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RoseMartha Mon 11-Feb-19 17:08:23

I know Dr's Receptionists have a difficult job and some patients are rude and impatient. But why do they decide your problem is not urgent enough for an appointment.
I was told only urgent appointments this week and I would have to wait until next week, despite being in a lot of pain. But she begrudgingly gave me a telephone consultation. After I told Dr my problem he booked me in this week for an appointment which obviously I was happy about, but had unnecessary hassle in getting it. I have not been to my dr since September, its not like I call every week.

anxiousbundle Mon 11-Feb-19 17:10:09

I personally never tell a receptionist what my issue is. They have no formal medical qualifications or training so who are they to decide a symptom isn't important?

Just say you need a doctors appointment and it's urgent, they can't legally withhold an appointment from you I don't think!

WaitrosePigeon Mon 11-Feb-19 17:14:09

They ask for a general description of your situation to assign you the correct practioner. They aren’t being a dick.

However they should not be refusing you an appointment.

redyawn Mon 11-Feb-19 17:17:17

I feel your pain OP.

I think the whole problem is down to the fact that they are poorly paid, so doctors often end up with low quality support staff. They are doing a difficult and important job, with constant emergencies. They should be highly trained and well paid.

In my surgery, the staff are rude or nice as pie. The nice ones are actually worse than the rude ones because they tell you they are going to do something for you (eg speak to doc and call you back) and they never ever do it. At least you know where you are with the rude ones!

thislldofornow Tue 12-Feb-19 00:11:59

Made me think of this:

Fortunately you can book online at mine or if completely desperate turn up before they open and queue outside. At my last surgery you had to phone in the morning to book a morning appointment (not that day - any morning appointment) and in the afternoon to book an afternoon appointment, which was so bizarre it doesn’t sound true but that is what the receptionist insisted on!

Jakethekid Tue 12-Feb-19 00:53:25

Isn't it school holidays for most next week? You'd be hard pushed getting an appointment then!

SuziQ10 Tue 12-Feb-19 00:58:24

Because a lot of people go to see a doctor for things that don't require being seen to by a GP urgently or with ailments that a nurse or pharmacist can see to.

Lots of time wasters out there.

EastMidsGPs Tue 12-Feb-19 06:59:37

It all seems a minefield at our very busy, overstretched practice. From getting repeat prescriptions, sorting out communication between hospital consultants, booking blood tests or simply asking a question. Everything seems difficult e.g. I am carer for 2 people getting this recorded was akin to signing a peace treaty. When I suggested they have a printed form with all the info they need, the response was 'why would we'?

I joke with DH that you have to be fit and well to fight the system!

Spam88 Tue 12-Feb-19 07:26:13

Well there are only a limited number of urgent appointments available, and they're held back for urgent things. I assume they follow a procedure written by the doctors with regard to whether they can allocate one to someone or not. They're not being dicks, just doing their jobs and trying to keep urgent appointments available for those who need them.

RoseMartha Tue 12-Feb-19 17:10:49

Thanks for responses.
I know they are hard pressed i mentioned that in my first post,

My problem has deteriorated and while not contagious or life threatening it is preventing me doing usual general day to day tasks because of the pain and restricted movement I currently have.

I know some people abuse the facility and do not cancel etc. And it spoils it for those if us who do not .

TwitterQueen1 Tue 12-Feb-19 17:26:10

I do sympathise OP but you have highlighted the reason why yourself.

You won't provide any details (and I'm not asking you for any) but "preventing me usual general day-to-day tasks..." does this mean you can't bend down to put washing in the machine because of back ache? Does it mean you're unable to drive because you've gone blind in one eye and actually need to go to A&E? Or maybe you have a leg ulcer that's turned septic so you can't walk....

If I ring and say "I've got dreadful cystitis, can a dr write a prescription for me.." the receptionist can deal with this just a couple of minutes...

Like it or not, the receptionists are 1st line triage and they can't help you if you don't provide information.

Petalflowers Tue 12-Feb-19 17:30:08

Unfortunately there are not enough appointments for everyone who wants one. Therefore, if it is an ongoing condition, then it may not been considered as urgent as another patient’s condition.

RoseMartha Tue 12-Feb-19 18:39:50

@TwitterQueen1 I did tell the receptionist the health problem. I have just not shared it here. She then said there were no appointments for that kind of thing until next week.
And then reluctantly gave me phone consultation. The dr decided after talking to me that I did need to be seen this week. Tomorrow thankfully.

TwitterQueen1 Tue 12-Feb-19 22:03:06

That's good then. I hope you recover swiftly flowers

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