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How to deal with people that have let you down?

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raver123 Wed 02-Jan-19 12:50:15

Ok so an organisation my DS11 is involved with has treated my DC and i appallingly. I've written to them so have various other people it's just bullying. Anyway I see I'm attending an event where one of the chaps involved will be there he's the type to sit on the fence and try and be everyone friend even though what has happened is illegal. I'm just don't want to speak to this person as I'm angry that they've said and done nothing when they're in a position of responsibility. I know this man will likely try and patronise and manipulate and be friendly. Last time before the big fall out even though I hardly know him he came up while sitting and minding my own business and rubbed my back, which I also find totally inappropriate and I hate people touching me that I hardly know. I don't want to engage in any conversation whatsoever. How do I do this without creating a scene?

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