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What was the last European city you visited?

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AGHHHH Sun 09-Dec-18 00:41:08

And what did you think of it?

Currently in Paris and due to the current unrest and terrible weather it's not been enjoyable and it does seem to be overrated from this experience, but I'll come back at a better time.

Where have you last been in Europe? I'm thinking about where I should next go. Berlin and Warsaw are on the cards. What do you think of those?

AGHHHH Sun 09-Dec-18 00:41:43

Should go next*

APositiveMind Sun 09-Dec-18 00:46:26

Budapest is extremely underrated by the more trendy drinking cities.
I highly recommend Budapest to anybody, it is incredibly beautiful. The centre itself is just the most incredible place. Good food, good shops and I lived seeing where the old king lived from the river. The parliament it all lit up at night and looks beautiful from the river.

RavenLG Sun 09-Dec-18 00:51:16

Wroclaw, Poland. Beautiful city, amazing food (Pierogi is food of the gods!) and cheap as chips! Would love to go back.

HamiltonCork Sun 09-Dec-18 00:52:36

Copenhagen. Loved it!

StitchingMoss Sun 09-Dec-18 00:52:44

Berlin is awesome! One of my favourite places. Lisbon is also gorgeous.

I love Paris but I don’t envy you being there now sad.

noenergy Sun 09-Dec-18 00:53:10


shereebobbins Sun 09-Dec-18 00:58:05

Gdansk Poland. Best Museums I've been to up to now. So good I had to return to finish them off properly, and so cheap too. It cost us £90 each for flights and apartment Monday to Friday and we were bang in the center.

Kikithewitch Sun 09-Dec-18 00:59:46

Dh and I went to Paris after we got engaged and we hated it. It was far busier than we were expecting it to be for the time of year (late October) so every thing was rammed or ridiculously expensive and we got ripped of by a taxi driver on the way to the airport.
We’ve been to France loads of times but I’d not bother with Paris again

Timeandtune Sun 09-Dec-18 01:00:59

Went to Lyon in May. Absolutely loved it.

Schmoobarb Sun 09-Dec-18 01:03:03


scaryteacher Sun 09-Dec-18 01:07:15

Brussels (but I do live between there and Leuven). I think it was Vienna, which I love because the cake and coffee are sooo good, as is the chocolate. I loved Copenhagen, needed more time in Prague and was a bit meh about Bratislava.

Liked Lisbon too, especially the juxtaposition of the bakery that makes the custard tarts and Starbucks. Brilliant!

SinisterBumFacedCat Sun 09-Dec-18 01:11:50

I reall Liked Paris! Been several times, very sad to see what's happening there. I loved Barcelona, Venice, Amsterdam, Prague, Palma, Florence. Actually everywhere I visited in Europe was amazing. Bloody Brexit!

TSSDNCOP Sun 09-Dec-18 01:15:19

Seville. DH booked it and I really wasn't over-keen. How wrong can a person be. It's so beautiful and smells devine!

I enjoy Paris, but right now it must be a total waste of money. I do rather admire the French though; you can't say they don't know how to stage a protest.

ilovesooty Sun 09-Dec-18 01:17:18

Valletta. It's wonderful.

SusieQ5604 Sun 09-Dec-18 01:18:58

London. Loved it, as usual!!!! Coming back in May & then going to Scotland. I love your country and history!!!!

Pieceofpurplesky Sun 09-Dec-18 01:25:39

Lots of love for Poland here. I love Kraków for its history, food and people.

Not a fan of Brussels (but it rained for all the four days we were there - proper torrential rain)

I love Chester. Beautiful place.

Finally Valencia is an incredible city with the mix of old and modern.

Iamalltheyhavenow Sun 09-Dec-18 01:28:34

Another vote for Copenhagen, went in early April this year and would happily go back. Also Stockholm, went there the April before. It is beautiful but so cold when we were there. Both potential return visits in warmer weather, but both also very expensive for eating out, drinks etc. Going to Berlin soon, and have Lisbon in my sights, so it is great to see them both mentioned positively.

SpaceCadet4000 Sun 09-Dec-18 01:39:27

Bergen. It was perfect for us as we wanted to see a mix of city type attractions whilst getting into nature but only had 4 days off work.

The hike up Ulriken was great fun. We also did a round trip fjord tour and I swear I've never been so awestruck before in my life.

The only downside is the price of everything in Norway!

SparkleTheTinselKitten Sun 09-Dec-18 01:42:07

Madrid. Before that Amsterdam. Love them both for very different reasons.

Tartyflette Sun 09-Dec-18 01:46:03

Bilbao. Very civilised and the food is wonderful. The Guggenheim's not bad either. grin

southnownorth Sun 09-Dec-18 01:47:54

Madrid. We loved it. Spotlessly clean everywhere. Would love to go again for longer next time as only had two nights.

Springmachine Sun 09-Dec-18 01:48:54

Copenhagen. Best city break ever for me and I'm planning on going back I loved it so much .

I'm desperate to see Ljubljana but the flights are not convenient at all

Penguinsetpandas Sun 09-Dec-18 01:49:55

Lapland but not to a city, tend to avoid them. Saw brown bears in wild and white reindeer. Lovely time. Been in winter too, great then.

Penguinsetpandas Sun 09-Dec-18 01:52:26

We are going to Norway in summer and was looking at hotels in Bergen thought pool would be nice and it was but £600 a night 5 miles out. shock So will be renting an apartment.

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