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What seemingly insignificant event changed the course of your life?

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ladybee28 Mon 21-Jan-19 18:26:26

Someone asked me this morning how I ended up living where I do (small island off the coast of Africa), and the genuine answer is that my ex-boyfriend's roommate found a good deal on a surfboard on eBay...

My boyfriend at the time and I were living in Senegal. Things had been pretty crap between us for a while, and when we had a huge row one day, it felt like we needed space. So he moved out, and started sharing a new place with a surfer.

One night they got pretty drunk together and this guy found a surfboard for sale on eBay. Only thing was, it wasn't in Senegal – it was on the island where I now live.

In their drunken state, they bid on it, they won, and they decided to book flights to pick it up (it's not so far, flights were fairly cheap). My ex thought it would be romantic to book me a flight too, as a 'make-things-up-to-you' getaway.

So off the three of us fly for a long weekend... in which I reach boiling point with said boyfriend, break up with him, and decide to stay on this island for a month to cool off.

3 years later... here I am still! And I often wonder where on the planet I would be if that surfboard had been listed somewhere else...

What random event / insignificant thing ended up playing a huge part in your life story?

ladybee28 Mon 21-Jan-19 18:27:26

(Just realised that this could sound like Daily Fail storybait. It's not, I promise!)

LuxuryWoman2018 Mon 21-Jan-19 18:36:14

I just want to hear more about your life now OP 😀

Magicstar1 Mon 21-Jan-19 18:43:08

I was walking around town and found myself outside a motorbike shop. Id always loved looking at them and wandered in. I ended up chatting for ages, got the name of a good instructor and booked lessons.
I ended up getting my own bike, splitting with my boyfriend of four years, making a whole new way of life and meeting my DH on a charity run.

SlowNorris Mon 21-Jan-19 18:43:32

Me too! What’s the island? Where are you from originally?

TimeIhadaNameChange Mon 21-Jan-19 18:54:00

Watching the BBC children's drama programme. It sparked a life-long interest in a specific type of literature, which I ended up studying at university. That, in turn, lead to where I'm living now, many, many miles away from where I grew up (both metaphorically and physically).

Iagreewithmrsdevere Mon 21-Jan-19 18:58:53

At our senior school we were allocated at random to either French or Spanish. Being in the French half has shaped my entire working life, including on two occasions (@20 years apart) losing my job in horrible circumstances which seriously impacted my mental health. Now doing very well professionally but I definitely do not take it for granted.

EastMidsGPs Mon 21-Jan-19 19:02:19

Falling over a man who was sitting crossed legged on the floor of a bookshop.

I married him 😂😂

MrsGrindah Mon 21-Jan-19 19:03:33

I offered to go to a meeting on behalf of my boss.During the meeting a bloke popped his head round the door and bam! Love at first sight.Five weeks later left everything to be with him and here we are twenty years later.

pumpkinpie01 Mon 21-Jan-19 19:04:12

I did work experience at school for the standard week. One day in and I swapped with a friend as I thought my placement was boring. Fast forward a few years and I was pregnant by the bosses son , a definite life changer !

Jenala Mon 21-Jan-19 19:06:51

I split up with my first boyfriend when I was 17. A few weeks later he invited me to see his band play at a local gig. I said no as I was meant to be working but at the last minute (being a flakey teenager) called in sick so I could go. My now DH was also playing that night. I asked him to give me a lift home and we've now been together 12 years. At the time I was due to start an aupair job in Europe and cancelled it to see where things would go with him. Everyone said I was mad to do that for a guy but I just had a feeling. I'm glad I did but it massively changed the direction of my life. I often wonder where I'd be now if I'd gone to work that night and then gone off to be an aupair.

Hefzi Mon 21-Jan-19 19:08:46

OP, I want to hear more about your island!

Moaning to an undergraduate tutor about hating UK placements because the weather was always shit. He had just received a letter from a research organisation overseas. Suggested I try them. The rest is history!

I am not working in the same field as I was at the time, but the region I went to is now my area of professional expertise in a completely different discipline.

NoMoreMarbles Mon 21-Jan-19 19:09:11

My sister had arranged for us to have a night out "just is sisters" on Easter Sunday Nearly 15 years ago now and cancelled at the last minute (went to watch her then boyfriend play darts hmm) an old friend contacted me out of the blue about half an hour later to see if I fancied a drink so I invited him to the social club where I used to work. I ended up staying there after he had left for another drink and met my now DH smile

I had no plans to go there that night and things might have been very different if my sister hadn't have sacked me off for her boyfriend!

EastMidsGPs Mon 21-Jan-19 19:09:55


We married 9 weeks after our first date. 30 odd years ago now.

MakeItAmazing Mon 21-Jan-19 19:13:28

My friend was offered a job she didn't want. On a whim I said I'd have it. No thought at all. Got the bloody job didn't I. If I hadn't I wouldn't now live hundreds of miles away from people I wish I lived nearby too and would be probably married to my first love.

Tentomidnight Mon 21-Jan-19 19:15:16

I love this thread. So many positive stories!

