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I don't want to be her friend

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TheRhythmlessMan Thu 10-Jan-19 21:29:48

A mum from my mum's group (NCT) jokes how "oh don't worry, you're not going to get rid of me that easily...!" whenever topics such as returning to work etc come up. We're all In a group WhatsApp chat and she has private messaged me a couple of times. I went to her house initially and she came to mine but over time I realised that I just really can't stand her! She wants to be buddy's but I don't want to. Is all I can say "I'm too busy"? She doesn't seem to get the hint. But I'd like to keep in touch with the group.

How else can I hint to her that I don't want her in my life outside the group (which is a situation I can tolerate her in)?

Celticrose Wed 27-Feb-19 21:28:34

Think with someone like this you need to be very firm and decline all invitations . Be very firm as if she sees you hesitate she will not back off. Just be polite but firm. She should take the hint hopefully if not then you might have to be more blunt. I would just interact with the group as normal. Do you all meet up as a group if you do again just operate as normal and talk to her as part of the group but make it clear that is as far as your involvement with her will be.

JasonGideon Wed 27-Feb-19 21:45:01

I feel for people like this. I love making friends and socialising- I always worry I’m the person other people are trying to brush off!

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