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monalisa12 Mon 28-Jan-19 18:20:44


I have a housing association property. Last night my boiler stopped working and I had no heating. I phoned our repair helpdesk and reported it. They sent it through to the company that do repairs and got it logged on. In the morning I phoned to find out when someone would be attending and I was told we have you down as an AM appointment which means any time up to 1pm. 1pm came and nobody attended. I waiting until 1.15 and I rang the repair company. They rang the engineer who said he was stuck on a job and could not come but would be with me by 3pm. He did not come at 3pm and I waited until 3.30 and rang again only to be told he cannot get to you but will be with you at 5pm. I therefore rang the housing association and raised it as a complaint. They said they would chase it up on my behalf. They came back and told me they were told that the engineer was stuck on a job and would try to get to me as soon as possible. That is not good enough. I said did they advise what time it might be and I was told no. I then said in view of what has happened I have little faith that they will turn up at all and I was told oh if they say they will then they will. I then got so sick of the situation that I rang a friend and my friend told me how to boost up my boiler to get some heating. I then rang the housing association back to say please can you cancel the job as my friend has told me how to boost my boiler. I was then given the third degree and was told that my friend is not a qualified engineer etc and I should wait for the engineer because he can check it over. I said but I have waited for the engineer since 8am and I have to go to work tomorrow and need to get an early night so I cannot stay up until whatever time just in the vain hope that he might come. I said I am turning off my phone at 10pm and if the engineer decides to phone me at that time to come round then he will not get any response and I am not going to open the door if he calls. I have been messed around enough today and the Housing person seemed to think it was perfectly in order for an engineer company to work in this way. I was told oh he must have a lot of jobs on its not his fault so I said well they should never have promised me a morning appointment. I feel I am totally justified here. I now have heating instead of sitting all day in a cold flat and then I said to the housing man isnt it the policy to give the tenant some form of heater because I have just got over a very bad cold and now I am forced to sit in a cold property with no heating and I was told but you have someone coming round.

Sorry but this is totally unacceptable behaviour and if I owned my property I would never touch this repair company again as they seem very unprofessional

ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Mon 28-Jan-19 18:24:55

You are so unreasonable. Your boiler broke and you got an engineer the next day. You then spoke to an unqualified friend and played with the boiler and got it working. That's not the HA or boiler companies fault.

No wonder they were pissed at you. You are getting this done for free I presume? Just be grateful you aren't like the majority who could be out hundreds of pounds as home owners if this happened to them.

Bombardier25966 Mon 28-Jan-19 18:25:40

Get over yourself.

If an engineer is stuck on a job he's not going to leave it just because you're having a strop.

Sounds like you'd even done basic checks yourself, in which case you should have been charged had they come out. If you owned a property you wouldn't be calling people out at the drop of a hat because it would cost you a fortune.

Habadabadoo Mon 28-Jan-19 18:31:46

I said to the housing man isnt it the policy to give the tenant some form of heater
You sound very entitled.
I hope you are polite to the poor engineer if he gets in contact with you. Even if you tell him not to come. Please remember he has been working hard all day and probably been under a lot of pressure.
I assume if what you have done to the boiler breaks it completely you will expect a brand new one installed immediately?

monalisa12 Mon 28-Jan-19 19:11:34

I doubt if it will break completely. My point is that they kept saying to me that they would attend at xxx time. That is giving false hope. When I first raised this issue they said they have 24 hours. Then they booked me an am slot. That was unrealistic

Comefromaway Mon 28-Jan-19 19:15:45

I work for a gas company. Jobs that initially seem simple and should only take an hour sometimes end up being more complicated. Or a more important job comes in such as a breakdown at a care home with vulnerable old people or a gas leak.

This time of year you are lucky to get an engineer at all. We are on a 3-5 day exit at the moment.

3out Mon 28-Jan-19 19:15:55

I think the times were given in good faith, but I know it’s annoying.

Alienspaceship Mon 28-Jan-19 19:20:57

You are so entitled. See all of the above.

ApplestheHare Mon 28-Jan-19 19:25:16

I don't think YABU. I work for a housing association and our tenants and residents deserve and receive much better service than this. This housing association shouldn't be giving appointment times like this if they can't make it work operationally.

Bahhhhhumbug Mon 28-Jan-19 19:25:22

Why were you demanding a temporary heater after you'd managed get it working?
Yabvu, as a homeowner and with a DH in the building trade with many plumber friends/contacts we recently still had to wait a week to get our boiler checked and then another few weeks to get a new one fitted.

Jellylegss Mon 28-Jan-19 19:31:34

For all you know the job(s) infront of you have been nightmares, CO leaks, completely fucked boilers in vulnerable households. Who’d suffer more a frail 90year old or an adult who had a cold (you can’t catch a cold from being cold FYI). They need to assess the issue before they can decide if they should provide alternative heaters.. if it’s low pressure/easy fix jobs it’d be pointless to send round someone with an electric heater, yes they only need to provide a single adult with one you’re just meant to move it room to room.

Really you’re throwing a massive strop, grab a hot water bottle.. if it was earlier I’d have said that order a cheap fan heater from Argos with same day delivery. But considering you’ve “boosted” the boiler so it’s on your now an extremely low priority.

BrokenWing Mon 28-Jan-19 19:42:33

Happens with engineers privately too, they get held up on jobs or get reprioritised. They can't magic more engineers out of nowhere or just abandon the job they are on.

If you just topped up the pressure in the boiler to get it working it is a fairly basic routine thing to do that any home owner or tenant should know, same as bleeding radiators.

ChristmasFlary Mon 28-Jan-19 19:43:30

If you've managed to get it working, then it wasn't very broken was it!

Arnoldthecat Mon 28-Jan-19 20:04:30

I have been in that industry. Believe me ,there is a shortage of decent Engineers out there and companies just cant get them. They end up being overloaded with jobs and as the day progresses, inevitably things start to slip. All it takes is to get stuck on a job and it all falls apart. Having said that i totally appreciate the customer point of view and its not nice to be stuck in all day being fed excuses and nothing happening.

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