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Facebook tat, Valentines edition

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toffee1000 Sun 20-Jan-19 20:14:47

Anyone fancy a “man bundel”? Coke, Fanta, chocolate and scratchcards.

toffee1000 Sun 20-Jan-19 20:15:25

There’s got to be some good tat (oxymoronic?) for Valentine’s Day...

Chunkyetfunky Sun 20-Jan-19 20:16:23

😂😂 ffs!

Jozen Sun 20-Jan-19 20:17:19

Oh I love these threads.
£20 for utter shite that you could do yourself if you felt the need.

Jozen Sun 20-Jan-19 20:17:56

It's not even packed nicely.

PhilomenaButterfly Sun 20-Jan-19 20:18:51

Fuck DH, I want that for me! fgrin

FogCutter Sun 20-Jan-19 20:26:36

Bundels 😂😂😂😂

What a load of cheap crap in the bundel as well!

PavlovianLunge Sun 20-Jan-19 20:42:11

Well, I’d crack on with the chocolate, but the fizzy drinks can fuck off. And £20? There’s not even any Man-Glitter. Absolute piss-take.

wowfudge Sun 20-Jan-19 21:20:25

Ah - the perfect thread for these beauties I spotted a couple of days ago.

MixedMaritalArts Sun 20-Jan-19 21:26:09

Shot through the heart,
And you’re to blame.
You give love a bad name !

thegreatbeyond Sun 20-Jan-19 21:29:10

So sexy. Sexy sex.

RitaConnors Sun 20-Jan-19 21:33:59

I thought those hearts were made of dead batteries! Although bullets are worse than dead batteries, not better.

iklboo Sun 20-Jan-19 21:35:09

This one. Because nothing says I love you more than starting a gambling habit.

PhilomenaButterfly Sun 20-Jan-19 21:47:22

I love yours thegreatbeyond.

JustfiedandAncient Sun 20-Jan-19 21:49:54

Where are the McCoy's???

toffee1000 Sun 20-Jan-19 21:52:01

thegreatone I spotted that on my Facebook marketplace too!! Classy or what?

toffee1000 Sun 20-Jan-19 21:52:22

thegreatbeyond sorry

titsbumfannythelot Sun 20-Jan-19 21:58:43

Jesus Christ what is with the metal thing? That's utterly horrific.

TrixieFranklin Sun 20-Jan-19 22:03:35


JustHereForThePooStories Sun 20-Jan-19 22:17:36

Oh goody, I’ve been saving some.

First up, a grammatically incorrect tiles in a frame piece.

JustHereForThePooStories Sun 20-Jan-19 22:18:28

Then, we have a jelly cake. Completely edible. Mmmmh, appetising!

JustHereForThePooStories Sun 20-Jan-19 22:19:31

And finally, what time is it?
That’s right, it’s Strawberry Creme past Toffee Penny.

TrixieFranklin Sun 20-Jan-19 22:20:43

Ooooo @JustHereForThePooStories what a wonderful hoard of posts you have, thank you!

TricksyLiesmith Sun 20-Jan-19 22:23:09

I love these threads !
The wonky heart is fantastic on this

winteryslippers Sun 20-Jan-19 22:35:33

We have....
A empty box! Only £10
Pot of sticks!

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