MrsGrindah Mon 21-Jan-19 19:15:37

And as I write this we are settling down to watch a box set having both spent ten mins looking for our glasses!

TaintforTheLikesOfWe Mon 21-Jan-19 19:16:45

DH tried to lift an overloaded wheelbarrow that I had stacked a load of bags of cement onto. He popped a primary tumour in his abdomen we didn't even know existed. He has had it removed and hopefully will stay well. He would be dead now had we not discovered it.

NeverHadANickname Mon 21-Jan-19 19:21:04

I was playing a random game on my phone where an ad for another one popped up. It looked interesting so I downloaded it. It was a game where you could interact with other people. I was happily single at the time but liked the opportunity to chat to other people. Fast forward nearly 2 years and I have now married and moved country to be with a man who is my world that I met on that game. Couldn't be happier.

SushiMonster Mon 21-Jan-19 19:21:26

Uh, best story ever Op!

Mine was having a Ny resolution to say yes to things. At a party (on about 10 Jan so v new NY resolution). Chatting to a girl I didn’t know. She was being really nice and I felt like we were having fun. She invited me to go on holiday with them the next weekend. In my drunk state I said yes and we swapped numbers.

Next day had to send a cringey text message saying “hi, this is sushi, we chatted last night and you invited me on holiday. If that’s still cool I’d be up for it but if not, totally no worries” She replies with her flight details and I booked but from a regional airport.

Our flight arrived at the same time, and we meet at the baggage reclaim and there was a crown who flew from London. Turns out on of their other friends on the holiday fancied me, and she’s got talking to me and invited me because of that.

Long story short, I got a boyfriend and a best friend out of that holiday and am still BFFs with the girl and still going out with the guy 11 years later.

bloopertrooper Mon 21-Jan-19 19:24:04

I went to the dentist...

...and happened to walk past a staff agency on the way back to the car. I already had a perfectly good job but I stopped and idly glanced at the cards in the window. There was an ad there and I thought "I could do that job" and I walked right in. It was like I'd been drawn there by some sort of force.

I met my now DH via someone I worked with there.

UnderHerEye Mon 21-Jan-19 19:26:34

I think mine might be a bit big standard - friend asked if I wanted to go out for a drink, I was supposed to be doing an assignment I (uncharacteristically!) decided to leave the assignment and go down the pub- where i got chatting to a very sweet very hot guy- now my DH.

Bunnybigears Mon 21-Jan-19 19:32:37

I went to the university I did because when I came for open day it was sunny and we had ice cream on the beach. Lived here ever since, met DH had kids got a lovely job in no way related to my degree and hardly ever go to the beach.

saphycat Mon 21-Jan-19 19:34:35

I made the decision to kiss a wrong'un back in my teen clubbing days. Long story but he caused a huge row between me and the people I thought were my friends. A friendly Samaritan looked after me in the toilets when I was (drunkenly) inconsolable. She fast became my best friend, we had tonnes in common. She then went off to uni, and her room in halls was next to a lovely young man. Fast forward 8 years and we're going maid of honour dress shopping next weekend as she needs something to wear to mine and that lovely young man's wedding 💕

Owlish Mon 21-Jan-19 19:37:02

10 years ago, 2 days after Valentine's Day, my abusive alcoholic boyfriend, texted me to say he'd met someone else (the night before angry). He'd always had strops and sulks and I'd previously been suspicious of him and I'd always taken the fucker him back, but this time I'd had enough and joined an online dating agency. Two months later I met my now DH, who is 100 times that nasty twat could ever be.

ladybee28 Mon 21-Jan-19 19:40:05

Ahahahaha these stories are AMAZING!

Makes me think of that movie Sliding Doors – I wonder if we're all living different lives in a parallel universe somewhere...

For those asking about 'my island' –I'm originally from the UK, but live in the Canaries now.

Most of the wider context of my story is very outing, but in short I chose a pretty unconventional career path that took me all over the world from my early 20s onward (hence the relative ease of my "sod it, I'm staying here for a month and you can bugger off" decision when I broke up with the ex!).

The ex was what my grandmother would call a "Large 'Oops'" in life choices, but his willingness to make drunken last-minute flight bookings defined a lot of how my life looks today, so... gratitude where it's due, and all that...

BTWifiwithFON Mon 21-Jan-19 19:49:50

Stopping by a camp fire on the way to the (grim) toilets at a rock festival because I was cold and seeing a man sat there by the fire. Looked at each other and it was actual love at first sight. Was very very much not expecting that to happen and usually quite cynical. Still together twenty years on.

sar302 Mon 21-Jan-19 19:51:53

Outing if anyone I know is on here!
In the early 2000s as I started uni, I did a "pre-term" orchestra week, and met a girl I was going to be in halls with.

When we moved into halls, I went to find her and ended up making friends with another girl on the same corridor, who I've been best friends with ever since.

In 2016, I married that second girl's nephew!

MitziK Mon 21-Jan-19 20:00:42

Was soundchecking for a gig (much to the disgust of my jealous, controlling and parasitic ex, who was convinced I was sleeping with the tall, muscular, blue eyed rhythm guitarist and I'd finally decided to ignore the whining, moaning and all too predictable tantrum and leave him indoors to get paralytic again).

