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What’s the one thing you have done that you never thought you would?

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DailyMailDontStealMyThread Thu 06-Dec-18 22:06:18

Mine is quite lame but, I don’t like heights and had to attend one of those work get to know you days at it was at Centre parcs and I had to jump off of various far too high woodland obstacles.

I loved it! I’m old and can’t believe I left it so late to fling myself off high obstacles.

I now want to do a parachute jump. 30 year old me would never do it grin

OhioOhioOhio Thu 06-Dec-18 22:08:58

Throw my stbxh out. Become a single parent.

DailyMailDontStealMyThread Thu 06-Dec-18 22:10:50

Great news Ohio glad it worked out for you!

Bezalelle Thu 06-Dec-18 22:21:14

Become religious

GhostSauce Thu 06-Dec-18 22:21:59

Passed my driving test in my mid 30s.

Found the person I'd be happy to spend the rest of my life with.

Became a champion Yorkshire pudding maker.

3 things!

brieandcrackers Thu 06-Dec-18 22:22:20

Went to university in another country! Granted it was only Wales... grin but still surprised myself as I had grown up planning to go to the local one while living at home and I ended up moving 150 miles away instead! Was very homesick at times but it definitely made me more confident and independent.

DailyMailDontStealMyThread Thu 06-Dec-18 22:33:07

Lovely Brie dread my DC moving away though!

KeepServingTheDrinks Thu 06-Dec-18 23:57:35

Too ashamed to say it, but it's something I (knowingly) did and i live with knowing I did it.

I can't tell anyone in RL.

Thejezebel Fri 07-Dec-18 00:02:32

Dragged myself out of the gutter.

colouringinpro Fri 07-Dec-18 00:03:37

Separated after 25 years together.

Trick my OH to get into the back of a police van.

See my ds drag himself across the floor.

Have two dcs with special needs.

Athena51 Fri 07-Dec-18 00:05:33

Rebuilt my life (new home, career, new partner, new self-esteem and happiness) after a soul destroying marriage that left me with literally nothing.

I didn't know how strong I was until I did that.

I'm still terrified of heights so awed by your feat OP smile

Snowwontbelong Fri 07-Dec-18 00:08:26

Had double figures of dc!!

mirren3 Fri 07-Dec-18 00:11:53

Met my now DP, after losing DH 4 years ago.
We've been together 6 months today and I wasn't ever expecting to meet anyone else, it's lovely and so different.
I'm mid 50's and have grown up children who have all met DP and approve, I've met his DS who also approves of me!
I can't explain how nice it is to have someone to do things with again, even just taking the dog for a walk.

AnotherDunroamin Fri 07-Dec-18 00:13:27

Had an abortion (took me a loooong time to come to terms with that, having been staunchly pro-life for a long time prior).

WereYouHareWhenIWasFox Fri 07-Dec-18 00:15:21

Become a different nationality.

zzzzz Fri 07-Dec-18 00:18:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Peanutbutterjar Fri 07-Dec-18 00:19:01

Kayaked 180 miles in 5 days

Owletty Fri 07-Dec-18 00:23:11

Backpacked around NZ

ems137 Fri 07-Dec-18 00:24:43

Stayed in a really shit relationship. I just can't quite understand what is stopping me from kicking him out, why can't I just do it?? I used to be so strong and confident.

TheLittlestLightOnTheTree Fri 07-Dec-18 00:28:00

Ran a marathon!!🎉 🏃🏼‍♀️ 🥇

BoswellandForshort Fri 07-Dec-18 00:28:17

Centre Parcs eh? grin

alwayscrashinginthesamecar1 Fri 07-Dec-18 00:28:30

Emigrate in my 40s. Best thing I ever did, despite having absolutely no intention of doing it for many years.

Didsomeonesaybunny Fri 07-Dec-18 00:29:20

Become the youngest general counsel in the Corporation and earn 6 figures

Have a baby!

Judashascomeintosomemoney Fri 07-Dec-18 00:34:50

Sailing a catamaran off the coast in Dubai. I can’t swim and I’m petrified of water. Particularly the sea. But I went with my mate Digby and he kept me safe, and made me feel safe too, and I bloody bloody loved it. Best thing I’ve ever done. Which, incidentally, is why I am currently the only person (seemingly) on the baby names thread urging the OP to go for it and call their son Digby! 😂

Sillybilly1234 Fri 07-Dec-18 00:36:21

Started using phrases and sayings my mum always uses.

candlefloozy Fri 07-Dec-18 00:43:27

Pass my driving test

Sgtmajormummy Fri 07-Dec-18 00:51:19

Consider applying for citizenship of the European country I’ve happily lived in, with equal right and benefits as a British citizen, for the last 30 years.

