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Is anyone up? I'm going INSANE WITH ANGER

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SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 03:08:43

There is some kind of alarm making a noise a few streets away. It has been for several hours. It's not loud per say but it's audible enough to stop me sleeping. AND IT IS JUST ONE CONTINUOUS NOTE. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH

ReflectentMonatomism Wed 23-Jan-19 04:07:06

Isn't 999 for actual emergencies?

There is an actual emergency. Someone is breaking into a nearby building. It’s not your problem if it’s a false alarm.

RebootYourEngine Wed 23-Jan-19 04:07:08

I would phone 999 if you can't get 101.

That noise and for that long is unacceptable.

FTFF Wed 23-Jan-19 04:08:31

You'll likely get a bit of a hard time if you phone 999 but ringing 101 is completely fine. The police will likely have key holders for the address listed that they can call out to switch the alarm off. It might not be a quick solution but it should hopefully get it dealt with

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 04:09:51

I don't think anyone IS breaking in, as their alarm has malfunctioned before - plus it's been going for three and a half hours.

Might call 101, will see if I have any credit...

Travelledtheworld Wed 23-Jan-19 04:10:18

I would go round with a missile launcher or similar and blow it up.

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 04:11:36

It keeps stopping for long enough for me to type a post saying it's stopped about two minutes then just as my eyes close it's off again. McColl's opens in two hours, at least they sell energy drinks..

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 04:13:22

Yep, it's off again...

Asta19 Wed 23-Jan-19 04:14:52

It’s worse in a way when that happens. As I say, I remember our relief each time we thought the noise stopped then the heart sinking frustration when it started again! I hope it stops soon and you at least get some sleep!

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 04:17:55

Probably not, but thanks for the good wishes!

I'm getting so annoyed I'm almost tearful. I just want to sleep sad Can I sue for emotional distress?

AwakeNow Wed 23-Jan-19 04:23:22

I called the police when a nearby houses alarm was on for over 15 minutes. What if the place really does have something criminal happening? And I would go speak to the place and ask them what the point of an alarm is if nobody bothers responding? Maybe gather a few other sleep deprived neighbours to go with you?

AwakeNow Wed 23-Jan-19 04:26:19

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 04:28:49

I'll go to the police station in the morning, it's just down the road. I'll see if they can get in touch with the owners about the alarm, not sure I want to storm down myself - plus not sure who I'd speak to or how gobby I'd get

AwakeNow Wed 23-Jan-19 04:32:24
Sounds ok to call 101. Good luck.

Redglitter Wed 23-Jan-19 04:34:43

Youd be better speaking to a manager at the premises rather than the Police. Dont expect them to have keyholder details if it goes off again. Our Force no longer holds any in the system. Even when we did have them they were massively out of date.

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 04:47:35

I will go moan Tomorrow.

So tired sad going to try and drop off again....

Stilllivinginazoo Wed 23-Jan-19 04:56:45

If it's still going get up...
I find intermittent attempts to sleep leave me more tired than just accepting it can you tell I have four children and cats that think breakfast time is at 5am hence I'm up as they've clearly set their alarm early to keep me on my toes
In your place I wouldn't visit the premises in daylight alone in case urge to throat punch is overwhelming,but I would ring and make inquiries
<Passes expression i.v>
An early nights in order for you tonightflowers

Stilllivinginazoo Wed 23-Jan-19 04:57:23

*expresso i.v

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 05:04:13

I've got a hot chocolate to soothe me to sleep....

I'll be going to bed about 8/9pm tonight I think. After a few energy drinks today...

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 05:05:37

flowers thanks for keeping me company everyone.

If there's an article on BBC news about a missile attack on a car garage, well....

SophieGiroux Wed 23-Jan-19 05:12:20

I've got a baby who keeps me awake all night every night if that makes it feel any better...she's not even a newborn she's 15!months, thought it would've got better by now 😢

Nannewnannew Wed 23-Jan-19 05:45:02

My neighbour has had his big diesel 4x4 running for over 30 minutes to clear the frost etc!! It’s soooo noisy and annoying! Some people are so selfish. 😾

Mintylizzy9 Wed 23-Jan-19 06:02:24

One of my neighbours house alarms started ringing around 7.30 LAST NIGHT and hasn’t stopped since, my head is about to explode. I had planned an early night to catch up on sleep (DS has been keeping me up) as I’m exhausted and desperate for a decent nights sleep. Have s crappy day planned at work as well and need my wits about me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

TheLittleDogLaughed Wed 23-Jan-19 06:11:09

Hate that kind of noise. Hope you’re sleeping peacefully now OP. Have you got any earplugs, in case it happens again?

Oblomov19 Wed 23-Jan-19 06:57:46

I would have phoned the police. I find those kind of repeated noises unbearable.

Porridgeoat Wed 23-Jan-19 07:03:33

Can you visit the garage and explain their alarm kept you awake all night again and you need contact numbers for next time as you’ve literally had zero sleep

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