The guitarist dropped out at the last minute and the Lead Singer called a mate on the offchance he was available at 30 minutes' notice.

The new guitarist was unexpectedly home, just 5 minutes round the corner.

I was sorting out the monitors when this short, skinny, dark eyed guy bounced up onto my stage, looked me in the eyes, grinned and said 'Hello'.

After a few false starts, mates supported me in unpeeling the parasite, engineered a few about twenty purely coincidental 'oh, is it OK, I've brought x along?' evenings/weekends and, five months later, we went on our first date.

Been together ever since.

CandleConcerto Mon 21-Jan-19 20:02:48

Huge row with DH. Real moment of rebellion against feeling trapped with three small children and like I didn’t have an identity. So I got writing. And it all happened from there. Now I have my dream career.

JennyHolzersGhost Mon 21-Jan-19 20:03:34

Lovely idea for a thread smile

I have two.

1) quitting my job and my relationship and fucking off travelling for six months. I got a way better job when I got back, plus more importantly I learned a shitload about myself, and it led on to a career I never would have dreamed of before. (And the bloke and I are happier apart too).

2) someone I follow on social media mentioned that a job was going at an incredible company I admire a lot - email xyz address to get the job spec. So I thought “why not” and asked for the job spec. When it arrived, it turned out that I ticked all the boxes so even though I really had no hope of getting it, I thought I might as well apply. Yup I got the job! Amazing. And it made my career.

Taking those two miracle moments together, I still wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t taken that leap to say fuck off to my awful job and awful boss and bog off travelling. I suspect I’d still be in unfulfilling job hell. It just goes to show what a difference small moments of risk taking can make.

Anyone else want to watch Sliding Doors again after reading this thread ?! wink

EvaHarknessRose Mon 21-Jan-19 20:04:09

DH's sister heard a radio ad for a kids camp that needed volunteers (the one and only time it was advertised nationally), hence she and a few years later DH ended up in my neck of the woods and we met.

JennyHolzersGhost Mon 21-Jan-19 20:05:28

Awful boss is stagnating in awful job hell by the way. And yes I believe in karma grin

buttonup26 Mon 21-Jan-19 20:07:16

34 years ago I was persuaded by friends to go on a last minute day trip to France. Didn't really want to go and at first I wasn't able to get day off work but then colleague said they would cover me. Arrived in France by ferry and got onto a shuttle bus into the town centre. Sat next to a young man who helped me do up my seatbelt. We have now been married 29 years .....

Exhsuatedmuch Mon 21-Jan-19 20:10:42

Fed up of online dating I decided I'd have one last look. I put in a celebs details, ie age and where he was from and a long list of men came up. Picked the first one. Loved his car so messaged him to say love the car marry me as a joke. Two hours later I had a response, he had logged in to delete his profile as he was sick of not meeting anyone. We have been married 12 years and have three kids now. If he had logged in to hours earlier he never would have been the one at the top of the list. I knew from the minute I met him a month later he was the one and so did he.. I often think myself lucky I messaged at the moment rather than wait.

FloatingthroughSpace Mon 21-Jan-19 20:21:46

I applied to uni after A levels, worked for 6 months, and went travelling for 6months.
My first choice uni I really wanted to go to. I had offers from my other 4. 2 days before my scheduled flight I posted a letter accepting my second choice uni, thinking that as it was late for offers I had probably been rejected (my application the previous year, in year 13, had been a complete disaster with 3 rejections from my top 3 courses which no doubt affected my sense of fatalism).

The day before my flight an acceptance for my first choice uni arrived. I weighed up postponing my flight, cancelling my letter, and sorting the mess out or just going to second choice uni. (Days long before email, internet etc). I decided to stick with second choice.
I met my now husband at that uni and have lived in this town for 20 years and had my kids and made my life here. I sometimes wonder who and what I'd have been if I'd gone to the other uni.

ForalltheSaints Mon 21-Jan-19 20:27:26

One of my family is a published author (non-fiction) of one book published about 25 years ago. Curiously about 8 or 9 years ago I wondered if it was still in print. Other people with the same surname cropped up, and I discovered shortly afterwards that they were ancestors. I have found out a whole branch of the family as a result, and will be meeting three of them in the summer.

Burpsandfustles Mon 21-Jan-19 20:38:16

Fabulous thread op.

I remember wondering whether to accept a contract role quite a bus journey from my house (3). I remember the exact moment I was debating it in my head. I took the job thinking it would get me by in the short term and yes! I met my future Husband!

abbeydo Mon 21-Jan-19 20:40:39

I chose one job over the other and now I'm married to someone I love and who can give me a lovely life. We also have an amazing little boy

aniallen Mon 21-Jan-19 20:47:51

After a horrendous time in my last job which combined with my own mh issues, I was hospitalised for 2 months and received a settlement agreement.

I had wanted to get into a niche industry for some time. Found a job online via an agency but the agent said I couldn't apply as I didn't have experience in that industry. I did however have experience in the three industries that make this industry.

After hanging up the phone with this agent, I googled the company description and found out who it was along with the live job ad.

