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Any ex smokers about?

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CreepyPasta Sat 11-Aug-18 20:41:04

After some advice please!

I quit smoking 6 years ago after a nasty 20 a day habit. I still end up smoking every time I have a drink though (don’t drink very often).

I’d love to be able to completely disassociate the 2 but as soon as I sniff alcohol I want a cigarette and it consumes my thoughts. I always end up cracking and smoking as it’s so rare to have a night out on the booze I don’t want to spend the whole time thinking of smoking 🙈

Any tips on how to crack this?


Bobbiepin Sat 11-Aug-18 20:44:56

DH is an ex smoker and says vape. It keeps your hands busy. He says if you've quit then it's not nicotine you are craving, just something to do with your hands.

Strawberrybelly Sat 11-Aug-18 20:45:32

I do exactly the same. I gave up 5 years ago and still smoke when I'm out drinking. I don't smoke at home when I'm drinking. I don't go out very often so it doesn't bother me too much.

gindrinkingmarypoppins Sat 11-Aug-18 20:48:14

If I'm out drinking I vape. Works for me.

CreepyPasta Sat 11-Aug-18 20:49:05

I’ve thought of vaping, just seemed like a faff for only a few times a year but I’ll look into it more.

I do sometimes think it’s that infrequent I shouldn’t worry about it but I just get frustrated with myself for wanting one.

Thanks smile

fourquenelles Sat 11-Aug-18 20:50:50

Ex smoker here and I would also suggest taking a vape out with you.

However, I can't comprehend how someone can not smoke for ages and then have one or two when out with a drink. I tried a fag after some time not smoking and it was FOUL. The taste was awful. There was no way I could carry on after just one puff. How do you overcome that initial grossness?

BirdySomething Sat 11-Aug-18 20:58:20

I did this for a while after giving up, but it just petered out eventually and I haven’t smoked at all for about 5 years now. I think it just takes a while to get used to being a non smoker.

FabulouslyGlamorousFerret Sat 11-Aug-18 21:06:30

Same as Birdy ... I very rarely bother now - may have a drag of a friends but that's it. I gave up properly 15 years ago.

BoldComicSans Sat 11-Aug-18 21:09:07

But a cheap ecig and take it out with you. You can still be out with the group of smokers and feel social without then craving or feeling like you are missing out.
I quit cold turkey and for the first few years would still go and stand with the smokers but wouldn’t smoke.

Years later after lots of stress I started vaping as I figured that would hopefully be better and cheaper than smoking.

Gardenpicnic Sat 11-Aug-18 21:12:54

I quit cold tukey last year, then went on holiday and really wanted one. Came home and started again.

Going on holiday soon and hope the same thing doesn't happen confused

Gottokondo Sat 11-Aug-18 21:22:20

Ex smoker here -waves-. I don't believe that I can smoke just the odd cigarette and quit again so I promised myself to never light up the next one ever again. I am terrified to get hooked again, don't you feel the same way?

I smoked my last cig on November 7th, 2009 halo

CreepyPasta Sat 11-Aug-18 21:47:14

Thanks all

fourquenelles It doesn’t taste awful to me, I wish it did, would be easy then, definitely going to look into vaping

Gottokondo I do feel the same, suppose the easiest thing to do would be to quit drinking completely but I don’t have that much willpower grin

LostInShoebiz Sat 11-Aug-18 22:06:10

One day there will be a tipping point and it will be too cold to social smoke, then maybe one day you’ll feel a bit under the weather and avoid it then one day it will just taste rank and you’ll smell it on you for hours and it will be over.

Until then, get a nice healthy substitute. I used to go outside and march round the block or call my mum if the bar had a queue and if not I would go to the bar and have an iced water, super cold. Takes the same length and of time, you get up and down from the table and a different sensation.

DoAsYouWouldBeMumBy Sun 12-Aug-18 13:43:22

I replaced boozy fags with crisps. 15 years later, my crisp habit is going strong, but never touched a cig since.

NickyNora Sun 12-Aug-18 14:18:41

Boring but you need a long break from drinking. I didn't drink for 2 or 3 yrs after stopping smoking.

I was on 30/40 aday. Not smoked in over 5 years.

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