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Is anyone up? I'm going INSANE WITH ANGER

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SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 03:08:43

There is some kind of alarm making a noise a few streets away. It has been for several hours. It's not loud per say but it's audible enough to stop me sleeping. AND IT IS JUST ONE CONTINUOUS NOTE. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 03:09:44

I say a few streets away because I have a suspicion I know where it's coming from - a local car fixing/part selling type place that had an alarm on for ages a few weeks ago except that was during the day and not as loud AND NOT AT THREE IN THE FUCKING MORNING

artisanscotcheggs Wed 23-Jan-19 03:10:29

I play soft rain sounds on my amazon echo to help me sleep - it drowns out outside noise and is very calming. If you don't have a device like that, you can usually find rain sounds apps out there. It might help to try?

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 03:11:53

@artisanscotcheggs Thankyou for responding flowers I've tried my usual app which drowns it out 95% but there's this undertone if that makes sense. And if I have the app any louder then IT will stop me sleeping sad

Cauliflowersqueeze Wed 23-Jan-19 03:16:30

Oh goddddddd how infuriating. It’s the slightly different under tones that get me. You can’t block it because it’s changing. You can be sure Mr Chassis and Mr Exhaust live a few miles away and can’t hear a thing as well. 😡😡😡

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 03:18:08

I feel like Phoebe in friends.

I have to be up at 08:30 sad

I'd call 101 but they're shut. You just get a voicemail confused and tbh not sure what they could do.

I'm getting a headache now too. <reaches for codeine>

Cauliflowersqueeze Wed 23-Jan-19 03:21:49

I bet there’s loads of other people in the neighbourhood suffering as well. I don’t know what to suggest. I bet someone will end up ringing 999

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 03:24:11

Not me! I'm not THAT desperate well I am but it's a waste of resources

Have texted bestie who lives two streets from me - ie two streets closer - to see if she's up/can hear it/I'm hallucinating and a flying cupcake is coming to probe me or something

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 03:25:22

Oh my fucking god it has STOPPED

<hysterical sobs of joy>

Cauliflowersqueeze Wed 23-Jan-19 03:28:00

I had this situation about 6 months ago and was practically weeping with rage as this burglar or car alarm wouldn’t stop. Didn’t matter if my head was under the pillow or what - the siren went through everything and the sound of it kept changing from a neee nawww neeee naaaw wee-aw wee-aw wee-aw noise. It went on for over 2 hours. When it finally stopped it felt like a gift from heaven.

Cauliflowersqueeze Wed 23-Jan-19 03:28:33

Brilliant!!!!! Thank the lord!!!!

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 03:30:13

It's like my ears have been given a soothing hug and told everything will be okay.

Right, am off to bed now. before it starts again


SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 03:31:34

I am not usually a violent man.

I am however sleep deprived.

The reason I have to get up early is to go food shopping with my bestie, taking us past the alarm place - sorry, car part dealer. WIBU to go complain? I might be too British actually.

ImPreCis Wed 23-Jan-19 03:38:41

If you are sure it is them then I would go in to (politely) complain. Try using in ear headphones to listen to meditation sleep music. That works for me. Good luck!

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 03:40:28

I'm 95% sure, it's the only place that has a loud enough alarm if that makes sense, it's louder than a house alarm. And it's the only business on that road except for Morrisons which is another half mile further on so can't be that. And we've heard the alarm before...

I've tried in ear headphones but they're so uncomfy to lie on a pillow with!

BayandBlonde Wed 23-Jan-19 03:43:47

I'm up because my cats have just told me, apparently, it's breakfast time. No, breakfast is 6am on the dot, they know this.

Little shits are taking the piss. They are annoying gentle aswell. Like breathing in my ear or tickling my eyes with their whiskers.

No matter how hard I try you just can't sleep through it.

So now they are doing a big shit, digging for friggin dear life and chucking cat litter all over the place......

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 03:44:32

Maybe it's cat wailing I can hear? Not an alarm? hmmgrin

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 03:48:11


will probably be back

BayandBlonde Wed 23-Jan-19 03:49:19

So it's all gone quiet.

Fed, shits done, they are now going to sleep and will not rise now until about 3 pm this afternoon......I so need to be a cat confused

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 03:51:15

you'll never fucking guess what everyone

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 03:52:52

<wonders if he could get away with calling 999 and saying he thinks someone is breaking in to the dealership place>

I'm sure it's louder hmm

ReflectentMonatomism Wed 23-Jan-19 04:01:11

Call 999 every time the alarm fires. Every time. The police will after the second time get extremely cross with the owner of the alarm.

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 04:02:16

Isn't 999 for actual emergencies? confused I don't want to get in trouble..

Alarm is now going on and off every two minutes. This is worse.

Asta19 Wed 23-Jan-19 04:04:13

Me and my DD went to Egypt a couple of years back. There was a loudspeaker near us that played the call to prayer every night, not an issue. Except...on the last night, when we needed to be up at 3am to fly home, it started at 8pm and didn’t stop. There were moments it would go quiet for a minute or two, we’d feel that sense of relief, then it would start again! Turns out it was a funeral! It finally stopped around midnight. By the end I thought I might actually go a bit mad! I’ll never forget it. I should be asleep now but woke up about an hour ago and can’t get back to sleep.

SneakyGremlins Wed 23-Jan-19 04:06:55

@Asta19 my sympathies!

The alarm is alternating in tones now. Is this because it's been going for so fucking long that there's some kind of alarm for the alarm?

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