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DS hearing

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NotSoThinLizzy Mon 11-Feb-19 19:33:59

DS is 16 months old and has a few words but no mummy or daddy yet. Health visitor thinks it could be his hearing and has referred him to ent. I think it's just him and he'll say it when he's ready. DS can say star, duck, bubbles, num nums, his sisters name and boobs 😂

Has this happened to anyone else?

NotSoThinLizzy Mon 11-Feb-19 22:10:51

Hopeful bump

Mammyloveswine Mon 11-Feb-19 22:29:14

No harm in getting his hearing tested, although he sounds perfectly fine.

My 3 year old has very delayed speech and he didn't even reallu babble much.

Witchend Mon 11-Feb-19 22:41:22

It's hard to tell if they have hearing problems as they and you will have adapted.
My D's had really bad glue ear. I didn't realise how bad his hearing was even though he had constant ear infections.

He'd taught himself to lip read by 16months. I didn't realise. It was just a cute little habit he had of patting my cheek when he wanted to talk. Ent pointed out he was actually turning my face so he could lip read. He had less than 30% hearing.

EugenesAxe Mon 11-Feb-19 22:56:07

My DS had not too bad hearing loss around 3-4 years, which was picked up in nursery. He had grommets for glue ear, then later (probably linked) had to have tonsillotomy for massive tonsils that were giving him mild sleep apnoea, which had the knock-on effect of affecting his processing speeds (that was picked up in Y1 when the school work-load went up a gear; basically if your kid makes any noise when asleep, get them seen!).

That said... he was a talker not a walker; he would articulate words fairly well around 12 months, when he was 21 months, he could speak small sentences clearly. Listening to old recordings of him though, I notice his speech sounds more nasal than now.

NotSoThinLizzy Tue 12-Feb-19 03:48:11

DS will put his hand on my mouth when I'm talking. We have family history of glue ear me and his sister. Hopefully he's not cursed by this too.

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