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Most Ridiculous Injury you have ever had in your life?

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GobblersKnob Mon 21-Jan-19 23:49:29

At about age 10 with hair down to my bum, I decided to see what would happen if I dangled some it into the electric food mixer thing, while helping to make a cake.

It was not a good idea shockgrin To this day I have no idea what possessed me.

Fusioluxe Mon 21-Jan-19 23:47:23

Ironed myself blush

Finfintytint Mon 21-Jan-19 23:44:51

At the moment I'm nursing some horrible bruising from trying to master a unicycle that was bought for me as a Christmas present. I'm rubbish (and I thought a fifty year old could master new ricks) and close to giving up.

Orlandointhewilderness Mon 21-Jan-19 23:38:44

I fell down an open manhole cover. Bruised and battered for a week. It wasn't as funny as you'd think it would be!!

LikeACowsOpinion Mon 21-Jan-19 23:35:39

I'd had the wooden floors polished in my old house (including my bedroom) and had to have all the windows open because something they used absolutely reeked.
The house had a really strange layout and my bedroom was the size of the whole of the downstairs, really, really long!
The room had been previously used as a self-contained flat (without cooking facilities.)
This is relevant.

It was November and absolutely freezing, so I went to get some fluffy socks from one side of the bedroom (you can see where this is going), put them on, took one step and went arse over tit skidding from one side of the room to the other on my backside.
Both cheeks were black for weeks.

Drogosnextwife Mon 21-Jan-19 23:31:53

Broken baby toes running away from someone chasing me with a worm. (Terrified of worms) whacked the toes off a door frame.
Hooked a coat hanger in my eye when I was about 4, can only presume I was dancing around with it,probably using it as a mic.

ninalovesdragons Mon 21-Jan-19 23:31:47

Someone rolled over my foot in Central Park as she fell off her rollerblades and broke my ankle... I was just walking innocently on the sidewalk eating and ice cream

MrsScrubbingbrush Mon 21-Jan-19 23:27:19

"Just one last snowball fight" begged the DDs.

Stupidly I agreed and ended up with a broken wrist game after a spectacular fall 🙄

Rodenhide Mon 21-Jan-19 23:24:29

I shoved a bead up my nose when I was five, just to see if I could. We had to go to the hospital to get it removed
That's not too bad, as I was five but I did the same the ten years later (just to see if I still could) blush

Mucky1 Mon 21-Jan-19 23:22:06

I was late 20s and an obvious idiot hmm

Mucky1 Mon 21-Jan-19 23:21:36

I broke my leg showing off to my kids on a skateboard. Didn't realise and walked around on it for a week before having it xrayed and potted up.
Decided after just 3 weeks to remove said pot because I had to move house and carry stuff. I poured boiling water into it ( ouch) that didn't work then sawed at it with a carving knife cutting myself fairly badly in the process confused

DionneB Mon 21-Jan-19 23:19:01

as we have had serious injury , what are some ridiculous injuries you have had in your life before?

i would say slipping on some ice outside Bargin Booze and not being able to walk properly for 3 days afterwards , not fun times.

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