After a fairly tough job selection process, it went down to two and after a meeting with with Chairman, I got the job!

A few months later I checked the signin book to see who my opposition was and she'd written the name of the agency.

Guess who the agency was? Yep the one that I had called about the job ad.

Stupid agent missed out on a whacking commission for that one. Then when one of the other agents called me to see if they could advertise a role I had posted, I took great delight in saying no because of my own experience with that company.

Isth Mon 21-Jan-19 20:48:19

What a bloody fabulous thread!!

Mine would be when I was 6, my family moved and I had to go to a new school. The teacher asked one girl to show me around and she said she didn’t want to do it (rude!) and another kind little soul said she would do it. We’ve been inseparable since. Countless weekends away and holidays and all through school and college together, I was her maid of honour last year, she’s hinted at me being godmother to her baby (due any day) and she’s going to be my maid of honour this year.

ladybee28 Mon 21-Jan-19 20:52:49

Reading these, I can't help but think to myself how telling it is to look at what we all think of as the 'defining' elements of our lives (and who!).

Reminds me of what really matters, and puts some of the 'small stuff' I've been sweating into perspective smile

weekfour Mon 21-Jan-19 21:04:41

I got so drunk at a Xmas do that I rang in sick. When the post came, my ex was trying to remortgage my house behind my back. He would usually be home first and would have forged my name if I hadn't caught him. I left him that day.

That was fifteen years ago and it still makes me feel sick!

Lou0390 Mon 21-Jan-19 21:16:02

After ending a miserable long term relationship with a cheating knob head, my self esteem was on the floor. Took me months but I finally got the confidence to to join a local spinning class to get fit and feel a little better. Long story short I meet my kind and gorgeous DH, marriage and babies followed. Best decision I madesmile

StaffiesAndPonies Mon 21-Jan-19 21:17:59

When I was doing my UCAS form in the 1990s, I accidentally put the wrong course code for one of the universities and ended up getting accepted for a subject (History) in which I didn’t even have an A-level.

I really liked that particular university so went anyway. I went on to do a history MA and have written several books, been on TV, done loads of speaking engagements... all because I got one digit of a code wrong.

ItsClemFandangoCanYouHearMe Mon 21-Jan-19 21:22:43

Stuck in a rut, went to a pub I never ventured to with then crappy boyfriend. See a very handsome man making a bit of an ass of himself being silly and remember thinking that he was cute, doubt I'd ever see him again.

We just kept running into each other after that. Relationship I was in ended and handsome man in the pub is now my DH grin

Pretty boring compared to OP really!

DareDevil223 Mon 21-Jan-19 21:27:46

I joined Twitter a couple of years after my marriage breakup and ended up following , meeting and then dating my wonderful DP of nearly 7 years.

Bennyismydog Mon 21-Jan-19 21:32:01

my Exh was an Arsehole and he cheated on me abused me and stupidly I was almost numb to it, it’s didnt matter what he did I just carried on because I was so ground down.
One day we were driving in our shitty car back to our shitty house because he did nothing but gamble our money away and as we were driving a nice car drove past us.
Nothing ott just a nice Mercedes and I said ‘oh I’d love us to have a car like that one day’ and he said to me ‘I don’t ever want a car like that I love driving run down cars and having more money to spend on things I enjoy’ ie gambling.
And in that instant I just knew my life would never get better with him, he had no drive or ambition.
I went home that day, got all my stuff together and went to a letting agents the next day. I viewed a house that day moved in two weeks later and have never looked back.
I still don’t drive a Mercedes grin but I drive a lovely car, have a lovely new house that’s just mine, I got my career back on track properly too.
I still find it weird that a single sentence just completely made up my mind like that after years of crap not making a difference

Coffeeandcrochet Mon 21-Jan-19 21:43:12

I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen for a couple of years in Sainsbury’s and she told me about an am dram play she was going to be in the next week. I thought it sounded fun so bought a ticket. Got chatting to some of the cast in the bar afterwards and long story short met my closest friends and my husband smile

slinkyme Mon 21-Jan-19 21:47:56

These are great and just what I need. About to take a risk with my career - not a huge one but pretty big for me. About to leave a job of almost 15 years, take a career break and hope that I will get another job later on this year. I am toing and froing about the decision and actually this thread shows that taking a risk sometimes just worksout brilliantly. Every time I have taken a risk (the few times in my life) it has worked out well.

So my contribution is the application for my post grad course. I was due to travel the day before the application was due. Had been procrastinating - my DF made me send in the application - said he wouldn't let me fly if I didn't send it in. Anyway I sent it in.

My DH also was thinking of applying from abroad. He had a job offer in another country and on the same day decided to turn that down and come to the UK and applied for the course. We met eventually and the rest is history - married 20 years.

PavlovianLunge Mon 21-Jan-19 21:55:17

In the early 80s, walking through the local town centre, I was handed a recruitment leaflet for the Samaritans. Rather than bin it, I took it home and mentioned it to DM, turns out she had been thinking about volunteering for them for a long time.

