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My husband is a nob and if he’s not careful i wont marry him again.

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WhyTheLongFace Sat 09-Feb-19 19:41:04

Wedding vow renewals.

I feel they are a bit - someone’s had a fling and this is a bit of a brave front - sort f thing.

However. when we got hitched it was on a very short shoe string, 2 babies, a dog and a new mortgage. And we’re coming up to 20 sodding years and i really think i’d Like to do it properly. In a church. I want a big meringue ffs. And a marquee.

So ive decided i want to do it all again. And he bloody wont. Dickhead nob. He ‘can’t see the point’. Bloody fun sponge.

So you know what i’m Going to do. I’m going to bloody do it anyway. And if he doesn’t show up to the church he isn’t invited to my party. And its going to be bloody epic.

MrsFrankieHeck Sat 09-Feb-19 19:42:33

I don't blame him.

As soon as I hear a renewal of vowels I think one of them has cheated and always wonder which one.

WhyTheLongFace Sat 09-Feb-19 19:42:55

There’s some random capitals in that.

CatinMyLap Sat 09-Feb-19 19:42:58

I like you grin

WhyTheLongFace Sat 09-Feb-19 19:43:23

It is isn’t it Mrs F.

Can i still have a big party?

CatinMyLap Sat 09-Feb-19 19:43:50

To elaborate - I like how you just want to go for the dream wedding and shake off this assumption that someone’s cheated when you renew vows.

Singlenotsingle Sat 09-Feb-19 19:44:52

Can we all come?

WhyTheLongFace Sat 09-Feb-19 19:45:25

Neither of us has the time or energy to cheat

NoParticularPattern Sat 09-Feb-19 19:46:15

Ahhh I also think they’re a bit “we’ve had counselling and she suggested we reaffirm our love” so don’t massively like them. I do, however, like your attitude that you’re just going to do it anyway and if he doesn’t join in then he’s not invited 😂. That I can get on board with!!

WhyTheLongFace Sat 09-Feb-19 19:47:33

So bollox to reaffirming love.

Can i have a big party? Even if he wont come?

Isadora2007 Sat 09-Feb-19 19:47:34

The thing is- you’ve had your wedding. You didn’t wear the big dress and you didn’t have the church wedding. So even if you want to play dress up and spend a fortune on booze and food and prance around being the centre of attention, it still won’t be a wedding. It will be a naff vow renewal and a bit of mid life attention seeking. I don’t blame your husband.

WhyTheLongFace Sat 09-Feb-19 19:47:49

And Cani wear a bigfrock?

Isadora2007 Sat 09-Feb-19 19:48:03

And it’s knob

WhyTheLongFace Sat 09-Feb-19 19:48:41

So should i find a new one and have a big wedding instead? I really cant be bothered.

WhyTheLongFace Sat 09-Feb-19 19:48:58

No. He’s a nob. No k.

WhyTheLongFace Sat 09-Feb-19 19:50:32

I feel ive missed out and it’s really not bloody fair.

JennyOnAPlate Sat 09-Feb-19 19:51:51

Organise a big party and wear your meringue to it. Don't invite the nob.

Isadora2007 Sat 09-Feb-19 19:52:26

Missed out on what? You sound like a big baby rather than a Middle aged woman. Haven’t you better things to spend (waste?) your money on? And what the feck is a “nob”?

JudgeRulesNutterButter Sat 09-Feb-19 19:53:19

If you had a big fuck off anniveesary party, spent lots of money feeding and watering all your loved ones, hired a cracking band, and wore a knock out dress, and got someone to photograph it all, would that do it for you?

The vows are the simple sincere bit, you’ve done that. Have a “fuck yeah we love each other” party, but own where you’re at grin

JudgeRulesNutterButter Sat 09-Feb-19 19:53:49


Mysterycat23 Sat 09-Feb-19 19:54:02

Do you have a birthday coming up? Throw a massive bash, give it a theme then you can wear a big dress. If you're footing the bill for drinks, food and entertainment you won't be short of guests!

Plus side, it will be a lot cheaper than a wedding. Whenever a venue hears the word wedding, prices double!

abbsisspartacus Sat 09-Feb-19 19:54:52

Vowels? aeiou?

abbsisspartacus Sat 09-Feb-19 19:56:10

Anyway you should buy your dress and swan around in the fucker have a party byob and pot luck it too

VeniVidiViciTwice Sat 09-Feb-19 19:57:13

I think Isadora is a bit of a fun sponge also! I say go for it, and too right if he doesn't show up for the vows then he can't come to the party afterwards! 😂

Karwomannghia Sat 09-Feb-19 20:01:12

It’s a penis.

Yes do it! I’ve always thought it would be a good idea to have a brides’ ball where all the women get the chance to wear their wedding dresses again or just for fun.

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