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Any experts, pleurisy

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Oorwulliesbucket Fri 18-Jan-19 10:24:05

So IV had this argument with DH a hundred times now. You know how occasionally you breathe in and get a sharp pain, I say oo it's wind, he says 'oo IV got pleurisy'!!! This is in an otherwise fighting fit adult. I have told him you would be very ill if you had pleurisy but he will not listen!! He had to fill in a medical history before and wrote that he had pleurisy before. He is otherwise sensible grin

LocaLoca999 Fri 18-Jan-19 10:43:58

I'm fairly sure everyone gets that pain occasionally. I know I do and so does my DH. It's quite normal and much more likely to be benign (as you say, it might be gas pain which you CAN get in your chest).

Pleurisy is very serious. I've had it before. It's agony and if your DH genuinely thinks he's got it he should be seeing a medical professional today! Mine was due to pneumonia!

Oorwulliesbucket Fri 18-Jan-19 10:53:48

No need for a doctor, he is just bonkers grin

vampirethriller Fri 18-Jan-19 13:59:28

I had pleurisy twice last year and it makes you very ill. I couldn't get any breath in, could hardly walk because it jolted my lung, had to have morphine and was on antibiotics for 6 weeks.

1Wanda1 Fri 18-Jan-19 14:13:52

My dad - normally very fit and healthy and I have never known him take to bed with a cold or whatever - has just been unfortunate enough to have pleurisy. He was hospitalised by it. It's a very serious illness and a month later he is still recovering.

Perhaps your DH is a bit of a hypochondriac? Or has a quirky sense of humour?

Oorwulliesbucket Fri 18-Jan-19 14:17:32

Thanks guys, sorry to hear all your story's hope everyone recovering well. He is usually very sensible and not prone to hypochondria at all grin I think he has just got this in his head and won't back down. Why I need the Mumsnet massivegrin

DoneLikeAKipper Fri 18-Jan-19 14:46:45

I've had pleurisy, I've also given birth twice. Out of the three pain experiences, I'd put pleurisy second. It was horrific, had long term physical and mental health implications. He'd bloody well know if he had it!

Furrycushion Fri 18-Jan-19 14:49:53

Tell him he might have costochondritis. That will keep him busy while he looks it up. It's not pleurisy. It was the most ill I have ever felt when they thought I had pleurisy (actually it was pneumonia in the end, or maybe both?)

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