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Tinned carrots. Who eats these?

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ChateauRouge Sat 18-Aug-18 12:20:30

Sorry, inspired by another thread, but really not a TAAT!

I know supermarkets sell tinned carrots (and potatoes etc) but who buys and eats them?

I always assumed (when a young child) that older people, who'd gone through the war would like the peace of mind of having a good stock of non-perishable food. Indeed, there were a great number of power cuts when I was small, so everyone had something in, so you could eat if you came home and the power was off.

But that was forty years ago, and there are dwindling numbers of people left from those generations, sadly.

So who (under the age of seventy, say) buys tinned veg, but particularly tinned carrots?

Do you actually prefer the taste to fresh ones?

Anonymumtum Sat 18-Aug-18 12:23:26

Tinned potatoes - delish when fried camping
Tinned any other veg - vile, tasteless and minging

Stephisaur Sat 18-Aug-18 12:25:49

I buy tinned carrots, sweetcorn and potatoes.

Carrots and sweetcorn are easy to drain and chuck in a pie. Potatoes are just for convenience because they take like 5 minutes to heat through x

Sunnysidegold Sat 18-Aug-18 12:27:45

I have been known to have tinned carrots on standby for a shepherd's pie.

glintandglide Sat 18-Aug-18 12:28:35

Lots of people, obviously. My sister loves them.

ChateauRouge Sat 18-Aug-18 12:28:56

5 minutes? Hmm, I can see the attraction there! Do they really taste nice though? (Camping only happens about once every two years blush and we never have potatoes then as they ... yes, take too long!)

Livinglavidal0ca Sat 18-Aug-18 12:29:16

Tinned potatoes sliced and fried for breakfast, don’t use any other tinned veg or frozen for that matter Other than tinned sweet corn!

ChateauRouge Sat 18-Aug-18 12:30:18

Also, can't put veg in a pie, as then the youngest won't eat any of it (ok- I'm not sure I'm a genuine MNer having admitted my child doesn't eat veg of any description!).

ChateauRouge Sat 18-Aug-18 12:31:18

Is tinned veg not quite expensive compared to.fresh? Presumably you're paying for the convenience?

WilburIsSomePig Sat 18-Aug-18 12:31:45

Well I hate carrots so don't buy them for anything than chucking in a pie etc but why is it different from tinned sweetcorn or similar?

AinmDubh Sat 18-Aug-18 12:32:24

I put tinned potatoes into a curry, yum!!

AlonsoTigerHeart Sat 18-Aug-18 12:32:43

I live in a poor area and worked eith the families of 0-3 year olds considered to be being brought up in poverty.

A lot of our family but tinned vegs because they don’t have freezer for frozen and can’t afford Fresh.

AlonsoTigerHeart Sat 18-Aug-18 12:33:54

Its about 30-60p per veg tin so yes cheaper

magpie24 Sat 18-Aug-18 12:34:09

Tinned potatoes are lovely fried up in a Spanish omelette

AlexanderHamilton Sat 18-Aug-18 12:34:15

I buy tinned carrots for my autistic son who likes them. I like tinned sweetcorn in a salad.

bobstersmum Sat 18-Aug-18 12:35:06

Our very old family recipe for shepherd's pie and corned beef hash both call for tinned carrots!
Also tinned sweetcorn is easy to chuck in a salad or mix with tuna.

yousignup Sat 18-Aug-18 12:35:58

Now I know this isn't AIBU, but REALLY?

I would rather eat out of date pancake mix than tinned carrots.

AuntieStella Sat 18-Aug-18 12:36:06

They taste different to fresh carrots and remind me of school. I have then from time to time.

Tinned veg is always on the list of 'things we want' at the local foodbank (presumably because you can eat with minimal - or even no - reheating)

bellinisurge Sat 18-Aug-18 12:36:16

If it's these or no carrots, I choose these.

viques Sat 18-Aug-18 12:36:21

Haha, just been on the other carrot thread, well unless there is another carrot thread I am missing.

My contribution to the tinned carrot debate is that I used to work with a woman who made tinned carrot sandwiches with white sliced bread.

And I can remember working in a canning factory where they tinned carrots, the smell of the liquid was indescribable.

Come the apocalypse I will save a lot of time and bunker space by not hoarding tinned carrots.

Twotabbycats Sat 18-Aug-18 12:37:28

I buy timed sweet corn because the country I live in doesn't have frozen! Has to be green giant though, the cheaper brands are not so good!

Uglybear Sat 18-Aug-18 12:38:18

I love them 🤣🤣

TSSDNCOP Sat 18-Aug-18 12:38:49

They’re nice in a stew.

BertieBotts Sat 18-Aug-18 12:40:12

I buy tins of mini carrots and peas to go in cottage pie. Much easier than chopping and they taste nicer in the pies than frozen.

Tinned sweetcorn is much nicer than frozen as well.

ignatiusjreilly Sat 18-Aug-18 12:40:18

I buy tinned potatoes to go in one of my casserole recipes, but wouldn't eat them on their own. In a casserole, they're the best bit that we all fight over!

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