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Elonasmummyxo Sun 12-Aug-18 02:27:35


My DD is a premmie, she is 11months old but gestational wise she’s actually 8months old. So, I feel ever so guilty, I’ve been mixing a teaspoon of honey for about a week now into my daughters porridge thinking it would have these amazing health benefits for her as it does for us adults. Boy was I wrong! Every time I say I’m going to google it I always seem to forget, finally a week in I found the time to google it and it was not at all what I was expecting. DD seems healthy fine, her usual self, however still very cautious, should I take her to a Gp just as a checkup?

Grasslands Sun 12-Aug-18 02:41:51

your concern would be regarding botulism. if she developed it you would know right away (difficulty breathing) so no need to see the gp.
just hold off a few more months (not recommended for children under 12 months).

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