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Up yours Moana

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fruityb Tue 15-Jan-19 20:05:52

You’re making me stupidly emotional every single time I watch you - and you’re my son’s favourite right now so that’s a lot.

I bawled three times tonight. Three. It’s ridiculous.

CarrieBlu Tue 15-Jan-19 20:07:51

Is there a reason you’re finding it so emotional? Can’t say I find it stirs much in me, although it’s a very good film!

IncomingCannonFire Tue 15-Jan-19 20:09:54

I am Moana! Wah wah...
Don't watch the film Inside Out. That had me bawling. blush

dontticklethetoad Tue 15-Jan-19 20:10:31

It makes me cry too.

Also laugh too. "I'm shiny".

BillywilliamV Tue 15-Jan-19 20:10:42

My 15yr old DD loves it, keeps her away from the dodgy end of Netflix

dontticklethetoad Tue 15-Jan-19 20:11:08

And if Moana makes you cry, don't watch Coco sad

Wellhellojonsnow Tue 15-Jan-19 20:14:19

I cry every time she walks through the parted sea towards Te Ka and sings that song “..I know your name” 😭

3luckystars Tue 15-Jan-19 20:19:09

Inside Out was the second worst film i have ever seen in my life, I was nearly crying because I wanted it to be over. Really bad.

Second only to Minions, which I am still wondering how it even got released. Absolutely appalling.

The third worst is Cars2, and such a terrible piyy because Cars is a fantastic film! Its brilliant and my favourite animated film.(along with the Iron Giant and the original Charlottes Web)

I agree that Moana is good, it does make me tear up, the part where the volcano god woman is so furious and ripping through everything to claim back the heart of the ocean and Moana sings 'I know who you are'

A person could be mad with grief and almost forgot who they are, but kindness shown at this time is the hardest thing but it could help them back to who they are.

LittleSwede Tue 15-Jan-19 20:20:55

I bawl when her grandmother comes back to her when she's lost faith in herself following the defeat against The Ka. Then again when she walks through the parted sea!

fruityb Tue 15-Jan-19 20:21:50

Moana - the how far I’ll go bit; when the Ray appears under the water to help her when she leaves; I am Moana; and the I know your name bit. It just makes me burst a bit - the bloody voyager song at the beginning is enough as well!!

Coco - sobbed my eyes out

Inside out - don’t even talk to me about Bing Bong.

Cars 3 - when Cruz does the flip over Jackson storm when he tells her she doesn’t belong and she says “yes I do!” Too much.

I know my Pixar lol. I probably get more emotional at these than ones with people in!!

MissSusanScreams Tue 15-Jan-19 20:23:19

Who’s your friend who likes to play...


LittleSwede Tue 15-Jan-19 20:23:40

DH gets quite emotional too, we lost DMIL last year and I think we both like to think of her as somehow looking out for our DD like Moana's grandmother does. Love the but when she comes back as a ray!

fruityb Tue 15-Jan-19 20:25:12

I love her dancing in the sea. She’s just so carefree and happy. Maui is just awesome as well - I want one. I do love the Shiny song; it’s so funny.

We won’t even discuss “thanks guys” at the end of Toy Story 3....

Marmite27 Tue 15-Jan-19 20:26:21

It’s toy story 3 for me. When Andy gives the gang to Bonnie sad

DD3 won’t watch 1, because Jessie’s not in it, won’t watch 2 because Jessie’s sad (exacerbated by the fact she has the same name as Jessie’s original owner I’m sure), so fecking 3 it is. I can’t wait for 4 to come out in the summer.

Occasionally I’m granted a change so we get Coco, Moana or Frozen. Either that or Baby Shark on a loop. It’s enough to drive you mad!

TheGreenDot Tue 15-Jan-19 20:26:30

I was a tough nut before kids but pregnant for first time watching frozen when the ship sinks ruined me. And now I cry at everything. Esp introducing DD to the lion king.

fruityb Tue 15-Jan-19 20:28:13

My son is two and a half nearly and we watched the lion king a month or two back: he actually came up to me for a cuddle when Mufasa died. He said nothing but climbed on my knee and cuddled me. I then bawled saying “my son has so much empathy! He’s so clever!”


CoastalLife Tue 15-Jan-19 20:29:26

The bit where Moana parts the sea and lets Te Ka come towards her 😭😭 She's just so brave and so good and so kind. Gets me right in the feels.

FixItUpChappie Tue 15-Jan-19 20:29:25

its such a lovely movie - I find the bits with her Grandmother very stirring

Prinstress Tue 15-Jan-19 20:33:16

Moana is the best! I love that it has 0 romantic plotline at all.

And when the crab says " 'Ahhh! That's my Grandma's!' I ate my Grandma, and it took a week cause she was so humongous"

EyUpOurKid Tue 15-Jan-19 20:39:28

We watched Moana for the first time today.

When Moana is a baby and being chosen by the sea and then her Dad comes and gets her DS (just 2) goes "No! Put her down!" he was miffed something rotten that he stopped her playing grin

fruityb Tue 15-Jan-19 20:50:00

I love Moana for the fact there’s no romance - she’s doing this for herself and her people. That’s it. She doesn’t have to pretend to be anything; she just wants to learn how. She’s being what she should be not what someone wants her to be. I love Mulan for that but she still has to pretend to be something she’s not - and it’s all for Li Shang (who admittedly I’d probably do it for as well...)

The bit where Maui starts doing the Haka really rouses me too - I love seeing that!

Beamur Tue 15-Jan-19 20:54:21

Moana makes me cry, but then so does Up, Coco and Toy Story (all versions but especially 3) DD was obsessed with Toy Story so it was watched at least once a week (usually more) so I have cried maybe 20/30/40 times to the same film. If I watch it again, I will cry.

Silkyanduna Tue 15-Jan-19 20:57:10

Oh god toy story 3 when they are in the insine rator 😭😭😭

DoneLikeAKipper Tue 15-Jan-19 21:08:19

Refuse to watch Toy Story 3 again.

The ‘When She Loved Me’ song from TS2 kills me every time.

The first 10 minutes of UP is heartbreaking but beautiful.

I have difficulty watching the opening of Tangled since having children. Pretty much worst nightmare scenario.

Frozen, mostly because it was the biggest pile of overhyped shit I’ve sat through.

From old Disney - ‘Baby Mine’ and that whole section, oh goodness me. Destroys me, and despite this list, I’m not easy to get going.

Stompythedinosaur Tue 15-Jan-19 21:08:21

I cry at the bit where Moana is leaving the island and her mum catches her but then helps her pack. I think it is the look in the mum's face, like Moana is doing something outside her experience, and she's scared for her, but she doesn't want to hold her back.

I also cry at the end of Tangled when rapunzel gets hugged by her mum.

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