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What character would you add to a children's programme to make it more interesting?

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Geekster1963 Thu 17-Jan-19 21:16:48

I would have Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones and Topsy and Tim's Mum. That would sort them out and the Grandma no more 'huggles'.

HawkeyeInConfusion Thu 17-Jan-19 22:21:29

Add Mr MacGregor (from Peter Rabbit) to Bing.

Or is that being too mean?

Lampshadylady Thu 17-Jan-19 22:27:23

Topsy and Tim, dad scene. I’m adding in Chucky

Geekster1963 Thu 17-Jan-19 22:27:27

Sounds perfect Hawkeye grin

Geekster1963 Thu 17-Jan-19 22:28:36

Lampshadelady grin

brizzledrizzle Thu 17-Jan-19 22:50:00

The phantom raspberry blower from the two Ronnies

Lampshadylady Thu 17-Jan-19 22:55:15

The phantom raspberry blower from the two Ronnies

Topsy’s mum would maintain a rictus grin and be ‘perfectly pleasant’ whilst Dad would be ‘a little bit craazzzy’ and do a Dad dance

Stickmanslittleleaf Thu 17-Jan-19 22:58:33

Some kind of manager in Postman Pat.

Geekster1963 Fri 18-Jan-19 11:10:24

Yes they need one stickman

JudgeRulesNutterButter Fri 18-Jan-19 11:14:06

David Brent in Postman Pat.
Captain Jack Sparrow would improve Swashbuckle a lot.
Hannibal Lecter in Justin’s fucking House.

GrandmaSharksDentures Fri 18-Jan-19 11:21:08

Mrs Brown into Justin's House

knittedjest Fri 18-Jan-19 11:40:14

Not a character as such but I saw a meme today about Steve Harvey as Lord Voldermort and I was like yes.

Geekster1963 Fri 18-Jan-19 12:11:40

Love these grin

BayLeaves Fri 18-Jan-19 19:10:38

Gordon Ramsey in My World Kitchen

iklboo Fri 18-Jan-19 19:12:32

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall in Peppa Pig

SarahAndQuack Fri 18-Jan-19 19:45:45

This is genius.

I'll have the Job Centre Lady out of I, Daniel Blake in Biggleton, please.

Or maybe Christina Yang, to sort out fucking Dr Ranj.

Mumberjack Fri 18-Jan-19 20:17:09

@JudgeRulesNutterButter Hannibal Lecter in Justin’s House would be AWESOME grin

iklboo Fri 18-Jan-19 20:26:14

OFSTED in Me Too at Granny Murray's gaff.

Yabbers Fri 18-Jan-19 20:27:19

Gordon Ramsey in My World Kitchen

I don’t know My world kitchen but he’d be great in I can cook.

Captain Jack Sparrow would improve Swashbuckle a lot.
I love swashbuckle!

LoisWilkerson1 Fri 18-Jan-19 20:30:49

Oliver Reed drunkenly punches Bing for being an irritating wee twat.

MrsMoastyToasty Fri 18-Jan-19 20:33:54

Patsy and Edina in Pocket and Sweet in Balamory. Patsy thought they were going shopping for some Bolly.

SarahAndQuack Fri 18-Jan-19 20:38:05

Abney and Teal live in a slum tent village and can't afford anything to eat except porridge. Their tiny island is obviously right in the middle of a thriving urban community, but they are totally isolated. I think fictional Mrs May got there first.

brizzledrizzle Fri 18-Jan-19 20:39:45

Michael Gove in Teletubby land.

VittysCardigan Fri 18-Jan-19 20:45:06

The childcatcher would be great in Fireman Sam

WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll Sat 19-Jan-19 00:17:30

Papa Lazarou in In The Night Garden

Sleep peacefully, children!!!

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