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Netflix and/ or Podcast recommendations after finishing...

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PARunnerGirl Tue 22-Jan-19 20:12:25

I seem to have finished a few things recently and was hoping someone might have some recommendations for me based on what I have watched/ listened to in the past. I should say I watch/ listen to other genres too, but these examples are specifically related to genres where I don’t really having anything lined up to watch/ listen to.

The Rain
The Sinner
The OA

Dirty John

redexpat Tue 22-Jan-19 21:35:43

This American Life (same people as Serial and Stown)
You might like Seriously from BBC. It's a series of dicumentaries on all sorts of topics.
Do you like social science and psychology? I really like Hidden Brain.

There's a podcast section on MN under film and tv with lots more recommendations.

PARunnerGirl Tue 22-Jan-19 21:42:31

Thanks @redexpat ! I like This American Life but I guess I’m looking specifically for more true series like serial and S-town. I’ll definitely have a look at the podcasts topic- didn’t see it!

Autumnchill Tue 22-Jan-19 21:46:31

Loved Dirty John. Try Dr Death

ifeellikeanidiot Tue 22-Jan-19 21:48:01

The jinx on Amazon. Take it you've watched making a murderer on netflix?

ifeellikeanidiot Tue 22-Jan-19 21:48:46

Re podcasts, 99% Invisible is great.

Frosty66611 Tue 22-Jan-19 21:48:56

Haunting of Hill House
American Horror Story
Happy Valley
The Killing

TulipsInbloom1 Tue 22-Jan-19 21:49:43

Netflix - The Good Place.
Podcasts - My Dad Wrote a Porno

NC4Now Tue 22-Jan-19 21:50:05


HelmutFrontbut Tue 22-Jan-19 21:50:06

Do you know Dirty John has been made into a series?

CharleyFarleyy Tue 22-Jan-19 21:50:14

Last podcast on the left and my favourite murder. I also agree with PP that you might like Dr death

Bluestitch Tue 22-Jan-19 21:51:06

Power on Netflix is brilliant. Also How To Get Away With Murder.

andantecantabile Tue 22-Jan-19 21:53:50

A couple of foreign language ones on Netflix that are similar and both fab are Dark (German) and the Forest (French)

Autumnchill Tue 22-Jan-19 21:54:19

Also try Casefile, Criminal, Red Handed and They Walk Among Us. If you like series, try Teachers Pet.

But darker and some I can't listen to but Sword and Scale

TitusAndromedom Tue 22-Jan-19 21:56:57

I second Dr Death. Also Believed (about sexual assault, quite harrowing but compelling), Up and Vanished (the first series, couldn’t get into the second one), Criminal and In the Dark.

HelmutFrontbut Tue 22-Jan-19 21:59:02

Autumnchill Tue 22-Jan-19 22:01:48

Oh that looks good! Going to have to watch that

HelmutFrontbut Tue 22-Jan-19 22:11:54

It's actually fucking terrifying. An eight parter and almost reads like some of the stories you see on here sad

PARunnerGirl Wed 23-Jan-19 09:33:29

Wow- I’m so happy to wake up to all these replies! Thank you thank you thank you! Lots to be getting on with.

A few here I already love too. The foreign Netflix series much appreciated as I loved The Rain and 3%

ChristineBaskets Wed 23-Jan-19 09:36:56

Netflix- Murder Mountain, Wild Wild Country, The Staircase.

1wokeuplikethis Wed 23-Jan-19 09:44:25

Power on Netflix. I watched one episode on a whim 10 days ago and now I’m on season 4 already. I ATE THEM! Amazing

MooMoi Wed 23-Jan-19 09:47:50

For a bit of a true crime binge you could give the Staircase a go on Netflix followed up by the 5 Live podcast, Beyond. Reasonable Doubt. They're both about the same court case but the podcast really highlights that documentary making is often storytelling. It's fascinating stuff.

babypsmum Wed 23-Jan-19 09:52:37

From your list, I think you'll really like the Podcast 'The Teachers Pet'. It's an Australian true crime series about a husband who has allegedly killed his wife, but has so far evaded justice.

FruminousBandersnatch Wed 23-Jan-19 09:59:05

Dirty John is amazing!

I’m listening to Broken Harts, it’s the pretty harrowing but compelling story of The death of a family of a couple and their adopted children.

BestAnsweringMachineMessage Wed 23-Jan-19 10:12:25

I second the recommendations for My Favo(u)rite Murder and Last Podcast on the Left.

Also, All Killa No Filla and S'laughter the Podcast are great. AKNF especially.

And for comedy without so much death, though who doesn't love all the death. Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (RHLSTP!), Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown, Do The Right Thing, How Did This Get Made?, The Adam Buxton Podcast, The Horne Section and School for Dumb Women. Also My Dad Wrote a Porno, natch, but that took me longer to get into than some others.

Random recommendations, Fingers on Buzzers (I love this so much, but I am a full on quiz show nerd), Table Manners and Hoovering.

If you want both to laugh and feel immensely moved by the human condition, then Griefcast.

God. I love podcasts.

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