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Feeling out of it.

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fuddle Tue 22-Jan-19 17:20:56

I think my boyfriend is far more intelligent than me. I keep wondering where I have been most of my life he seems to know everything about everything. He will mention a film ," its a bit like in the film " and then an example. He's not trying to show off but I'm beginning to wonder.
I'm not making excuses for myself but I have three children close in age who are now late teenage age but I feel as if I've given a lot to them.
The other day my friend came round and was showing him her camera and they sat and talked about lenses for ages and I sat there feeling very inadequate as if I know nothing.
I suppose I'm asking why do I feel like this as I obviously do know some things and I'm actually finishing off my degree and I am interested in lots of things. I'm 52 so perhaps its a menopausal confidence thing.
I have things I wish pursue but has anyone got any good websites or ideas on how to become more up to date.
I know that's not the answer as I need to feel happy within myself.
My boyfriend is much more wired than me he spends hours reading and watching things and there's a mis match.

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