We both went through the preparation classes and became volunteers; I ended up doing nine years there and a number of roles. A few years after joining, I met my future DP at the annual conference. We’ve been together over 30 years.

Wallywobbles Mon 21-Jan-19 21:58:55

Year after uni in a job with a horrible boss I went on a fantasy shopping trip for a house in France over Easter weekend with my them boyfriend. No plans to buy at all. Saw my house, put in an offer and it was accepted immediately.

Quit the job, moved to France.

Cauliflowersqueeze Mon 21-Jan-19 22:12:19

These are amazing to read!

CandleConcerto Mon 21-Jan-19 22:15:00

Also pretty outing...
Had my heart set on a university. Loved the open day. Just as we got to the station to go home, popped into a corner shop and found ourselves in the middle of an armed robbery. Went to my second choice of uni where I met DH.

bertiesgal Mon 21-Jan-19 22:18:09

Just back from my elective in America. Totally skint and living with my parents until uni started back in the autumn.

Best friend was going to a Spanish villa with her boyfriend. It was so big that in the second week they decided to each invite some friends over.

All I had to pay was the flight.

Skint as skint could be but my lovely mum remembered being my age and wanted me to have a care free freedom holiday before I returned to medical school.

Friend’s boyfriend invited some of his mates. I fancied one of the mates from the moment I clapped eyes on him.

Luckily he felt similarly and swears that he knew within a week that I was the woman he would marry.

15 years together, 10 years married and 4 beautiful children. Best last minute decision I and my mum’s credit card ever made smile.

CandleConcerto Mon 21-Jan-19 22:27:24

These are great.

Elfinablender Tue 22-Jan-19 16:07:28

When I finished my degree, I went to London to go for an interview/ get a job but didn't know anyone there so I stayed at a backpackers hostel. Except I got completely lost on the underground and ended up in a backpackers in the completely wrong place where I met dh grin.

Sleepyblueocean Tue 22-Jan-19 16:27:58

I had 2 offers of job interviews on the same day for similar jobs about 100 miles apart. I picked one pretty randomly, got the job, met dh through someone at work and we have been married 20 years.

Toddlerteaplease Tue 22-Jan-19 16:33:36

Taking part in a research study as they promised me a hard copy of the MRI of my head. Didn't get it. Got diagnosed with MS instead as the scan showed lesions in my brain! So glad it happened that way though!

powkin Tue 22-Jan-19 16:49:32

A very long time ago I was in awful abusive relationship, but had started to pick my self esteem up off the floor by getting a temp job with really nice people and starting a masters. Met up with my best friend, who I'd only seen a few times in 4 years due to my awful relationship. Got chatting to her about this new fangled Facebook thing and how all the old gang from our home town were on there. Decided to add someone who I wasn't that close to as a teenager but was definitely fond of. Turns out we loved all the same music and had loads of things in common but were far too awkward and introverted to talk to each other much back then.

After talking for a few months online I decide to go visit him. 2 days later I went back to my exes house, packed a bag, got back on the train and never returned. Have been with DH 12 years now and baby is due a month from now!

DH didn't want to join Facebook but was bullied into it, and now he's still on there and I can't stand it so refuse to re-join, but however evil I think Facebook has become, it did absolutely change my life forever. I don't think I'd still be alive without it.

Pinkiii Tue 22-Jan-19 16:53:23

I had 2 job offers, job A and Job B. Different fields but same pay, i decided to go for job A, called up Job B to decline their offer, but I don’t know what came over me that moment on the phone, I accepted it instead. first day on the job met my now husband, it was love at first sight.

dinkydonky Tue 22-Jan-19 17:05:25

I decided not to apply for graduate jobs until I finished my undergraduate degree, because my second year marks were crap and I wanted to be able to apply with my final degree result. I had no interest in doing research, but to buy myself some time to apply for jobs after graduating, I applied for a summer research project at the university, that would pay my living expenses for 8 weeks. That led to two postgraduate degrees and a successful career I never dreamt of.

cheapskatemum Tue 22-Jan-19 18:17:56

DH works abroad a lot & I was always taking our 3 oldest DSs out & about. It was to stop them wrecking the house, I think. One Sunday lunchtime I was with them in the local park when a friend turned up with her 3 DSs. She simply said, "Oh, I didn't know you went to church too". She assumed that's where I'd come from as the church was next to the park and that's where she'd just been. I hadn't, but something clicked in my brain and I knew that's what I had to do, start going to church. I've been going ever since, got baptised by full immersion in 2000 and can honestly say that becoming a Christian is the best decision I've ever made in my life.

edgen2019 Tue 22-Jan-19 18:34:45

I was 17 years of age and was told I was going to have a new Manager. They said he was very nice and that we would get on well. They were right, we married 50 odd years ago. Best thing I ever did.

FuckBrussel Tue 22-Jan-19 19:06:46

Met a really handsome, lovely man at a pub while at Uni, but he seemed to be attached to one of my friends - I found out (much) later that he wasn't. About a month later I was alone in my student house, bored and lonely; decided to go out to a club I knew for a drink. He was there, at the bar, and I thought, screw this, I'm going to have at least one cuddle from him, walked up behind him and put my arms around his waist.

