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Should undies and tea cloths be washed together?

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PeridotCricket Wed 15-Aug-18 21:26:15

I think not, DH, normally very particular...just chucks them all in together as a whites wash on 40.

gttia Wed 15-Aug-18 21:28:33

In chuck them in confused

dementedpixie Wed 15-Aug-18 21:29:00

I just stick similar colours in together too which may include tea towels and underwear on occasion. No-one has died yet!

IAmNotAntiWomen Wed 15-Aug-18 21:29:34

I use 60 for killing germs. I don't use T Towels, it's more hygienic to air dry.

ASqueakingInTheShrubbery Wed 15-Aug-18 21:29:39

I can't see why not. I have faith in hot water and soapy bubbles.

Magicstar1 Wed 15-Aug-18 21:29:44

Yes, but on a 90 or 60 wash.

BathroomLights Wed 15-Aug-18 21:31:02

Yes but i do both at 60°.

PeridotCricket Wed 15-Aug-18 21:32:04

I’m ok with on a 60 or 90 wash.

Whackytaco Wed 15-Aug-18 21:32:17

I love a good MN washing thread.
Personally, my tea towels go in with the towels but occasionally a tea towel or two ends up with the whites and we're still breathing so it must ok.

formerbabe Wed 15-Aug-18 21:34:55

Clothes go in with other clothes only.

Bath towels by themselves

I will occasionally allow a lightly used bath towel to be washed with clothes.

Tea towels, dish cloths and bath mats go in together.

TheBlueDot Wed 15-Aug-18 21:39:44

I wouldn’t, especially at 40.

Tea cloths, bathroom and kitchen towels go in together at 60. Clothes go in separately at 40 (separated into darks, lights and white loads)

ILoveMyDressingGown Wed 15-Aug-18 21:40:43

All laundry (undies, clothes, towels, cloths, bedding etc) just gets put in together and washed in the same water, powder and detergent at the same temperature. We have done for years and we're still alive and don't have any hideous diseases. I don't see the point in saving cloths and then the undies for a special unique wash. For one thing it's a waste of energy doing more washing than necessary and for another we'd end up running out of clean socks and pants if we waited for a load big enough to justify switching the washer on.

GiraffeObsessedBaby Wed 15-Aug-18 21:42:32

Nope. Everything gets chucked in together unless it is a known culprit for leaking its colour then I separate colours a bit. The only thing I was specifically separately is dog stuff, hand wash items and wool blankets crocheted by my mum.

spugzbunny Wed 15-Aug-18 21:44:08

I wash all my clothes at 30. Except towels and bedding which goes on at 60. Am I minging?

Pissedoffdotcom Wed 15-Aug-18 21:45:54

Tea towels either go in with the generic towel wash or with the nappies. I wash on a 30 for every day gear...towels get a 40 blast!

pinkpantsrock Wed 15-Aug-18 21:52:09

are you being serious? why wouldn't you wash both togather?

Sickoffamilydrama Wed 15-Aug-18 21:57:56

I had to do a piece on this when I was a nurse by the time you dry clothing and iron it most bacteria is greatly reduced to the point that it isn't able to infect you.
I seem to remember that the washing machine still has some of the bacteria from previous washes in it so washing separately may not help.
From what I recall very little infections are thought to come from clothing/materials as it is to do with how well bacteria transfers from one thing to another. For example bacteria transfers much more from gloves than hands (which is another good reason for HCP to change gloves between patients).

Bakingberry Wed 15-Aug-18 22:00:41

This thread is interesting. I had a conversation recently about how I can't wash my bath mat with tea towels grin

ReevaDiva Wed 15-Aug-18 22:01:28

Who cares what kind of dirt goes in if it all comes out clean? confused

BrokenWing Wed 15-Aug-18 22:02:09

Fabric conditioner makes fabric less absorbant so I wouldn't wash them together as I don't want fabric conditioner on my tea towels.

Cyclingpast Wed 15-Aug-18 22:02:28

Well, it shouldn't matter as it should all come out clean... I think (?)

RebelRogue Wed 15-Aug-18 22:04:50

I don't normally,but that's because the tea towels are mankier than the underwear.
Wash most things together,everything at 40.

strawberrypenguin Wed 15-Aug-18 22:12:23

I'm on your DH's side. Most things get washed together here on a 40 wash. They're being washed in hot soapy water - I don't see what the problem is.

MsHomeSlice Wed 15-Aug-18 22:13:39

I wouldn't... and I eat stuff dropped on the floor if i catch it before the dog

I am peculiar about laundry though, I like to sort laundry according to colours, lights, darks, and by person as well. I will wash a mixed people load, but it makes me a bit angsty.
Separate loads for towels, bedding and kitchen towels/tea towels.

MiddlingMum Wed 15-Aug-18 22:14:56

No, I could never put tea towels and undies in together.

They both have a hot wash, but it has to be separate.

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