CleanHonestGoals Fri 07-Dec-18 00:54:05

Ran a half marathon and passed my driving test. Both in the last year.

poppymatilda Fri 07-Dec-18 00:57:26

Have a baby. Never thought I could do it and I did!

FiveShelties Fri 07-Dec-18 00:59:25

I also emigrated in my 40s.

IwantedtobeEmmaPeel Fri 07-Dec-18 00:59:38

Learn a foreign language, take a toyboy lover, spend christmas on my own (last year - it was ok).

SallyVating Fri 07-Dec-18 01:09:51

Shag random strangers for the fun of it

Flower777 Fri 07-Dec-18 01:17:46

I also emigrated in my 40s! Feel like we need to start a club!!

Hidingtonothing Fri 07-Dec-18 01:33:26

Beat my addiction of over 20 years, stayed clean for 5 years but have now relapsed so have to do it all over again sad

Bloodybridget Fri 07-Dec-18 06:31:39

Found Ms Right in my mid-40s, bought a house with her 18 months later!

TanteRose Fri 07-Dec-18 06:36:39

go snowboarding
get a tattoo - its very elegant and discreet

both this year, when I turned 50 grin

<what midlife crisis?> grin

Howtodeal Fri 07-Dec-18 06:39:17

Not had children....I always thought I would but it hasn't worked out like that and now at 45 its a bit too late. I'm happy and at peace with it though, life is just different to what I thought it would be when I was younger.

Gave up meat, and I used to love it. Gave it up 2 years ago just to see if I could and here I am, almost vegetarian (I eat a little bit of fish).

ellesbellesxxx Fri 07-Dec-18 06:40:28

Have twins! Wouldn’t have ever seen that happened and even then, it only happened thanks to ivf

MickHucknallspinkpancakes Fri 07-Dec-18 06:55:06

Move to The European mainland to live

Get divorced (I never thought I'd get married so that's kind of bookended it 😂😂😂)

Be a single mother

Sometimes I feel like a 21 year old playing at "grown-ups".

grannycake Fri 07-Dec-18 06:57:49

Did a parachute jump. Went to uni in my 40's. Became a teacher

recently Fri 07-Dec-18 07:01:42

Finish my PhD, considering I spent every day for 6 years thinking about giving up! grin

Fuckimdoingaphd Fri 07-Dec-18 07:09:02

See user name!


Single parent. Went to uni to do my undergrad at 40. Graduated at 43. Thought up idea for PhD and pitched it and got funding. And I am doing it.

So much for my ex who told me I was thick and wouldn’t even get a degree.

hodgeheg92 Fri 07-Dec-18 07:13:07

Run for the enjoyment of it, not because shouty teacher is making me do it.

Look like my mum. I always looked like my dad but the older I get the more I see my mum looking back at me in the mirror.

WatchingFromTheWings Fri 07-Dec-18 07:15:27

Took up running. Couldn't do it for years but started 3 years ago. This year I've done a 5k race and 3 10k. Half marathon next year!!

Kemer2018 Fri 07-Dec-18 07:15:37

Paraglided from a mountain in olu deniz, turkey.
Like being on a giant swing with great views. Freezing though. I'm so glad i did it.
Having a child. She's my gold.

ButtMuncher Fri 07-Dec-18 07:16:04

Become a parent. Spent my entire 20s being staunchly against having children as I thought I was too messed up. Then met my DH and had my little boy two years ago. Has been hard as I still have issues I'm working through, but he's the light of my life grin

TowerRingInferno Fri 07-Dec-18 07:18:24

Exercise classes.

I hated and avoided all exercise in my teens, twenties, thirties. Now love it!

OhTheRoses Fri 07-Dec-18 07:19:15

Vote Lib Dem.

mimibunz Fri 07-Dec-18 07:23:30

Live in a different country for the second half of my life.

Heuschrecke Fri 07-Dec-18 07:32:54

Go out on a yardarm on a three-masted schooner. Was both scary and exhilarating!

Wingbing Fri 07-Dec-18 07:36:46

Have children - I was told I would never have them. Now I have 2.

Run a half marathon! Never exercised and I ran one this year. Full one next year.

Greenteandchives Fri 07-Dec-18 07:44:37

Become addicted to cruising. I have been to places I could never have imagined going to, on cruise ships. ...

Silvercatowner Fri 07-Dec-18 07:49:48

After 30 years of not flying I finally got into a plane for short flights and then flew long haul. When you have offspring on another continent, not flying is a huge issue.

starlight45 Fri 07-Dec-18 07:53:07

Stand up to my abusive parents. Stop contact and be successful at living my life, raising my dcs and be able to make decisions without them telling me what to do.

lightlypoached Fri 07-Dec-18 07:55:09

went on live national telly.

