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Restaurant help from Londoners please!!

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Blobby10 Thu 24-Jan-19 10:03:06

Hoping that some wise Mumsnetters can help me out with some suggestions for places to go for my son's 21st. He's at uni in London so knows the area but we wanted to go somewhere naice for his 21st. Saturday evening so we know we have to book and were thinking of the Shard or Oxo Tower but is there anywhere else just as nice that we are missing? Happy to eat early (then he can go and party with his friends grin) but nothing horrendously expensive as we just wouldn't appreciate it enough.

Blobby10 Sun 03-Mar-19 07:51:01

Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who made suggestions and in particular those who recommend Hawksmoor Spitalfields. We went last night and, (despite the eyewatering bill!) had an amazing meal. Staff were fantastic and the food was awesome.

So thankyou smile

Bayleyf Thu 24-Jan-19 12:45:02

Bob Bob Riccard, but only if you're willing to give the Champagne Button a go.

Burpsandfustles Thu 24-Jan-19 12:43:13

Hawksmoor Yy.

Something like rules might be fun? The oldest restaurant in London? Very classic British...

bettybiggestballs Thu 24-Jan-19 12:36:34

Goodmans is amazing for steaks, also great service. Temper in soho is also very meat focused and very buzzy.

Hobbes8 Thu 24-Jan-19 11:31:27

Some of the shad Thames/butlers wharf restaurants are nice and they all have views of Tower Bridge. There’s everything from Conran type restaurants to Pizza Express so suit all budgets.

The Chop House is a nice one.

RainbowWaffles Thu 24-Jan-19 11:11:59

Another vote for hawksmoor as serving the best steak in London. They also serve a cracking Bloody Mary if it’s your thing.

HelloViroids Thu 24-Jan-19 11:08:40

For steak, Hawksmoor - also like Goodmans and Hix. Dean St Townhouse and Charlotte St Hotel also nice but less good IMO.

Believability Thu 24-Jan-19 11:05:33

Sticks and Sushi or Roka for Japanese which I highly recommend. Otherwise somewhere like Delaunay, The Wolseley, Colony Grill, Dean Street Townhouse,

FreeButtonBee Thu 24-Jan-19 10:59:44

For somewhere slightly more special but still pretty standard British menu, The Game Bird is really lovely.

Artesia Thu 24-Jan-19 10:57:43

Clos Maggiore in Covent Garden, and ask to sit in the conservatory. The tasting menu is incredible.

SissySpacekAteMyHamster Thu 24-Jan-19 10:55:28

The cocktails At the Oxo Tower are great but the food was a let down.

Blobby10 Thu 24-Jan-19 10:54:55

Hawksmoor currently looking like a favourite!!! Must go and work now but Thank You so much to everyone who has made suggestions. I have checked out all the menus and, if it was just me, would be having a really hard time choosing! But with most of the party being steak lovers, we will go with that. I think grin

@mynameiscalypso those rolos sound amazing..............................grin

Fashionista101 Thu 24-Jan-19 10:49:41

I always check the cocktails first and choose what I'll sip whilst browsing the actual menu 😂

Fashionista101 Thu 24-Jan-19 10:48:37

Sketch is really fun, I think it will be appreciated at his age also.

mynameiscalypso Thu 24-Jan-19 10:44:46

Air Street is my favourite Hawksmoor too and I like the bar. If you go, you must order the salted caramel rolos. I have dreams about them.

AllTheCakes Thu 24-Jan-19 10:42:32

Also came to say Hawksmoor. They do a set menu if you are eating early too. Fantastic steaks and service. I’ve been to all of them and Air Street is my favourite. The Spitalfields one has had a revamp recently.

Magissa Thu 24-Jan-19 10:38:30

Another vote for Hawksmoor. Never been disappointed.

TheDogsMother Thu 24-Jan-19 10:38:27

I second Hawksmoor. Also Smiths of Smithfield's. Different types of dining on each floor. Very fine dining on top floor, more brassiere style in the middle and buzzy/cool burger/ steak joint and bar on the ground.

PatriciaHolm Thu 24-Jan-19 10:34:37

Hawksmoor, if steaks are the order of the day?

BertrandRussell Thu 24-Jan-19 10:33:42

I like this game!


Blobby10 Thu 24-Jan-19 10:32:28

Thank you so much everyone - Having a lovely time, when I should be working, going through these menus!! Does anyone else check out the desserts first?!!!!

MrsHemmingway Thu 24-Jan-19 10:28:48

I think a Hawksmoor might fit your bill. I think the best one is Seven Dials.

Or Duck and Waffle, that’s liverpool st way however.

Bob Bob Ricard might be worth a look, but it’s quite hard to get a booking, if you’re wanting to eat earjybthiugh you might be okay.

Blobby10 Thu 24-Jan-19 10:25:06

Looking at centralish London as I'm driving to St Albans with daughter and getting tube in, Ex will be travelling in on train to Kings Cross, other son getting train to Paddington

Aethelthryth Thu 24-Jan-19 10:25:03

The Oxo Tower is dreadful. Gymkhana is wonderful, as is Indian Accent, also on Albermarle Street. Frenchie in Covent Garden is young and buzzy but with v good food

Blobby10 Thu 24-Jan-19 10:23:03

Thanks for the suggestions so far! I was thinking standard British/European food - steak for example but wasn't overly impressed looking at the menus for Shard and Oxo which is why I was thinking someone may recommend somewhere better value! I think I was thinking of £30-40 on a main course if that's any help? There are 5/6 of us and everyone else will be having starters, desserts and drinks as well grin. None of us are foodie's so probably wouldn't go for Japanese, Taiwanese, Lebanese etc on this occasion.

Don't mind paying for a good meal as it's a special occasion and he isn't having a party but don't want to pay for somewhere like Oxo etc if the food lets it down!

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