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Missing out on the gin fad - Gin lovers convert me please

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BG2015 Mon 13-Aug-18 21:45:55

It's not the gin I don't like but the tonic.

What can I drink with gin and which gins are the best?

I usually drink Bacardi and coke or white wine/Prosecco. I feel like I'm missing out on the gin thing though.

Gin experts can you convert me.

Smellbellina Mon 13-Aug-18 21:49:56

Whitley Quince Gin is lovely or Silent Pool, but you do need it with tonic otherwise just cheap gin with OJ
What tonics have you tried? London Essence is nice. The tonic really does make a difference

IsTheRainEverComingBack Mon 13-Aug-18 21:51:48

Not all tonics are made the same. Try the Fevertree ones, especially the new aromatic one. Human taste buds are very adaptable, you can quite easily train them to like new things.

HollowTalk Mon 13-Aug-18 21:53:16

The Fevertree grapefruit tonic is gorgeous.

I have been drinking the Gordon's berry gin - strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. It's really lovely.

Zippea Mon 13-Aug-18 21:55:47

Slow gin / gin with rose lemonade is nice

sourpatchkid Mon 13-Aug-18 22:12:19

Gin is lovely with juice, I drink it with grapefruit juice

PavlovianLunge Mon 13-Aug-18 22:23:17

Fevertree tonic is my favourite, although the new Schweppes tonics (the 1783) range are also very nice - no artificial sweeteners.

I’d recommend Hendrick’s, either with 1783 cucumber or Fevertree. I also like the new Tanqueray with Seville orange, again with Fevertree.

The other thing I would say is to experiment with proportions of gin and tonic. Trial and error is a good thing in this case.

Upsy1981 Mon 13-Aug-18 22:49:32

Try it with rose lemonade or ginger beer (I prefer the Fentimans ones) also with plenty of ice and berries rather than the standard lime or lemon. Also try different tonics. If you've only ever had Schweppes, try other varieties, e.g. Fever Tree elderflower, Mediterranean etc.

funmummy48 Mon 13-Aug-18 22:51:52

Sipsmith Gin is lovel with sparkling elderflower and Sloe Gin is delicious served with ginger ale.

Partyfops Mon 13-Aug-18 22:53:42

Gin has had its day anyway, it's all about the rum now.

sirmione16 Mon 13-Aug-18 23:09:41

Loads of people drink gin and lemonade recently. Not for me, but if you need a softer taste or a sweeter flavour, go for it

Fatbelliedgirl Mon 13-Aug-18 23:13:14

Currently in bed with a glass of Gordon's and tonic...might give me strange dreams (gin and tonic can do that) but right now it's a relaxing way to wind down.

Fatbelliedgirl Mon 13-Aug-18 23:14:43

Also recommend Silent Pool, Gin Mare or Gordon's red berry gin. Bombay Sapphire too.
Gin doesn't give me a hangover either grin

InConstantNeedOfAGin Mon 13-Aug-18 23:27:02

I went to a gin tasting evening and the gin lady gave us a gin and ginger ale to try and it was lovely! I still prefer tonic with it, but I don't mind it with ginger ale either!

ScrambledSmegs Mon 13-Aug-18 23:31:02

The Fevertree Mediterranean tonic is much lighter in flavour than original style tonics.

I do know someone who likes their gin with sparkling water but quite frankly that just tastes weird.

BG2015 Tue 14-Aug-18 07:22:53

I've not tried the fever tree tonics. My friend drinks hers with ginger ale and I did taste it and was pleasantly surprised

sadeyedladyofthelowlands63 Tue 14-Aug-18 08:50:45

Fever Tree tonic was a revelation to me! It really does make a lot of difference. I really like Opihr gin, and Sipsmith is nice too.

Upsy1981 Tue 14-Aug-18 08:57:15

The fever tree tonics are lighter/fresher than Schweppes etc.

maggienolia Tue 14-Aug-18 09:07:22

I'm currently making rhubarb gin, sweeter than normal gin. Hopefully it will be drinkable in a few weeks time.

LucilleBluth Tue 14-Aug-18 09:27:29

I like my gin with soda and Belvoir lime and lemongrass cordial. Tonic can give me heartburn but the Fevertree are the best ones.

drspouse Tue 14-Aug-18 09:28:50

My favourite non-tonic is elderflower cordial and sparkling water.

fussychica Tue 14-Aug-18 10:30:14

I like Tanquery 10, Martin Miller's, Sipsmith or for something spicy and totally different Ophir.( you need a cheap slightly sweeter tonic like Schweppes with Ophir because of its strength of flavour)
I like a cucumber garnish, it really works to bring out the flavours. Fevertree tonic, though if you can find it the premium tonics from Double Dutch are ace and I forecast to be the next Fevertree.

BlackBeltInChildWrangling Tue 14-Aug-18 10:35:49

A friend with a Gin Bar tells me that the Next Big Thing after gin is going to be rum.

You're ahead of the trend, OP, with your Bacardi and Coke.

BlackBeltInChildWrangling Tue 14-Aug-18 10:41:56

<Stares wistfully into the distance, remembering sipping Cuba Libre on hot Caribbean nights in days gone by, ie before having the DCs scuppered such things>

RiojaHaze Tue 14-Aug-18 10:46:32

Fentimans orange tonic or pink grapefruit tonic are also both amazing with gin.

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