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Bbq question !

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NoDressSense Sat 11-Aug-18 21:34:22

I accidentally posted this in aibu so I've made a new post here !

How much meat would you buy for a barbecue for 6 adults and 3 children if there were sides of cous cous , salad , garlic bread , corn on the cob , baked potatoes , veg & haloumi kebabs , potato salad and coleslaw ?
And also what type of meat ?

MissConductUS Sat 11-Aug-18 22:15:40

To account for the fact that meat cooks down in weight I usually plan on a half pound per person.

We usually do boneless chicken breasts in some kind of marinade, burgers, or if really putting on the dog, fillet steaks.

I've just asked DH about the marinade he uses for chicken. It's fresh lemon juice, olive oil, shallots and some Dijon mustard.

NoDressSense Sat 11-Aug-18 22:21:45

@MissConductUS that marinade sounds lovely , I will give that a try - thank you !

MissConductUS Sat 11-Aug-18 22:31:28

You're welcome! One tip with the chicken breasts. After trimming pound them flat. We do this by putting them on a cutting board, covering with some plastic wrap and then pounding them out with a rolling pin or wooden mallet. The flat breasts will cook more evenly and give more surface area to absorb the marinade.

Are you doing the cooking on the grill? We do the chicken six minutes per side, directly over the coals.

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