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Any Americans on here? What do Americans think of Samantha Markle's behaviour?

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Pepperpottle Sun 07-Oct-18 20:38:12

Just as above really. I wonder how she is viewed across the pond? Do American's even pay any attention to what she says/does? Do they feel sorry for her?

mindutopia Sun 07-Oct-18 20:50:31

I’m American but have lived in the UK for quite a while. I expect they don’t really follow too much what she’s saying. Meghan Markle is a fairly D list celebrity in the US and I imagine most only know her because she married a royal, which is pretty dreamy in an American context. But most Americans only care about the Royal Family in a celebrity gossip sort of way. They like weddings and babies, but generally have their own celebrities to follow and there isn’t much sustained interest in the minor ish royals. She seems like a nutjob but that’s pretty par for the course for a lot of celebrities and politicians in the US (look at Trump ffs!), so while it seems shocking here, I would expect it doesn’t garner much interest there. Everyone has that one backwards crazy racist family member so it probably isn’t as surprising there as amongst the blue bloods here.

HollowTalk Sun 07-Oct-18 20:50:52

I did think it would be fantastic to have a gatekeeper like that!

Want2bSupermum Wed 17-Oct-18 10:17:30

Meghan wasn't someone anyone had really heard of before she went public with Prince Harry. She wasn't D list. She was barely known. Her sister isn't given any airtime here.

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