He looked over his shoulder to see who it was, grinned, and put his hands over mine, and walked me home later.

We've been married over 30 years smile

EastMidsGPs Tue 22-Jan-19 19:31:11

My working life has been governed by a series of gut reactions or simply saying yes without much thought or contemplation of the consequences.

After A Levels wasn't sure what I wanted to do but DF was adamant women didn't go to uni, so was destined for something admin wise.
A woman I sometimes met whilst walking the dog told me how her daughter had written to a NHS department asking about careers advice and as they had a vacancy, they'd sent her an application form. Her daughter wasn't old enough to apply. She passed the form on to me and i got the job, spending 13 happy years in a career I'd never thought (or heard) of..
I then decided I really wanted to go to university to read history, chose the uni purely on the basis there was a professor there with specialism that caught my eye. The department loved mature students and welcomed me simply by my submitting an extended essay. Within weeks of starting had met and quickly married DH.
After graduating I had a casual summer job and met someone who was planning to start an Access course in the September. We kept in touch and when the college's Humanities tutor left suddenly, she phoned me and asked if I'd like to step in. Spoke to head of school and worked at the college for 5 years!! Found my niche teaching adults and went into community education with an educational charity. My boss there encouraged my creativity and I stayed (14 years) until redundancy 2 years ago.

So, had two really fulfilling careers but never really made the decision 'i want to be a ...'

ladybee28 Tue 22-Jan-19 19:45:40

@Toddlerteaplease that's incredible! Thank goodness for your (adorably nerdy) curiosity...

PerpendicularVincent Tue 22-Jan-19 19:58:04

I'd just finished my uni exams and was knackered and grumpy. I was invited clubbing with a friend of a friend the next day and said no because I wanted to spend the evening in bed eating snacks.

Friend then guilt tripped me into going because she didn't want to go alone, so I grumpily went. It was a very busy, cheesy club with terrible music and it's own burger bar.

Friend and I were followed around the club by 2 married men who wouldn't leave us alone. In the end, we told them to fuck off and went to the dance floor on the other side of the club.

I'd only been there a minute or so when now DH tapped me on the shoulder.

If I hadn't agreed to go to the club and been pursued by a manky married man I wouldn't have DH or DS smile

theDudesmummy Tue 22-Jan-19 19:58:31

I was on holiday in another country after getting divorced, cheering myself up by visiting friends and family. Got involved with a guy there and had a fling. He and I arranged to meet for lunch the day after New Year (we had spent New Year's eve together then each went to our own places for a bit of sleep) but he then called in sick with a hangover.

I was at a loose end so went to a friend's house, where she happened to be having some people round for a New Year celebration lunch. (She hadn't invited me because I was supposed to be with the fling guy for lunch, and she knew that). Her holiday house is gorgeous, overlooks a famous and beautiful beach, facing into the sunset.

I had a few drinks, was having a nice time, in walks one of her husband's friends. He wasn't supposed to be there either and hadn't been invited because he had been supposed to be working but the thing he was supposed to do had been cancelled so he turned up.

I took one look and spent the rest of the afternoon picking him up, in the most lovely environment imaginable (sunset over the sea etc). I won't say anything more about that evening or night blush but a few months later he moved to the UK to be with me, and a few months after that we got married. We are still married, 15 years later.

I never told fling guy that his hangover changed my life...

squeakyreptile Tue 22-Jan-19 20:43:47

Getting elected into a particular role in a university society/charity, with another girl sharing the role with me. I barely knew her before (big year group), quickly became good friends. A few years later, visited her in the the city she had moved to- loved the city so much I decided to move there myself. Have stayed there years later, and met my DP (soon to be DH).

Imthevoice Tue 22-Jan-19 21:18:39

This is such a nice thread! 1986, I was engaged (at 20 🤦‍♀️) working in a bank, bored to tears. Saw ad in local paper for Trainee Sales Rep (!) My friend’s sister happened to work at the company and said oh it’s great and the Boss is really fit.... Applied and got the job (Boss was married and not at all my type). Six months later Boss seperates from wife (NOTHING to do with me) Nine months later asks me for a drink after work. I agree. Nothing happens but I rethink my wedding plans. Thirty years later we are still married with three fabulous children. Still not really my type 😂

Toddlerteaplease Tue 22-Jan-19 21:38:21

@ladybee28 my brain would have looked great on the living room wall!grin

Nonomore3 Tue 22-Jan-19 21:39:12

@SushiMonster amazing story! Fortune favours the brave!

TulipsInbloom1 Tue 22-Jan-19 21:40:21

I decided to take a Saturday job at the closest shop to my house. 16 years later I'm married and have kids with the lad who I used to swap shifts to work with grin.

SciFiScream Tue 22-Jan-19 21:45:30

Mine is that I sent an email! Friend kept saying I'd get on well with someone, I said give me the email and I'll get in touch.

We met got married and had kids. That email changed everything, significantly my career. I'd probably be dead now as was a ultra-high risk career.

