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Things you wished your kids loved

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HolyFuckNuggets Sun 23-Sep-18 18:16:35

Just tried to force entice DD (4) to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with me and she hated it. To be fair I think shes a few years too young yet but she's the last of 3 kids and the other 2 hated it. They also weren't as fussed on Roald Dhal books as I'd hope.

Mary Poppins is another film I really wanted to watch with them as kids that they hated so I'm leaving DD another while before trying that one!

So, apart from the obvious (veggies, healthy food etc) what did you hope your kids would love that they refuse to, no matter how hard you try?

I will also add bikes to the list, they just don't like them.
And the beach.

darkblu Mon 24-Sep-18 22:25:41

Sleeping! Sleeping in and being lazy grin

welshmist Mon 24-Sep-18 22:29:09

Arts and crafts activities, making things, after 15 minutes they wandered off. I should have had girls then I could have spent hours making bead necklaces. sad

Thatstheendofmytether Mon 24-Sep-18 22:32:11

Going out for a nice lunch or dinner or day out, but they just can't do it without fighting or moaning or being bloody annoying ( they probably come across as quite well behaved but they are like silent assassins), Harry potter, they both hate it.

Ixnayonthehombre Mon 24-Sep-18 22:41:20

I thought I'd have shy, pink shunning, princess hating steretype smashing daughters, who'd love all my favourite films hmm.

CurlsandCurves Mon 24-Sep-18 22:46:51

Reading. They both see it as a chore. And for my youngest, the Scouting movement. He’s in cubs at the moment and wants to quit, says it’s boring. Even though his older brother is in Scouts and he sees all the cool stuff they get to do. I really want him to carry on, but I fear he won’t do beyond this term.

BitOutOfPractice Mon 24-Sep-18 22:47:37


HolyFuckNuggets Mon 24-Sep-18 22:51:39

Clubs!! Any sort of club is an absolute no in this house. DS1 tried many but never found one he liked so gave up every one of them within weeks and DS2 has never had any interest in them. I am praying DD will like going to them because I think they're great for children's confidence and self esteem.

SlimDogMillionaire Mon 24-Sep-18 22:52:10

Green veg

villainousbroodmare Mon 24-Sep-18 22:53:12

Cuddling nicely, as opposed to the thrashy, kicky, finger-in-yer-eye stuff.

Speculoos Mon 24-Sep-18 22:54:53

Anne of Green Gables

BBTHREE76 Mon 24-Sep-18 22:59:13

Turkey! 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 Sadky neither DH or DS will touch it.

WannabeGilmoreGirl Mon 24-Sep-18 23:04:42

Ballet, or any kind of dancing but neither loved it as much as I did (do).

I would love to go to watch them dance and share something that meant so much to me as a child but neither of my girls are remotely interested.

Considering taking up adult ballet but would look like a hippo in a tutu these days 🤔😣

pinkmagic1 Tue 25-Sep-18 06:44:23

Horses. I inherited the love of them from my dm but neither of my 2 are remotely interested.

GandolfBold Tue 25-Sep-18 06:59:27

Wish ds would like cake!

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