Your fave presents?

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CormoranStrike Tue 25-Dec-18 20:26:49

I got a voucher for afternoon tea (yum), a glass ball for photography and a lovely necklace. Very spoiled.


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Santaisonthesherry Tue 25-Dec-18 20:30:42

The most gorgeous fluffy dressing gown! . My ten year tatty one is being donated to our ddogs!
And the best gift was a stress free top day!

CormoranStrike Tue 25-Dec-18 20:39:47

Oh yes, I got a 90 minute dog walk in dry weather too, and a bath, so that was lovely too.

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countrybunny Tue 25-Dec-18 20:41:00

Some lovely pjs and a dressing gown, just to my taste! Really love them

FiveGoMadInDorset Tue 25-Dec-18 20:43:54

My DM has surpassed herself, we always get some money but this year she has doubled it and added some so we can go to Paris in February for 4 nights not three and without putting too much in card, DH has cancer so it's, and I know that MN hates this, making memories for children and to do that without stress is fantastic, happy Christmas everyone

Summerisdone Tue 25-Dec-18 20:49:00

I got a Fitbit Versa from DM which was a lovely surprise as I'd actually really been wanting one, though I don't think it's something I'd mentioned to her smile

Winterfellismyhome Tue 25-Dec-18 20:53:13

Fluffy slipper boots and the Harry Potter lego castle. Thrilled 😁


LittleLlamaontheduskyroad Tue 25-Dec-18 20:56:14

New fluffy loungey socks. I love putting them on once I'm "in" for the day.

GrumpyOldMare Tue 25-Dec-18 20:58:33

A kindle paperwhite.

A personalised pen and a Tree of life necklace from a workmate - my eyes leaked when I opened it.

purplecorkheart Tue 25-Dec-18 21:06:16

A really beautiful pair of gloves with quirky buttons on them.

Tigger03 Tue 25-Dec-18 21:09:53

I got a chillys water bottle which I’ve wanted for ages, beautiful pjs from Victoria’s Secret and a great gin selection 😊

Largepiecesofcrookedwood Tue 25-Dec-18 21:11:18

A light box of the London Underground sign. It's a bit niche and I'm thrilled DH bought it as it falls firmly and squarely onto his tacky list grin

mimibunz Tue 25-Dec-18 21:13:00

A book that I didn’t ask for but my DH knew I would love.

MamaBearThius Tue 25-Dec-18 21:14:44

My 2 year old DD took Daddy to Primark and chose me an outfit by herself. A gorgeous orange jumper (my favourite colour) and black high waisted skinny jeans. My girl has got such good taste grin

Livingthedream12345 Tue 25-Dec-18 21:23:16

I got a wonder woman apron from my great friend.
Girl Power!

dragonfly7 Tue 25-Dec-18 21:32:19

Bookbinding kit to make my own notebooks.
A tote bag with my favourite animal on that matches something I'd asked for as it was a complete surprise.
Books chosen by DP and DD, again complete surprise as DP had already got my presents and he is usually useless at knowing what I like but he did good this time.

MaMaMaBelle Tue 25-Dec-18 21:39:53

An internet radio, I love it. I had no idea there were so many radio stations!

Zoflorabore Tue 25-Dec-18 21:42:50

An engagement ring smile

Also 2 box sets of Alien perfume ( my fave ) and the Alien candle plus my auntie got me YSL mascara which was a lovely surprise.

I'm sick so not had the Christmas I planned ( no dinner or anything ) but the people who matter are inside these 4 walls.

Happy Christmas everyone.

HelloCanYouHearMe Tue 25-Dec-18 21:44:34

This year, I hadnt asked for anything and certainly didnt expect anything... I was handed a box by DM, with a tag on it saying it was from DS(3) - in it was a bottle of my favourite perfume

MrsDeanWinchester75 Tue 25-Dec-18 21:47:57

First year ever I've had nothing off dh but asked for nothing, I've lost 3 stone and have 1.5 to go so he's taking me shopping for a whole new wardrobe on 16th February when I'll be a target and I'm so excited!

FiveGoMadInDorset Tue 25-Dec-18 21:48:34

@dragonfly7 I like the idea of a bookbinding kit, will drop very heavy hints to DH for my birthday

Notveryadventurousname Tue 25-Dec-18 21:50:46

I'm intrigued, what is a glass ball for photography?!!?

Nacreous Tue 25-Dec-18 21:56:45

We had a total bumper bonanza Christmas here; the whole family got lots of things they loved. I got loads of twiddly bits for sewing, which is really exciting, and some nice bits for the house as well!

Nacreous Tue 25-Dec-18 21:57:22

Also the crystal balls for photography look super cool! Are they really hard to use?

dragonfly7 Tue 25-Dec-18 22:14:49

@FiveGoMadInDorset it's fab, it comes with all the tools and materials needed to make two notebooks. It's a company called learnbookbinding, such an unusual gift.

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