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What's with young people addressing their elders as "Hon, Honey, Dear or Sweetheart" ?

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1voice1LIFE Thu 11-Oct-18 20:35:38

Is this a new trend? This year I've noticed young people in service-type positions addressing me this way. 'Thanks Hon!" or "Can I help you Sweetie?" I'm a young 60 but clearly look more mature than someone in their 20's, 30's or even 40's. At a glance one could tell that I'm their elder; heck, I could be their mother or grandmother!

Is it meant to be a put down or just a new of being personable? If it's meant to be a cheerful manner of communication, what's wrong with a bright & cheery "Thank you!" "Hope you enjoy your day", or "How can I help you?" Maybe I'm old fashioned; I believe in addressing elders as Ma'am, Miss or Sir to get eye contact with the intent to begin conversing. I don't approach a service counter employee with "Hi Honey, I'd like to make a return please". I find this behavior to be condescending and disrespectful to elders. There's no need to 'tag' cheerful statements to strangers--whether starting a conversation or ending a transaction.

What's your opinion? Frankly, when spoken to this way I feel like responding with "You're welcome Cupcake!" or " No thanks, I'm fine Sugarplum!". Maybe they'll get the hint.

AjasLipstick Fri 12-Oct-18 03:29:05

No I agree with you and I am 46. I think it's a gradual erosion of basics being taught at home.

Justanotheruser01 Sun 14-Oct-18 20:23:21

When I was in customer service it was sir madam Mr Mrs miss ms etc it went through me when colleagues used those friendly terms

MissLingoss Sun 14-Oct-18 20:32:43

An elderly (female) friend of mine and her equally elderly sister were once addressed as 'guys' by a waiter. It's not good service because it's not aimed at making the customer feel comfortable.

It's perfectly possible to say a polite and friendly good morning, please, thank you, goodbye, etc, without all these extra endearments.

GreenDinosaur Sun 14-Oct-18 20:54:58

I think the hun brigade just call everybody that regardless. I've bought a couple of things from strangers on Facebook selling and messages are full of Hun, Sweetie and xxx, it's so weird. You don't know me, why are so you sending kisses?

GreenDinosaur Sun 14-Oct-18 20:55:44

*ignore random 'so' in the last sentence please.

PurpleMac Sun 14-Oct-18 21:00:42

I have every single one of those examples but then last week I called one of the most senior women in government "love" because it is so engrained it everything I say, so I really cannot complain.

forthelifeofpomme Sun 14-Oct-18 21:02:13

Hate it so much, I was called 'honey' the other day. WTAF. Unfortunately I'm too slow to come up with a suitable polite retort so just sup that shit up.

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