TheHodgeoftheHedge Tue 22-Jan-19 21:48:13

Bumping into an old friend one workday lunchtime. Went to lunch to catch up a few days later and I’m still not entirely sure why, but she was the first one to see right through my defences and I ended up pouring my heart out about my abusive (now ex) husband for the first time.
It was the moment that changed my life and once I’d shared the truth with someone about how awful things were, it was the start of the end. A few months later, I left my husband and I was reborn. My life began again that day and I will always be grateful.

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Tue 22-Jan-19 21:52:26

When I was at school one of my friends wanted to learn bridge and dragged me along to the school bridge club for moral support/company. When I went to university one of women in my Arabic class found out that I could play bridge, she was in need of a partner so she dragged me along to the university bridge club. And that's where I met DH, 33 years ago. I don't actually like bridge very much and would never have gone to university club under my own steam.

Firsttimer1234 Tue 22-Jan-19 21:54:03

I applied for the wrong uni course by accident. I was too embarrassed to phone UCAs up to change it. I got an offer on the course so thought what the hell. It was primary teaching. 7 years later, I'm a deputy head, met my husband through school and currently on mat leave after having our first son.

OhioOhioOhio Tue 22-Jan-19 21:55:00

I love this thread.

Petalflowers Tue 22-Jan-19 22:09:18

Some lovely stories on this thread.

QuestionableMouse Tue 22-Jan-19 22:17:51

A random nasty remark from my boss. It was the last straw and I decided to go back into education. Now in my second year at uni (after finishing an access course with all distinctions and my first year with a first)

I'm not the thicko he kept implying I am. I'm proud of what I've done so far and have just started looking at internships. A few years ago I barely had the confidence to go into town in my own. Now I'm planning a holiday abroad alone.

FuzzyShadowChatter Tue 22-Jan-19 22:28:08

I can't even recall how I came across it, but finding and watching a particular anime on TV, which led to me researching it online and finding online fanfiction writing and roleplaying groups, which led to me joining a group that had an aol chat, in said anime roleplaying chat I met a guy I chatted a bunch with...and is currently sitting next to me. That was half our lifetime ago, it feels weird how such a small easy to have missed thing for both us ended up this way.

NicoleNoPants Tue 22-Jan-19 22:49:14

Love this thread.
I was working a really boring retail job which paid me next to nothing and was terrible hours.
On a day off I was in the Daily Fail (🙈) and saw an advert for a helpline to get into teaching. I rang up and and got advice on teaching in FE as that was the only one I could start that September without doing anything educated related before hand. I applied to the only uni near-ish that offered it and two weeks later had an interview and a place.
That took me down to London where I trained then my bad geography had me applying for jobs in Kent where I was for a few years. Built a whole life, became a secondary school teacher which I prefer to FE and met my baby’s father.
If I hadn’t decided to follow my gut on that particular day and now the phone call (I’m a pro procrastinator) Inwouldnt have had my career, met friend or had my baby!

Fiddie Tue 22-Jan-19 23:07:54

Lovely thread

OhTheRoses Tue 22-Jan-19 23:14:30

Agreed to be plus one for a nice chap I didn't fancy more than a fling with. He was rather delish physically. Met a chap even more delish and knew he would be my husband. Oh, about 30 years ago. The rest is history.

LiveatCityHall Tue 22-Jan-19 23:27:17

I bought tickets for a gig from man in a pub and arranged to meet a friend of mine at the same time. I got there early and ended up talking to a guy who was looking for a singer for his band. I auditioned, joined the band and married the bassist. We've been together 22 years and the guy I initially spoke to is now my brother in law.

Geekster1963 Tue 22-Jan-19 23:51:47

I was due to start my nurse training in March 1994 but a place came up to start in September 1993. I made a good friend who only had six months of her training left then and she was good friends of who ended up being my DH. If I'd started six months later I would never have met him.

Iflyaway Wed 23-Jan-19 00:06:45

Loving this thread...

OP, was the island off the coast of Senegal Goree...? Just wondering. Been and loved it apart from the Slave Museum and THE DOOR OF NO RETURN

Was up one morning in the kitchen getting ready for work and listening to a radio travel programme about a train journey... decided Yes, wanna do that one day... fuck, who wants to waste a life in an office!

Took me about 2 years to save up, organise and go on the trip. Met the father of my son there....

RomanticFatigue Wed 23-Jan-19 00:44:29

Such lovely stories on this thread!
Mine's more of a Sliding Doors moment rather than a happy ending. I was a premature baby and it meant I was in the youngest of the previous school year rather than the oldest in the next. I was always the youngest - family, school, work - and always babied despite my efforts to be independent. I wonder how different my life would have been if I'd been born on or nearer my due date, as one of the oldest in the next year group. Different friends, different experiences, a whole different life.

BarbaraManatee Wed 23-Jan-19 01:14:33

I invited my crush to hang out with a couple of mutual friends because he'd been feeling a bit down & I wanted to cheer him up. He had a friend staying with him that weekend so brought him along too. I spent the entire day mooning over my crush & got annoyed in the following days when he started asking me what I thought of his friend. 2 months later I'd been talking into giving the friend a chance... Less than 2y later we were married & the friend who introduced us was our best man! grin

Had I not organised the outing on that weekend, I'd probably never have met DH. I shall forever be grateful for my one day of pretending to be a social butterfly! And for our match-maker, who's still one of our closest friends over a decade later.

