Has an injured/dying wild animal ever sought you out?

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laadedaa Fri 12-Oct-18 00:23:14

I've had a few occasions where an injured or dying wild animal (e.g. rabbit, Fox, bird) has gone against its natural instincts and sought me out. Almost as if wants to spend its last moments with someone.
I wonder if this is because they are seeking comfort/company OR because they want to die and think that something that is normally a threat to them (I.e humans) can put an end to their misery?

Sorry, a sad subject!

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itsbritneybiatches Fri 12-Oct-18 00:28:35

That's gorgeous, what happened x

laadedaa Fri 12-Oct-18 00:38:30

I don't know about 'gorgeous'! Just today had an injured bird following me around the garden (this is unusual because there are too many birds of prey here so we've never seen a bird in the garden in the 9 years we've lived here). It wasn't interested in food, it's like it just wanted comfort/rescuing. The poor thing was taken to the vets and put to sleep as it had a broken wing. It could have landed in any of my neighbours empty gardens, but chose instead to go in our garden- 2 of us clearing out the shed.

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laadedaa Fri 12-Oct-18 00:40:42

Also had the same with sick wild bunnies bounding over to me to get my attention. Again, all taken to the vets and put to sleep as they were so ill sad

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itsbritneybiatches Fri 12-Oct-18 01:03:15

That's the wrong word I'm sorry.

I don't know what I meant.

After I read this thread my DH and DSS started talking about death, in general. People who had died.

Literally within two minutes.

Crap isn't it.

It's nice you've had things come back and give you comfort.

Still don't know why I put gorgeous.

Totallysimpatico Fri 12-Oct-18 03:07:33

Yes i’ve had stray, wild, dying dogs do this to me. (In another country of course, not Britain.)

I wouldn’t say it’s because they want company or comfort, in most cases it’s because they’re disoriented or brain damaged from injury or the dying process and lose the usual instinct to be wary of humans

laadedaa Sat 13-Oct-18 00:04:21

Nah, this pigeon wasn't just disorientated. It followed me everywhere. It needed me.

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Scrowy Sat 13-Oct-18 00:09:06


You are anthropomorphising distressed animal behaviour,

laadedaa Sat 13-Oct-18 00:29:15

Why was it following me when it was in so much pain? I offered it food and water, but it wasn't interested. My husband tried to scare it away (not realising it was injured and thinking it needed to disappear before our cat came home) but it just kept following me everywhere.

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Inthetropics Sat 13-Oct-18 08:46:14

It didn't happen to me but my xw addopted her dog when it approached her with hia belly opened. She took him to the vet and he was saved. He was the most loving dog ever and they had such a deep connection... She believed he somehow "sensed" she was a good person and would take care of him. Personally, i believe he was so afraid that he simply didn't want to be alone. Breaks my heart either way.

DevonCherry Sat 13-Oct-18 08:58:37

You don't think its just that a wild animal which is seriously ill loses the instinct to be frightened of human contact - and then you arrive, willing to take on the situation and help (unlike most other humans who wouldn't bother)?
I seem to have an inordinate number of these kinds of experiences, but I think it's because I notice them and am willing to act on them, helping the animal by taking it to a vet / sanctuary, even if it means I have to cancel other arrangements or be late for work. Most people would think "oh dear, that pigeon looks a bit peaky" but not act on that thought and think no more of it.

JurJar Tue 15-Dec-20 10:02:31

Animals are very similar to us humans. The only difference is that we have the will but who knows ..

JurJar Sat 19-Dec-20 20:12:01

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Bearnecessity Sat 19-Dec-20 20:50:32

Yup...a young Stag was lost and away from his herd in full day light on an open playing field in the middle of the day, he was scared and running backwards and forwards around the field trying to work out where he should go there were quite a lot of people on the field and everyone went quiet watching him. Then he went less quiet and distressed and walked right up to me I could have touched him and for some moments he just gazed at me.I was a bit scared cos I know when they are scared they can do damage without meaning to. My jack Russell suddenly seemed to pick up I was fearful and he began barking at the Stag. I was willing the Stag to go and find his family he then turned round and ran off the field...everyone on the field watched this and said how amazing it was. ...I have had other deer encounters and I now live on a road with Stag in its name...

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