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Seriously tacky and grim...

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TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 01:28:08

Inspired by a thread about hygiene - carpets in kitchens and toilets, I thought it could be interesting to recall some of the diabolical tat from the past.

TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 01:28:51

As an opener I give you this:

TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 01:31:06

And this awful thing (a loo roll 'cover').

Movablefeast Wed 15-Aug-18 01:31:52

Not even from the past, a family member wants to rip out their turf and put fake plastic grass in the back garden.

TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 01:36:12

and this 'drinks trolley' which my mother had

KeepServingTheDrinks Wed 15-Aug-18 01:41:27

I want ALL of it.

I NEED all of it

Please send to
c/o MN HQ

#yetanotherfuckingOlivia, please forward. Do not, I repeat - NOT - keep for your MNHQ drinks parties

Please use first class/recorded delivery.

I esp want that pineapple soda syphon in the bottom pic.

KeepServingTheDrinks Wed 15-Aug-18 01:43:11

Oh, Torn I've just realized it's you.

[inserts heart emoticon] [inserts heart emoticon] [inserts heart emoticon]

TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 01:45:07

I used to play with one of these as a kid pretending to be a fireman

TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 01:45:54

I've no bloody clue who are! gimme a clue!

TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 01:47:10

And these - my God, these!

TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 01:48:48

But let's not forget these... (awful ashtray contraption)

JaneJeffer Wed 15-Aug-18 02:27:40

It's like Abigail's Party in here.

TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 02:31:01

Abigail's Party? no idea what you mean

TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 02:33:06

Do you remember these?
They never sounded quite right - because they weren't! - they were cover versions of hits to avoid paying royalties.

JaneJeffer Wed 15-Aug-18 02:37:27

grin a tribute to...

TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 02:41:03

and some of you - yes, some of you DID look like this, don't deny it

ALongHardWinter Wed 15-Aug-18 02:42:25

That Top Of The Pops record brings back bad memories. I can remember during the long,hot summer of 1976,when my best friend and I (we were 12 at the time) excitedly pooled our pocket money so we could buy the latest one from Woolworths. What a let down! Ghastly cover versions! sad then angry

TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 02:43:44

And you fancied this lot...
The Bay City Rollers - AKA 'the cameltoe five'

ALongHardWinter Wed 15-Aug-18 02:44:49

TornFromTheInside Cringe! Yes, I was a Bay City Rollers Fan! I swear I never dressed like that though!

TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 02:45:18

I did the same @ALongHardWinter kept thinking 'this sounds a bit odd, is it a special album version?'

No, it was a load of old crap, that's what it was!

ALongHardWinter Wed 15-Aug-18 02:46:31

I've never heard them referred to as The Camel Toe Five! [ grin]

TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 02:47:20

You're in denial Winter, in denial. It's common in people of your age, they block out the moments of horror from their youths.
Rest assured, the secret will remain with us, it'll go no further.

TornFromTheInside Wed 15-Aug-18 02:47:51

I just made that up - looking at that photo!

ALongHardWinter Wed 15-Aug-18 02:48:57

And talk about unPC sexist record covers! There was always some scantily dressed,pouting 'babe' on the front. What that had to do with chart music,I don't know.....

ALongHardWinter Wed 15-Aug-18 02:50:17

You made it up! grin I thought I'd missed a trick then for a moment!

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