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Dd1 would like a surprise cake for her birthday...

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lucysmam Sun 13-Jan-19 21:25:51

Any ideas apart from one with sweets in the middle that'll fall out as it's cut?

kateandme Sun 20-Jan-19 20:55:07
this looks good.

lucysmam Sun 20-Jan-19 21:46:48

@kateandme I like that one very much! I wonder if Home Bargains have mini-marshmallows in the baking stuff still, I haven't been in a while. They'd be easy to do wings from I think.

I'll have a look in the morning and see.

kateandme Mon 21-Jan-19 03:37:23

i don't no what store your near but they sell them in most shops. or get something like the end of a glue stick to use to cut out bits of fondant?obviously washing the lid and coating it in icing sugar before you start to cut

CinnamonToaster Mon 21-Jan-19 08:20:52

Or white chocolate buttons maybe

OneStepMoreFun Mon 21-Jan-19 16:43:43

I've done the chocolate bomb balloon cake before. It looks great and DC loved it. Very easy. Just cover the balloon with clingfilm before you dip it in chocolate, so the chocolate doesn't taste rubbery!

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