Auntiepatricia Fri 07-Dec-18 07:56:37

Take on a housewife role. I’ve always been a fierce feminist, even as a small child before I knew what feminism was, but here I am doing a lot of my DHs share of family work. I also work full time. But the reason is he works 24/7/365. So it makes sense for me to do the home life graft. But it does bother me because fundamentally I don’t want my kids to see what looks like a woman serving a man. Dishing up his dinner, clearing away after, making sure he has clean clothes. I outsource as much of it as possible so that it’s not me (because it’s no more my responsibility than his) but I also worry about his stress levels and how he’s killing himself working so end up minding him and caring for him in a way that looks very ‘wifey’.

Jimpix Fri 07-Dec-18 07:57:24

ellesbelles same here! My twins are 6 now and I can still hardly believe that we had twins! We don’t have a family history so it was a HUGE shock 😬.

ManicUnicorn Fri 07-Dec-18 07:59:58

Become a gym bunny/exercise addict. I was that kid at school who was crap at sports and always forged notes from my parents to get out of PE. Now Ive run a 5k, I try to run at least once a week and I lift weights. It's a revelation and has been so good for my mental health.

BeautyQueenFromMars Fri 07-Dec-18 08:01:59

Met someone I actually want to spend the rest of my life with.

Got married (to said person).

Passed my driving test and own a car that I drive on my own, with nobody in the passenger seat grin.

KatharinaRosalie Fri 07-Dec-18 08:10:25

Do sports. I was the least sporty person you can imagine. I never, ever did anything. That kid at school who's never picked for any team and comes last at any race? That was me. In my 20s, I could not even run 100 meters without needing a break.

I now have an evening job as a group fitness instructor and have gone from last in races to finishing in the first 1/3, incluing a half marathon.

darumafan Fri 07-Dec-18 08:10:45

Arranged my beautiful son's funeral. 😢

MemorialBeach Fri 07-Dec-18 08:51:32

Had sex

TanteRose Fri 07-Dec-18 09:31:09

darumafan sadflowers

shiveringtimber Fri 07-Dec-18 10:05:39

Bring up two SN children on my own.

akerman Fri 07-Dec-18 11:41:48

Oh Darumafan flowers. Sending love xxx

ContessaHallelujahSparklehorse Fri 07-Dec-18 11:44:55

Darumafan sad

I got a degree in a difficult subject (well I still think of it as difficult!) and then a PhD. 15yo me would have scoffed at the thought of fat, useless me being intelligent enough to do either.

Also, am married. I never expected anyone to like me enough to date, let alone marry!

brizzledrizzle Fri 07-Dec-18 12:29:40

Swam in a river with alligators.
Held a tarantula without killing it.
Watched my DC swim with sharks.

Tighnabruaich Fri 07-Dec-18 12:36:06

Passed my driving test first time aged 52. Graduated aged 36. Confronted my mother about my paternity. Then went NC.

MargoLovebutter Fri 07-Dec-18 12:37:00

Good for you OP. It is a great feeling doing things like that.

My list is long and sadly not many of them are in the same spirit as your post, but one that is, was climbing a tower for charity. Terrifying but huge adrenaline rush afterwards.

paap1975 Fri 07-Dec-18 12:40:53

Run 3 half marathons. Lost 20kg first!

crosser62 Fri 07-Dec-18 12:42:01

Had 2 babies.
1) I never liked children.
2) hideous fertility issues
3) multiple miscarriages

Also I got to the top of my game professionally. I left school with 1 I level.

Started again pretty much from scratch professionally. That has been the hardest and most unsettling.

thewalrus Fri 07-Dec-18 12:45:34

Given birth with no pain relief. Am the first to reach for medication at the first sign of a headache etc.

Self-injected. Was needle-phobic for years after school TB jab at 11. If I had to have an injection I would need someone to drive me home etc and prone to fainting. Then I needed IVF.

Snowwontbelong Fri 07-Dec-18 12:46:55

Had 4 dh's!
*to clarify not at the same time!

loveka Fri 07-Dec-18 12:48:25

Moved into a semi detached house, after 20 years in a detached.

I am hoping this is not madness! It is halls ajoining but now we have done it I find myself listening for noise.

ifeellikeanidiot Fri 07-Dec-18 12:53:14

Ride a bike
Drive a car

Not voted. Quite a few times. Younger me would be horrified.

Manzana Fri 07-Dec-18 13:04:41

Never liked swimming out of my depth (still don't) but in my 50s I joined a kayak club on a river and absolutely love it, even the falling out is ok

April2020mom Fri 07-Dec-18 13:48:48

I locked myself out of my apartment for one entire evening. In the end I had to call my partner for help. Even worse I left the key to the apartment in a locked drawer in my bedroom. Luckily my neighbor came to help. I had two big boxes of books as well.

