 19:00:29

Sparkletastic. Thats why I was asking advice, its actually cream top and lower half is a pale grey/brown so like a taupe colour. I don't mind purchasing something else if its really bad, but if it could double for both events obviously that would be a bonus. According to ettiquette I also have to worry about choosing the same colour as the bridesmaids through fear off looking odd also and I've no idea as to what colour the bridesmaids dresses are going to be ,so it's kind of still like a shot in the dark at picking a dress. I totally understand that white is completely off limits but its not white but still light in colour so that's why I asked.

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Thestral Tue 12-Feb-19 19:04:04

Absolutely not. It's lovely, but not for a wedding. Just don't be that person.

SpanielEars070 Tue 12-Feb-19 19:06:40

It's a gorgeous dress, but being honest, I'd take issue with someone wearing that colour to a wedding.

Save it for another occasion though, you look lovely in it.

Bestseller Tue 12-Feb-19 19:07:13

Nice dress but sorry no. Its the wrong colour. It would actually make a really nice wedding dress for a casual do, but which is why you can't wear it.

MrsBungle Tue 12-Feb-19 19:09:10

Personally I don’t think it’s an appropriate colour for a wedding.

Applescoop Tue 12-Feb-19 19:24:09

Depends on the venue. I'd wear it with a bright red, cranberry or raspberry colour.

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