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What’s the one thing you have done that you never thought you would?

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DailyMailDontStealMyThread Thu 06-Dec-18 22:06:18

Mine is quite lame but, I don’t like heights and had to attend one of those work get to know you days at it was at Centre parcs and I had to jump off of various far too high woodland obstacles.

I loved it! I’m old and can’t believe I left it so late to fling myself off high obstacles.

I now want to do a parachute jump. 30 year old me would never do it grin

kateandme Sat 08-Dec-18 03:49:21

this is a great should be kept in the volt and then someone if anyone still here bring it out in years time to see if we have all done more.

FiveShelties Sat 08-Dec-18 04:20:11

shazkiwi I went on holiday and emigrated to NZ!😃

Graphista Sat 08-Dec-18 04:45:11

Op - I'm terrified of heights so I'm in awe I could not do that!

Have a baby - 2 mc inc once very complex, endo Dx, multiple surgeries, other health issues impacting fertility... I really did think it was impossible at one point. Dds pregnancy was medically complex & high risk, we both almost died during the birth due to a rare condition and I was "strongly advised" to not risk another pregnancy. So dd is an only, never thought I'd stick at one but no choice really.

Raise a child alone. I did it all "right" but ex cheated and got OW pregnant. Didn't think I'd still be single 16 years later. I've dated but I haven't met anyone good enough to give up the single life for and inflict on dd.

Get my 2nd degree. Ex also thought I was too thick even though I already had my 1st degree but he said that wasn't a proper degree (nursing) twat! He has 4 GCSEs and he scraped them!

Darumafan thanks

"Wrote a book" I so want to do this, have several started, have had short stories published, have even had various lecturers inc one who was a publisher tell me I have the ability and to get on with it - the only thing stopping me is me! Argh!

On the really down side

Became disabled in my 30's - car accident, not something anyone expects I don't think

Had a breakdown - in hindsight should have predicted this. MH hcps hear my story and wonder how the fuck I didn't have one much sooner!

vampirethriller Sat 08-Dec-18 09:29:35

Had a baby! After 10 miscarriages. She's on my knee now and I still can't quite believe she's mine.

hobnobsaremyfave Sat 08-Dec-18 09:40:06

Ran a half marathon
Never again though grin

afrikat Sat 08-Dec-18 11:56:16

workreturner I have a bunch of health issues and eating a 'clean' plant based diet just didn't seem to be helping so decided to try something totally different. It seems to be helping so far and I'm also losing weight as I don't need to eat as much.. meat is much more filling for me!

canteatcustard Sat 08-Dec-18 12:21:29

Get my degrees.
Have four children, after miscarriage, lots of medical complications with two of them.
on BBC breakfast
on Sky news live
in a documentary
in national magazine
interviewed on radio, being asked questions from people calling in
Save my sons life 7 times
help him save his own on 8 time

be on of the group of people who went to house of commons to lobby MPs

Have confidence to ask for correct medical care in A and E for my son.

won an award, after my son and hubby voted for me.

care for my nieces , give emergency medication, use my pead first aid skills to keep them alive. (different condition to son)

Support my sister when her daughter died.

support my sister when her other daughter nearly died and was expected to die. < she lived! smile !>

this year, jumping off a boat, swim to island in to hot pool.
climb up a volcano

go to my sons graduations for his 2 degrees, ( my daughters next year as well!)

all above not written in order of priority, but off the top of my head.

ArabellaUmbrella Sat 08-Dec-18 14:24:26

@vampirethriller that is so lovely! Congratulations thanks

Toughtips Sat 08-Dec-18 14:31:18

Go back to work full time earning myself a decent wage. Will enable me to pay off my debt by spring and provide financial security fir my family. Woohoo

elfycat Sat 08-Dec-18 14:32:21

Got a degree, I was mid-40s, now on a masters.

Stopped being so fucking polite to everyone. Sometimes it's OK to be blunt and say no, without trying to minimise the other person's hurt feelings. I wish I'd learned this years ago. I'm not rude, just firm and no apologies given none of that 'sorry but' Thanks to MN for the 'no is a complete sentence' attitude - it really is.

MsTSwift Sat 08-Dec-18 14:56:21

Started my own business been going 5 years now

morningconstitutional2017 Sun 09-Dec-18 16:18:16

I learned to drive in my mid-fifties, something which I thought I would never do. Parents and siblings didn't drive. It was something only other people did.
It's wonderful not having to hang around at a bus stop in the pouring rain.

Millie2013 Sun 09-Dec-18 16:23:10

Engage in 7 years of psychoanalysis. I thought I was destined to be depressed and non functional forever.
It meant a huge financial sacrifice, but I don’t regret a penny of it

Myhousetoday Sun 09-Dec-18 16:35:48

I too definitely never dreamed I'd acquire a new nationality.

But the other: as a teen never dreamt I'd one day 10 years later work at the world-famous archaeological site that I was studying in my textbook.

dorisdog Sun 09-Dec-18 20:53:01

Getting paid actual money to write several articles! Not enough to give up the day job yet, unfortunately...

BestestBrownies Sun 09-Dec-18 22:52:17

- Prioritised myself without feeling guilty or selfish anymore
- Summoned the courage to leave my abusive exH despite being at rock bottom emotionally
- Moved to a foreign country alone for work
- Realised I have a natural aptitude for learning languages
- Learned to ski and scuba dive and LOVE both
- Met a decent man who I trust more than I've ever trusted anyone
- Finally got onto the property ladder
- Have savings in the bank and a secure financial future

All of these things I have achieved in the last 6 years (not necessarily in that order). Reading that back, I realise I should be proud of myself and my achievements, but all I can focus on is what still needs work

dustarr73 Mon 10-Dec-18 13:55:21

mirren3 Ah thats lovely

BoffinMum Mon 10-Dec-18 15:20:06

Someone said to me that women tended to look at criteria for jobs, scholarships and awards and if they didn’t fulfil all of them, most tended not to apply. Men, on the other hand, tended to apply even if they met a tiny handful of criteria. The result was more men won these things. I suddenly had a massive revelation, realised what I had been doing wrong all my life by effectively volunteering to step aside for men, and applied for a prestigious research council studentship at Oxbridge, winning it hands down. This was followed by other awards and prizes, book deals and so on. I’ve spent 20 years in university research now and have a great job in a top university. The moral is to apply for everything you like, because if you don’t, someone else will.

VanGoghsDog Mon 10-Dec-18 15:38:47

Do a law degree in my mid 40's and get a first. I only got 4, pretty lame, O levels at school.

ACurlyWurly Mon 10-Dec-18 15:47:00

conquered my 40 year fear of water and went scuba diving!


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