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Name a better house

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WhereHaveTheyGone12 Wed 07-Nov-18 18:57:02

Than the house in Home Alone 1/2.

Everytime I watch the films I fall in love with the house over and over. It’s so lovely and big and Christmassy!

So is there a better house??

the answer is no

Heuschrecke Wed 07-Nov-18 19:05:58

Yes. Forrest Gump's house.

Heuschrecke Wed 07-Nov-18 19:15:40

Or, in the film The Holiday, I think Jude Law's house is gorgeous as is Cameron Diaz's house in LA. Don't like Kate Winslet's small cottage - it's cute, but I couldn't live there!!

WhereHaveTheyGone12 Wed 07-Nov-18 19:19:00

Ooo good shouts! But I think you’re forgetting just how beautiful the McAllister house is.

And funny because I love Kate Winslets cottage in the holiday.

TrueWierdness Wed 07-Nov-18 19:25:33

The house in Father of the Bride 1/2 is a contender.

MeMeMeow85 Wed 07-Nov-18 19:33:36

My favourite movie house is the one at the end of Miracle on 34th Street!

Also love both the Father of the Bride house and Cameron Diaz’s house in The Holiday. I want Kate Winslet’s The Holiday cottage as a “me only” (not for DH/kids) hideaway 😊

FlibbertyGiblets Wed 07-Nov-18 19:35:55

The house in Roxanne that Darryl Hannah lived in.

There was another Steve Martin film with Goldie Hawn with a lovely house.

WhereHaveTheyGone12 Wed 07-Nov-18 19:37:20

Ooo I forgot about the miracle on 34th street house!! Another beauty.

Also agree that father of the bride house is lovely. But I’m sorry I’m sticking with my Home Alone house!

3out Wed 07-Nov-18 19:42:44

The home alone house is amazing, but wouldn’t stand up to scottish weather. Can I change the climate as well as my house please?

hmmwhatatodo Wed 07-Nov-18 19:47:49

I was sure I was going to live in a Home Alone house when I was younger.

Whatififall Wed 07-Nov-18 19:50:04

Nope, the McAlister’s house is the best,

Screamqueenz Wed 07-Nov-18 19:52:26

Easy - chatsworth house.

DesperatelySeekingSense Wed 07-Nov-18 19:54:22

3out - The Home Alone House is in Chicago! Average low in winter is around -10. Scottish weather can be bad, but I think an Illinois winter would beat it

Screamqueenz Wed 07-Nov-18 19:55:15

Wentworth Woodhouse?

I think Yorkshire wins 

WhereHaveTheyGone12 Wed 07-Nov-18 19:58:09

The chatsworth house is far too grand for my lifestyle!

Well hmmwhatatodo I’m still pretty sure I’m going to live in the home alone house and I’m 29!

Updated pictures of my house attached 😍

WhereHaveTheyGone12 Wed 07-Nov-18 20:05:59

screamqueenz you’re a bit of a fancy one eh? Imagine cleaning the inside of the windows in one of those!!

batshitbetty Wed 07-Nov-18 20:09:05

I love Nora Walkers house in Brothers and Sisters

PrivateParkin Wed 07-Nov-18 20:09:25

The Baileys' house in It's A Wonderful Life (320 Sycamore) this pic is from the very start of the film...

I do love the McAllisters' house as well though.

LegoPiecesEverywhere Wed 07-Nov-18 20:14:06

Diane Keaton’s house in Something’s gotta give.

Screamqueenz Wed 07-Nov-18 20:15:25

You can't claim my houses are too good! I thought that was the point? 
Totally accept you'd need a household of helpers to run it, but I'd be happy to share...

WhereHaveTheyGone12 Wed 07-Nov-18 20:19:33

Haha I’m not saying they are too good screamqueenz I’m just saying they are awfully fancy and grand. But they are amazing! wink

The Bailey’s house is beautiful too 👍🏼

I’m starting to realise that if you add a Christmas feel and a bunch of snow I’m sold.

But I’m sticking with Home Alone house.

rosieposey Wed 07-Nov-18 20:21:20

Is this only Christmas houses? My favourite is the aunts house in practical magic.

HarrietSchulenberg Wed 07-Nov-18 20:24:10

The Weasleys' The Burrow beats everything, hands down.

Screamqueenz Wed 07-Nov-18 20:24:45

Christmas at Chatsworth?
(Just saying )

DontHarshMyMello Wed 07-Nov-18 20:25:49

I love the home alone house. Is it wrong I would still have the parents bedroom design if I had that house? Love all that red and the huge bed!

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