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It’s awkward, I need to thank someone

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ovenchips Mon 10-Sep-18 14:53:30

Were you paying this person?

If not, I'd buy a small bunch of flowers and thank-you card and tell her how much she's helped you. Explain that you have now been offered a long-term arrangement with school which you need to swap to.

If you are paying her, I'd do something similar but also ask for her notice period and honour that.

TwigTheWonderKid Mon 10-Sep-18 14:05:05

Just be honest. Say how much you appreciated her advice and offer of help but that you have been offered a place in the school setting and you hope she'll understand that it is more convenient for you. If you feel that bad you could buy her a bottle of wine and write a nice cad to go with it.

Sparkless Mon 10-Sep-18 13:52:42

Hey someone recently helped me out giving my advice and offering childcare services for me when I was really stressed with no childcare. However the school (when I finally got in touch with them) were supportive in terms of childcare and I now have it sorted. But the initial person bent over backwards to help me offer her services.
I feel really awkward now going and telling her thanks for all your help but your services aren’t required. I’d rather her stay at the school. - I means it’s awkward isn’t it??
What should I say?
Thanks x

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