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Things you wished your kids loved

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HolyFuckNuggets Sun 23-Sep-18 18:16:35

Just tried to force entice DD (4) to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with me and she hated it. To be fair I think shes a few years too young yet but she's the last of 3 kids and the other 2 hated it. They also weren't as fussed on Roald Dhal books as I'd hope.

Mary Poppins is another film I really wanted to watch with them as kids that they hated so I'm leaving DD another while before trying that one!

So, apart from the obvious (veggies, healthy food etc) what did you hope your kids would love that they refuse to, no matter how hard you try?

I will also add bikes to the list, they just don't like them.
And the beach.

PierreBezukov Sun 23-Sep-18 22:32:21


And music in general.

I come from a very musical family and my childhood was full of classical music, both listening to and playing.

BOTH DDs struggle to hold a tune. I despair grin

MadMaryBoddington Sun 23-Sep-18 22:29:08

Sylvanian families.

MalcolmsBrokenWalrusMoneybox Sun 23-Sep-18 21:25:21

Wider variety of food
Tramping about the countryside
Warm clothes too, donkeys dc went to school in bare legs when it was - 7!!! (on less cold occasions I used to self consciously ask loudly "would you like to wear your COAT darling?" whenever another parent was in earshot to prove I was aware of the cold and dc DID HAVE THE OPTION OF WEARING A COAT)

Stripyhoglets1 Sun 23-Sep-18 21:09:26

Reading - they have too much else entertainment and don't know the pleasure of getting lost in a book.

donkeysandzebras Sun 23-Sep-18 20:41:18

Hot chocolate. I always feel like "proper" mothers give their DC hot chocolate when they come in from playing outside in the winter. I could make it but it would never get drunk.
Warm clothes. DD is always hot and wearing at least one layer less than everyone else. She wore ankle socks & a skirt to school all of last year, including when there was snow on the ground, and I only wash her cardigan at the end of every half term as it just hangs on her peg. It's not so bad she's now in junior school as I feel that people realise this must be her choice but I used to feel like a terrible mother when she was a toddler, especially as I feel the cold so would be all bundled up.

Ratarse Sun 23-Sep-18 20:38:13

Smokey and the Bandit - won that one
Harry Potter - won that one
Pingu - they tolerated it (come on!)
Reading - only 1 got the 'buzz' of reading
Biology - got 1 totally into it
Camping - yep
Comic cons - got 4 into it
Beaches/surfing - yep

Jeffjefftyjeff Sun 23-Sep-18 20:35:17

Ditto sandwiches!
Heights. I want someone to go on tree climbing/ high wire type jaunts with me but - no joy.
Fayres/ fetes (too many people)
Camping (too much hassle. No WiFi)

NastyCats Sun 23-Sep-18 20:32:40

One of mine dies not like ice cream, cake or hit chocolate. Is she my child? She also won't watch films.
Lovely food.
Making diaries and scrapbooks. I loved that when I was younger. I am always buying them books to record their memories, achievements, happy times, things they like. End up in a corner of the dining room.

Disfordarkchocolate Sun 23-Sep-18 20:30:53

None of them like trains, it makes me wonder if they are actually related to me. The youngest doesn't like a Muppet Christmas Carol, devastated as it's my favourite Christmas film.

formerbabe Sun 23-Sep-18 20:27:54


Dc1 refuses to eat them. It's a complete pain especially if we're out and about and want to pick up a quick lunch.

PotteringAlong Sun 23-Sep-18 20:25:39

Lie ins

helpingvsdoinghomework Sun 23-Sep-18 20:19:33

Fish. No one apart from me will eat fish... they also wretch at the smell...
Sweet potato

However Dd does at least love a good chick film, snuggled on the sofa with her mummy!

LaDameAuxLicornes Sun 23-Sep-18 20:09:44

Spicy food
Reading (this only goes for one, tbf)

threesenoughthanks Sun 23-Sep-18 20:08:37

The beach! We had a bad trip there when they were little and they've pretty much put a block up to it ever since. Neither me or dh like sitting on a beach but we love a bit of competitive rockpooling. The kids just roll their eyes and say no thanks.

Meet0nTheIedge Sun 23-Sep-18 19:52:48

Potatoes. Won't eat them in any form, including chips. It's a total pain.

Parttimewasteoftime Sun 23-Sep-18 19:42:51

Mine hate muppets Christmas Carol @fraggle84 😔 Wish they could sit still and chill no they like puppies 😂

Dauphinois Sun 23-Sep-18 19:41:07

Ponies, dogs, reading.

I love my kids to distraction but when I compare my childhood passions to theirs, we're streets apart.

Blondie1993 Sun 23-Sep-18 19:40:33

Harry Potter! I’ve loved everything to do with Harry Potter since I was a kid but DS thinks it’s a bit scary. I really want to buy him Harry Potter Lego grin! He is only 6 though so hoping he will change his mind when he gets older blush.

OnlyGlowingSlightly Sun 23-Sep-18 19:36:19

DD is almost 6yo.
I'm a techie geek who doesn't 'get' the attraction of makeup, shoes, and nice clothes (beyond looking socially acceptable)

My DD completely refused to use the enormous (second hand) train set we gave her on her 2nd birthday; she always finds an excuse not to build any of her many lego sets (of her favourite Disney characters); in fact the only building sets she has ever used have been pink and involved fairies.

And... at not quite 2 yo she literally gasped when the shoe shop assistant brought out a pair of red shoes; she chooses dresses or skirts regardless of the weather, because they are pretty; and her favourite birthday present last year was a 'top model' book with real makeup (given to her by a school friend).

BUT she is curious and interested in the world, logical and smart, as well as being kind, empathic and sensible.

She's absolutely perfect, and I wouldn't change a single thing about her for the world. smile

StrongerThanIThought76 Sun 23-Sep-18 19:35:22

Rice. My store cupboard essential and have a full repertoire of ace recipies on a budget from student days.

But nope. Won't touch the stuff, however I cook it.

Ofchris Sun 23-Sep-18 19:32:07

Another one for reading. DH and I both love it but DD (11) and DS (8) have to be constantly cajoled to do it and get bored when I read to them.

Thighofrelief Sun 23-Sep-18 19:30:36

Sports, especially football - it seems to give men a lot of pleasure.

Smurfybubbles Sun 23-Sep-18 19:27:40

Sleeping, I love it so much but DS has other plans....

JesusInTheCabbageVan Sun 23-Sep-18 19:23:51

gunner sad DS6 pretends to like it, I think. At any rate, I get to eat mine and then his, which I 'my quite happy about.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Sun 23-Sep-18 19:19:51

Cabbage patch dolls- to be fair my baby is 14months but I’d hoped my older niece & nephew might have liked them...think they find them ugly sad

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