FlyMayBe Wed 23-Jan-19 01:37:33

Seeing a guy trip over some steps and land at my feet in a nightclub without spilling his drink. Reader, I married him grinwine

kateandme Wed 23-Jan-19 03:27:16

such a lovely story op!do you think youll stay there forever now?
this is a lovly I don't want to share my moments as they aren't happy ones.

pingoose Wed 23-Jan-19 04:00:42

Applied for a working holiday visa for a country the other side of the world. I got a letter back saying I hadn't provided the correct documentation for one part of it, and to send it through. I decided I wasn't so sure about going after all, so didn't send it back in. A week later, I noticed a guy at work I'd never paid attention to before, and went to a bar with him after work. It's now 10 years and 2 kids later.

LifesMiracles19 Wed 23-Jan-19 04:25:03

I barely went to school because of family circumstance so left with no GCSEs. I ended up in low paid jobs.

At once point I ended up on job seekers and they had a scheme where they made you go and work for companies for free to gain skills.

They made me work in a toy shop which I actually loved doing. I was only there 4 weeks and right at the end, the manager offered me a job. We got on really well and now we are married and have 2 beautiful boys. We sadly lost our daughter at 22 weeks a year ago but now pregnant with twin girls.

lobeydosser Wed 23-Jan-19 04:39:29

I was working overseas with tour groups. Usually mostly older couples but this group had a few younger folk including this guy who was there with his pal. Mutual attraction but nothing more. When he asked for my address at the end of the fortnight I refused (not supposed to consort with clients!) However I did give it to his pal.
Later that year,, working in a different country, a note is left by the Post Office. There's an envelope for you but insufficient postage. From him. More months pass and after we exchange a few calls and cards I find myself in the same region and call him up.
"Oh I can't come - it's football tonight." However he relents and we arrange to meet at a London tube station named after a famous football team. However I went to the station named after the stadium said team played at.
This was late 80s long before everyone had a mobile. Nowadays you'd be Whatsapping one another after five minutes. But we each waited the best part of an hour until I realised my mistake and got on the tube. Amazingly he was still waiting outside the station named after the team.
If I'm honest there are plenty of times when I wished I'd given up sooner and just walked away but some days I am glad I waited.
Sliding doors though...intriguing and tempting to fantasise about what might have been.

xWallToWallBastardsx Wed 23-Jan-19 08:28:03

This sounds a bit cheesy but I do often have my own romantic story. I'd been on 2 boring dates with this guy. He was perfectly nice but I just wasn't feeling it. He was tough to talk to and we had nothing in common. So I text him and said I didn't want to meet again. I got a ? back and nothing more. Two days later he walks into the pub (where I was working and the place we had our first date) and sits beside me and just starts talking about an issue at work. It's clear he didn't receive the text and I'd messaged someone else by accident. So I decided to say nothing as I used up all my braveness on the text. I really didnt want to stay in the pub as I'd been on my feet all day. So I invited him to come to my house for a takeaway and some wine. Not one of my housemates was in which annoyed me for the first time. I really wasnt in the mood to entertain someone and I was so tired. I realised that I left my bag at work so had no money to order food. I was really sullen, he seemed to get the hint and said he would go home so I could relax. About 30 minutes later the doorbell goes. He's stood there with food and wine. Surprised and touched I invited him in to eat it with me. I saw him in a new light and realised he was a bit reserved and shy which could be mistaken for boring/boredom. We ended up watching trashy Friday night tv and having a laugh and I realised just how fit he was. About 2 in the morning he said he was going home and did I want to meet up again? This time I did. He went to kiss my cheek and I went to hug him. We ended up proper kissing. I thought fuck it and invited him to stay over in my bed. The fucker never left. That was March 2003 and I was pregnant by that May grinThis year we'll have been together 16 years, married for 15 years and parents to 1 boy and 2 girls. He's my best friend and is so supportive and sweet. I'm so glad that the text didn't go through and I'm so glad he came back with food and booze. I can't imagine my life without him and my kids.

xWallToWallBastardsx Wed 23-Jan-19 08:30:01

There shouldnt be an "often" in that first sentence. If it was often me and dh definitely wouldnt have made it past that first night. shockgrin

imanoldbattleaxe Wed 23-Jan-19 08:33:05

A day off work sick, on an internet chat forum later that day, long story short, met my DH and we've been together 19 years now!

whilethechiefputsshineonleith Wed 23-Jan-19 08:43:47

xWallToWallBastardsx did u ever tell him about the text? x

xWallToWallBastardsx Wed 23-Jan-19 09:04:43

Yes and he was fine about it as he says it was obvious that we were meant to be. He knows he can come across as aloof or disinterested when meeting new people. He said he was actually trying his best to appear "normal" so as not to frighten me off. He said he was shitting himself when he came back with the food but wanted me to like him and think well of him. It worked. grin Honestly he's so laidback and nothing fazes him. He says I taught him to be.

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