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REALLY Panicking about new blue kitchen

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ElBelle Fri 09-Nov-18 01:59:06

Hi All, we are at the end of a pretty extensive build project. I have spent a year researching and organising my dream kitchen. I’m not usually very bold but wanted to try and be braver than my usual grey so opted for the vision a dark blue and white kitchen.
Was feeling really excited it all, even when it turned up..... but now they have started to install it really isn’t the colour I thought it would be and think it looks way too blue and overall a bit of a design disaster! We have literally spent a fortune on the house and have nothing left to improve anything else. My husband says he likes it (but he says that about everything) and now I’m in proper panic mode!!!
Anyone have any thoughts on whether I am over reacting or if I have made a terrible judgement, what I could do put it right??? Help! I’m really panicking and now feel gutted that rather than feel excited about showing off our new home, I am embarrassed about my design fail! 😫😩🙈

PiazzaDelPoppolo Fri 09-Nov-18 02:03:06

I think it’s stunning! I love the colour. You are lucky to have a nice airy space so that the dark kitchen works so well.

I think it probably feels a bit much at the moment as there are no other accents in the room at all. But once you have it finished and accessorised, it will look amazing.

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Fri 09-Nov-18 02:03:30

Goodness me it’s gorgeous! I love the colour! Remember you are seeing at its worse at the moment, it’s literall just the units, when the tops are on, the floor done etc it will all come together, you are seeing it in its raw state hence the panic. What are you plans for floor etc?

WobbleTime Fri 09-Nov-18 02:03:37

I like it! And I’m very picky when it comes to kitchens. It will look completely different when your flooring is down and it is finished. Stop panicking smile

JintyandtheJs Fri 09-Nov-18 02:05:48

Dear God It's fabulous Subtle perfect and you won't want to rip it out in five years like everyone else!

PiazzaDelPoppolo Fri 09-Nov-18 02:06:06

The hashtag #darkkitchen on Instagram has lots of beautiful kitchens for inspiration on how to style the finished room

wafflyversatile Fri 09-Nov-18 02:09:17

I think it will be fine! Only you will know it's not quite how you imagined it. Visitors will just see a lovely new kitchen.

Is it just going to be blue and white? Does it feel too cold or clinical for your tastes? Maybe warm it up with some copper or other brown tone?

The blue looks different in each pic btw.

MaverickSnoopy Fri 09-Nov-18 02:12:51

I am so very very jealous!

pallisers Fri 09-Nov-18 02:13:02

I wouldn't have picked a blue kitchen myself but I think that kitchen is stunning.

My favourite room in my house has similar blue vibe - deep blue walls, and sofa and white shelves. In context dark blue can be a very neutral colour that can take a lot of individual styling (I would look at orange with that colour)

Honestly it is lovely.

Thishatisnotmine Fri 09-Nov-18 02:14:32

Ooooh, that is a nice kitchen. Smart, classic. Very jealous.

Varmints Fri 09-Nov-18 02:19:32

Come on, this is really a stealth boast grin

selfidentifyinggiraffe Fri 09-Nov-18 02:20:11

Are the worktops on?

CarolsSecretCookieRecipe Fri 09-Nov-18 02:27:07

Beautiful colour kitchen cabinets in my opinion. I wish I could've gone with something like that, but DH and I couldn't agree and had to settle on plain white.

kimball Fri 09-Nov-18 02:30:14

I think it's lovely.

ILoveDaveGrohl Fri 09-Nov-18 02:33:36

Would look beautiful with copper accessories

jq28 Fri 09-Nov-18 02:44:15


user1471468296 Fri 09-Nov-18 02:48:16

Looks amazing! Not a design fail in any way.

Nancydrawn Fri 09-Nov-18 03:04:53

I agree: that is a fantastic kitchen. Genuinely, OP--it's a great, timeless color that seems both modern and period. I tend to be super critical about kitchens, and I love it. Absolute design success.

KickAssAngel Fri 09-Nov-18 03:05:07

I really like it.

Also - this color is just coming in as the new look, and grey is on the way out, so it will be fashionable for a long time from now. I know that's not the main consideration, but if you needed to sell for some reason, you have a highly desirable kitchen.

Nancydrawn Fri 09-Nov-18 03:08:06

PS: as for styling, I am always a fan of the blue-and-gold (the kitchen in this, not the God-awful couch: --ignore the word trendy, as it's really quite timeless).

But the blue and chrome you have there is also lovely and works very nicely.

costacoffeecup Fri 09-Nov-18 03:13:19

I really like it!

plaidlife Fri 09-Nov-18 03:20:45

I also really like it. I think grey is on its way out. Keep the faith, I think it will turn out well.

HollyBollyBooBoo Fri 09-Nov-18 03:25:38

It's bloody gorgeous! Severe kitchen envy.

ElBelle Fri 09-Nov-18 03:27:07

Oh thank you everyone. I have literally been up all night panicking and these have really helped.
Wafflyversatile - that is the issue I think! In its darkest light I like it but when the sun hits it it is much brighter than I had expected. I really wanted a dark navy colour but when the sun is on it it looks quite bright. Helpfully my electrician told me it looks like a Smurf’s kitchen and clearly all the workmen are not a fan. I know that shouldn’t matter but it has really knocked me..... especially after it took me so long to choose.
Most of the blue kitchens are Hague but that seemed too dark, now I’m thinking I should have followed the crowd maybe.
I have gone for brushed nickel handles and taps and brushed brass lights.
On the floor we’ve gone for light oak Amtico in herringbone (that was another panic station!!) do you think that will look ok?? Honestly.... I feel like I just cant make decisions at the moment!!!!
I’m really hoping like you all say that once it’s all in together it will calm it down
I am such a decor wimp usually...... I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to be so bold in such a prominent space! 😩

Bloodybridget Fri 09-Nov-18 03:30:56

It will look completely fab when it's finished, I bet. Please put up some more pics then!

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