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CormoranStrike Tue 25-Dec-18 20:26:49

I got a voucher for afternoon tea (yum), a glass ball for photography and a lovely necklace. Very spoiled.


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Dowser Wed 26-Dec-18 13:16:51

A Vera Bradley hand bag and some REN Rose Otto goodies that I love

ShowOfHands Wed 26-Dec-18 13:24:49

@Dowser is there an echo in here? grin

beanaseireann Wed 26-Dec-18 13:44:01

Which Lexon speaker - what does it look like ?
I need a speaker so might get the same if it's so good.

HeronLanyon Wed 26-Dec-18 13:48:55

Google lexon mini. It’s tiny. But powerful. Wouldn’t be a ‘main speaker’ but just been listening to something whilst washing dishes. No probs.

barbiegrl Wed 26-Dec-18 13:49:55

A brand new sooper sooper sweeping machine! I can't wait to sit and play with it!

MsChookandtheelvesofFahFah Wed 26-Dec-18 13:50:21

Lots of lovely stuff but a complete shock/surprise was the dds present to us of a 43" flat screen TV! The Chook family moves smoothly into the 21st century.


HeronLanyon Wed 26-Dec-18 13:52:20

Lexon mino sorry.

HarrySnotter Wed 26-Dec-18 13:59:23

An Instapot!

isseywithcats Wed 26-Dec-18 14:01:19

a radley purse and umbrella that i love and as my original opium perfume has finally run out a new bottle of original opium is very gratefully received by me from my other half

Lisbon Wed 26-Dec-18 14:04:19

It was a lovely Christmas here.

DH got me a cashmere snood that can cover my chin/nose and it's super warm, soft and light. A rainbow set of large Le Creuset tea mugs. Celtic and Co sheepskin slippers. A black cashmere turtleneck and bed socks.

Also got an electric wax melt warmer, some body scrub and my weight in beautiful, wonderful Portuguese bars of soap!

Best present was to see DD (6) who has ASD and is non verbal really enjoying Christmas for the first time ever! She even went to Christmas markets and rode the Ferris wheel.

Lisbon Wed 26-Dec-18 14:05:21

That Bluetooth speaker looks unbelievably cute! Would be so handy for listening to audiobooks in the kitchen.

Millie2013 Wed 26-Dec-18 14:18:44

OH bought me some lovely cath kidsten PJs, a joules top and scarf and my fave hotel chocolat
Mum has given me some money (“to buy some new clothes” (because I’m a scruffy mare grin)) and lovely bits including neal’s yard bubble bath
We both had some € from MIL, to spend at DLP next year

HeronLanyon Wed 26-Dec-18 14:20:18

Re the speaker it is a thing of beauty. And has surprising power and lovely balanced tone. Used it two rooms away from phone but think that’s about limit if range. Honest have no links to it it’s just a lovely little thing.

blueangel1 Wed 26-Dec-18 14:56:04

@zoflorabore I got an engagement ring too. Totally gobsmacked.

Zoflorabore Wed 26-Dec-18 15:35:47



It feels weird doesn't it? I keep looking st my hand grin

Newyearwhoohoo Wed 26-Dec-18 16:17:03

A very special tin of Quality Street from DH. They are all Green Triangles. You choose your own and the tin is filled for you in store. I was delighted.
Friends think I'm mad and should have picked the Big Purple One should I?.

blueangel1 Wed 26-Dec-18 16:32:00

@zoflorabore congratulations to you too! Yes, I know what you mean, it feels very weird at the moment.

lotusbell Wed 26-Dec-18 16:41:20

I got a Neom 3 wick, too. The green one - Perfect Moment I think

lotusbell Wed 26-Dec-18 16:42:38

Lisbon, those Le Creuset mugs sound gorgeous!

Magmatic80 Wed 26-Dec-18 16:48:29

Take That tour tickets from DP. I was totally surprised and may have welled up a bit. He mentioned the tour a few months ago but I dismissed the idea as too expensive and never thought about it since. He also bought me new album so he can learn the words before June fgrin

HaudYerWheeshtYaWeeBellend Wed 26-Dec-18 16:49:17

New kitchen, and a trip to Paris

HaudYerWheeshtYaWeeBellend Wed 26-Dec-18 16:50:18

Oh and a little card of my children to say they promise they won't fight for 24 hours... it lasted 3 hours, but the thought counted grinhmm

APositiveMind Wed 26-Dec-18 16:50:27

I'm 22, recently got a mortgage and moved out.
My fav this year was a copper colander and copper baking racks for my kitchen!

beanaseireann Wed 26-Dec-18 18:38:35

Thanks heron

buckeejit Wed 26-Dec-18 19:44:40

Lovely thread.

I loved jewellery from bil & books from dh.

Might jump on the lexon bandwagon. Have a great audio pro something for kitchen but need a cheaper one for playroom so this sounds good!

Where did the David Bowie Dec come from? Need one for bil birthday in a weeks time!

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