DoYouLikeBasghetti Fri 07-Dec-18 14:03:15

Terrified of needles, had to inject myself for a month after an operation. Felt totally badass after I'd done them though! grin

NameChangeToAvoidBeingFound Fri 07-Dec-18 14:04:44

Two years ago I decided to try roller coasters for the first time after a disastrous attempt when I was 8. Turns out the faster it goes, the higher it is or the more it spins and drops the more I like it.

Freaked my friends out the first time we went on holiday together to an amusement park after I'd discovered I like them. M was freaked out by my giggling the entire time, C thought it was funny and A was delighted there was another adrenaline junkie with him. We had a great time, M and C were rather ill and sat out some of the rides most days grin

MillicentBeauchamp Fri 07-Dec-18 14:07:12

I climbed up a ladder on the side of a mountain - sheer cliff. I am terrified of heights.

MillicentBeauchamp Fri 07-Dec-18 14:07:50

I also did a leap of faith off a rock

CrookedMe Fri 07-Dec-18 14:16:45

Wrote a book.

Fashionista101 Fri 07-Dec-18 14:18:55

Gain 700k+ followers on insta glitterball

happyclutterchucker Fri 07-Dec-18 14:20:49

Be invited into the star dressing room of a major West End theatre.

margaritasbythesea Fri 07-Dec-18 14:25:08

Learned to drive. Still can't believe it.

Lived in a non English speaking country (and learned the language).

Got a first from a top uni.

The other one I don't want to jinx by saying it but I'm mighty proud of it.

Can't quite get my head around how I was brought to adulthood not believing these things were possible for me, and after writing this am now thinking I should crack on and do a few more!

CloudPop Fri 07-Dec-18 14:27:15

@Hidingtonothing sending strength and very best wishes.

margaritasbythesea Fri 07-Dec-18 14:30:33

Here here, Cloudpop. Best wishes hidingtonothing.

QuestionableMouse Fri 07-Dec-18 14:35:23

Go to uni and actually do okay! (Grades for the first year were all over 65% with the majority of them being closer to 70%.

I was really scared when I started!

gingajewel Fri 07-Dec-18 14:41:52

Sooo many things!

1.) after multiple miscarriages became a mom
2.) passed my driving test
3.) returned to uni, whilst working and having a non sleeping one year old
4.) bought a house

WishfulSprouts Fri 07-Dec-18 14:51:59

Met Prince William a few weeks ago.
Earlier this year I posted on style and beauty about whether a dress I had planned for a night out was ok given my recent weight which promptly ended up in Daily Fail- lovely comments included ‘attention seeker’ ‘someone needs to spend less time worrying about her dress choice and more time cleaning’ and rather charmingly a couple questioned whether I was in fact a man which boosted my ego no end 😒

Hidingtonothing Fri 07-Dec-18 14:57:55

Thank you flowers

Harleyisme Fri 07-Dec-18 14:59:33

Own my own house.
Having 2 children with sen and only jy husband being able to work i honestly thought that owning our own house was never going to happen but this year we finally bought our own house and moved in to it in August.

stargazer101 Fri 07-Dec-18 15:00:03

Did a Skydive for my 60th birthday......amazing!

OneStepMoreFun Fri 07-Dec-18 15:04:58

Become an AI specialist. My DC are baffled as I can't even use my own phone properly. But in a niche area of AI I am a specialist and love it.

Mumtoboy123 Fri 07-Dec-18 15:07:36

Give birth. I had chronic pain condition before pregnancy and avoided even thinking about birth. When it happened, i did it, i coped with the recovery of tearing etc and i love my son so much.

Im also proud i got over a chronic pain condition that apparently cannot be cured... i beg to differ, i feel a million bucks!

LucyMorningStar Fri 07-Dec-18 15:23:41

This is horrible really and I'm really embarrassed about it now. I was studying to be a secretary in college and vouched I'll never sleep with a boss when I start working as one. I then was on placement in a firm and ended up having sex with my boss blush in his car blush whilst his wife was in the office, where all three of us worked blush

Looking back at it now, he was a bit of a perv. He was in his 40s. He waited a day after I turned 18 and propositioned me, that's after grooming me for several months. I left the place shortly after.

ravenmum Fri 07-Dec-18 15:30:04

Skinny dipping in broad daylight with a load of other people around.

OlennasWimple Fri 07-Dec-18 15:34:40

Moved to the USA

delboysskinandblister Fri 07-Dec-18 15:42:36

joined MN.

I don't even have kids and I doubt I'll ever meet Mr Right grin but you lot are fun smile

chumsnet Fri 07-Dec-18 15:58:09

Posted on MN. I’ve been lurking since 2012 but have only just registered. It was a post about Asians living in the countryside and as there aren’t many of us I had to contribute. (More fool me, AIBU is a hotbed of halfwits looking for fights not advice).

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