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How to align self-designed labels for printing?

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MyKingdomforaNameChange Sun 10-Feb-19 20:31:19

I've designed some labels which I want to print. I've downloaded the template for the labels from the manufacturer, which is saved as a Word Document. The label design is saved as a Jpeg.

When I insert the Jpeg in the Word file, it's off centre. I can't seem to centre it! It sits down and right of where it should be.

How on earth do I fix this?? If anyone could help I would be forever grateful smile

OhDearHowSadNeverMind Sun 10-Feb-19 20:36:12

Watching keenly as I have the same problem - although mine isn't a centering problem - mine just won't print all in the label area. On preview they look fine, on print they start in the top margin and carry on all out of line down the page.

I may have cried more than once.

MyKingdomforaNameChange Sun 10-Feb-19 20:40:53

It's so frustrating isn't it! I'm so tempted to just get Vistaprint to do them for me - but then I think, if they can do it, surely I can?

OhDearHowSadNeverMind Sun 10-Feb-19 20:42:58

Yes! I even investigated that and the cost made me run back to the drawing board - but I'm no further forward ( but plenty of sheets of labels in the bin angry )

MyKingdomforaNameChange Sun 10-Feb-19 20:47:36

Are you using a manufacturer's template? I am for these labels, as they are circular and I thought it would be easier. For my last ones, which are rectangular, I measured all the different bits and created the template myself, and they work well.

Just wondering if that might help you? Feel free to ignore if not! smile

babysharkah Sun 10-Feb-19 21:03:36

Are you using Avery labels in a word template?

OhDearHowSadNeverMind Sun 10-Feb-19 21:05:30

Yes - I am. Or would be if I could make it work!

DanFmDorking Sun 10-Feb-19 21:11:03

I'm not sure this is your problem but this is what I do to get proper alignment
1. Print the 'Designed Labels' out on ordinary A4 paper.
2. Hold up the A4 paper with the Avery labels against a light to check alignment.
I hope this helps.

OhDearHowSadNeverMind Sun 10-Feb-19 21:12:32

Ah yes Dan - I think I've done this and they printed as they should on the plain A4 and then bloody wonky again on the label sheet. That might have been when I cried actually!

DanFmDorking Sun 10-Feb-19 21:17:26

OhDearHowSadNeverMind stupid computers!

jua890 Sun 10-Feb-19 21:28:48

can you amend the jpeg you are inserting slightly (crop it) to account for any difference in alignment?

OhDearHowSadNeverMind Sun 10-Feb-19 21:29:54

In my case it was text only. Don't know about the OP - to whom apologies for the blatant hijack!

jua890 Sun 10-Feb-19 21:30:15

the other suggestion is to add a text box on top of the label template then insert your jpg inside the text box - so the text box floats over the top of the labels rather than sits inside? then you can alter the alignment by moving the box. (Turn off any special box edges so it is invisible except the image content).

hugoagogo Sun 10-Feb-19 21:48:44

I find word a pain in the arse for this sort of thing, how about trying publisher or paint?

DanFmDorking Sun 10-Feb-19 22:31:47

jua890 That sounds a good idea.

SheepyFun Sun 10-Feb-19 22:38:06

Can you add a border to your labels so they don't have to be precisely aligned? I used to have to print lots of circular labels for work, and my sanity was saved by allowing about 1cm either way (assuming the labels are the size of a CD).

MyKingdomforaNameChange Mon 11-Feb-19 08:02:46

Some great ideas here, and no worries at all about the hijack! smile

I'll give them a go - yes, it's an Avery template. Are they known for this?

The labels are 3.8cm, and have a border, so the lack of alignment really shows...

PlatinumBrunette Mon 11-Feb-19 08:09:15

Am I understanding correctly? You’re trying to put a picture (jpg) on top of a word template that’s set up for text?

If so, it will take some tweaking for sure!

Insert, picture. And this is from memory as I’m not at a computer right now. Then right click on the picture and choose Format Picture. You’re looking to change Wrapping and/or layout. You need to use the dialog box to centre your image on the page and another tab will give you options to have no wrapping.

Experiment. It will be tricky as you’re trying to do something word isn’t good at.

Saisong Mon 11-Feb-19 08:14:30

Agree with the above poster, use the word wrapping options to make the image sit apart from the text area. Maybe word wrap 'tight' or 'through'

NoParticularPattern Mon 11-Feb-19 08:21:45

You need to adjust how the “text” wraps around the image. Although you have no text the template is set up for text primarily (because, Word) so you need to alter those settings to wrap the text differently so that it does what you need. You should be able to do it by selecting the image once pasted to word, right clicking and selecting “format image” then look for text wrapping. My default is “square” but you might need to try all sorts (through might be a good shout) just to see what works. If all else fails you can use the text box suggestion someone else has mentioned. The problem with most label templates is that they assume you’re just going to do text so they don’t add in extras for the possibility that you’re not, as text doesn’t require much work to align correctly in word.

MyKingdomforaNameChange Mon 11-Feb-19 15:21:33

I'm trying all suggestions - not working so far!

It worked perfectly using rectangular labels - I just can't seem to do it with round ones!

MyKingdomforaNameChange Mon 11-Feb-19 15:27:16

What program should I be using rather than Word? The label template downloaded from the manufacturer's website is in Word - so I thought it would work?

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-19 16:01:31

Have you tried doing it directly on the Avery website? here

MyKingdomforaNameChange Mon 11-Feb-19 18:25:45


BIWI that's amazing. I didn't realise I could do that! Thank you so much smile

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-19 23:23:16

My pleasure! Glad I can help. Techy stuff is not my forte grin

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