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Kids sharing beds

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DamonSalvatoresDinner Tue 12-Feb-19 00:13:43

I have 3 kids. DD1 (12), DD2 (9) and DS (7).

They all share beds. They of course have their own but more often than not choose to sleep snuggled up with a sibling or two. Due to this we bought them double beds. They all get on wonderfully (which is odd to me because I clearly remember despising my own sister and it was mutual!) and don't really argue much. And even when they do fall out, a cuddle isn't far away.
Right now DS is fast asleep in his own room and the girls are sleeping in the eldest's bed, snuggled right in together.

Is this so unusual? Do any of your DCs have similar sleeping habits?

x2boys Tue 12-Feb-19 00:29:05

I.always had bunk beds as a child small room,my older sister had a double bed much bigger room often she would get into one of my needs of i would share her bed I don't think it's that unusual?when we got older we wanted our own space.

x2boys Tue 12-Feb-19 00:30:04

My beds*

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