Christmas Tree FLAVOUR

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JesusInTheCabbageVan Mon 01-Oct-18 19:50:09

M&S does a 'prosecco and winter berries' one. Think I'd rather have the Xmas tree flavour.

ShatnersBassoon Mon 01-Oct-18 19:31:52

Mmm - loft dust, tinsel and wire. Delicious!

CaramelAngel Mon 01-Oct-18 19:30:33

Pine sounds awful, but maybe as people sometimes put gingerbread or chocolate decorations on a tree it tastes of that. Would be better than pine flavoured!

overagain Mon 01-Oct-18 19:26:48

I can only imagine a gob full of pine fresh toilet cleaner. Yikes!

LadyMonicaBaddingham Mon 01-Oct-18 19:26:05


Except really 🙄😭🙄😭

pumkinspicetime Mon 01-Oct-18 19:20:46

I haven't eaten a xmas tree but I did eat the Heston waitrose mince pies with pine sugar dusting one year.

Witchend Mon 01-Oct-18 18:59:49

I remember Hedgehog Flavour crisps.

I don't think they were at all worried about authenticity.

gaggiagirl Mon 01-Oct-18 18:51:02

I went to Iceland today and they had none! Bastards.

HeAteAFatball Mon 01-Oct-18 03:23:21

To know what flavour a christmas tree is, someone at some point has to have eaten a christmas tree. The thought of all those needles getting stuck in the throat makes me want to do a little boak in my mouth

AGHHHH Mon 01-Oct-18 02:50:43

I want to try them!

pumkinspicetime Mon 01-Oct-18 00:39:23


gaggiagirl Mon 01-Oct-18 00:37:43

I shall buy some and try them. For the benefit of mumsnetters. You are all welcome.

pumkinspicetime Mon 01-Oct-18 00:30:50

I miss the British inventiveness with crisps, all I get are bq flavour in huge sacks 😭

Ollivander84 Mon 01-Oct-18 00:17:38

Can someone go and buy them and review? Just to put us all out our misery? grin

HelenaDove Mon 01-Oct-18 00:14:40

They sound vile. I had the Tesco pigs in blankets ones last year and they were nice

Tesco also did a candy cane flavour and a cranberry flavour last year but i wasnt interested Sounded vile.

TheMagicTorch Sun 30-Sep-18 22:58:58

@HildaZelda that made me laugh out loud!

HildaZelda Sun 30-Sep-18 22:58:04

@BlossomCat, yes 'pine flavour' was the first thing I thought too. I bet Mrs Hinch would love them!

BlossomCat Sun 30-Sep-18 21:56:07

Wouldn't they'd just taste of toilet cleaner?

TheSmallClangerWhistlesAgain Sun 30-Sep-18 21:55:31

I want to try them. Is it Iceland that do Kir Royale and prosecco flavoured crisps as well?

DonnaDarko Sun 30-Sep-18 21:54:32

I really want to know what christmas trees taste like

HoardingQueen Sun 30-Sep-18 21:52:45

Saw these in my local Iceland today, next to the pigs in blankets and another random flavour, ye Gods , what is the world coming to?, did a double take, don't want to spend the 99p just to spit them out sad

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