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Baby visiting work

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ReasonableLlama Sun 12-Aug-18 00:41:22

How old was your baby when you visited work?

For context it's an hour door to door. Relaxed office with lots of willing visitors/cuddlers.

I miss work so much and I am dying to see my colleagues but the baby is only 3 weeks old (formula fed if that make a difference) and I'm sure it's too soon. My colleagues have been in regular contact both before and after the birth and seem eager to meet the baby so I know i won't be imposing myself upon them.

I think In the next 2 weeks I'll be in a position to feel comfortable to do the journey alone and visit although no one has asked me yet when I will visit (I know they do want me to visit though).

I'm so excited to visit my colleagues - it's been 6 weeks since I "left" and I miss them all so much but I'm just wondering how long others left it before visiting?

wendz86 Sun 12-Aug-18 06:14:31

About 8 weeks with my first and 8 months with my second.

Lauren83 Sun 12-Aug-18 06:17:50

Week after section we took my DS in

everycowandagain Sun 12-Aug-18 06:49:54

8 weeks for me, but honestly if you feel ready and are missing everyone, do it! You'll really enjoy seeing everyone, I am sure.

You might need a quiet day the following day, if you are tired, or you might not!

ProseccoPoppy Sun 12-Aug-18 06:56:14

Go in if you’re ready!

For me: About 8 weeks with my first (messy emergency section so I wasn’t ready to drive much before that) and 6 weeks with my second (planned section so this was when I was “allowed” to drive though I was actually fine from 3 weeks really). FWIW I don’t think how baby is fed makes a lot of difference to when you’re ready unless your colleagues are weird about either breast or bottle feeding for some reason. Mine weren’t - I expressed milk for baby one DP was effectively bottle feeding at that point, my second I just breastfed in the office.

ProseccoPoppy Sun 12-Aug-18 06:57:29

“DP” = “so” - very odd autocorrect there!

PixieMiss Sun 12-Aug-18 07:05:07

About 3 weeks old. My office was round the corner from where I registered his name though so it wasnt a special trip into work.

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