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What's better than a duck?

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Goldenbug Sat 11-Aug-18 18:01:31

What's better than a duck?

tentontruck Sat 11-Aug-18 18:03:24

Nothing according to my 12-year-old. I'd say a horse.

NoNeedToArgue Sat 11-Aug-18 18:05:34

What's worse than a dry orange?

JellySlice Sat 11-Aug-18 18:06:03

A duck with steamed pancakes, shredded spring onion, cucumber and plum sauce.

DickensianHysteric Sat 11-Aug-18 18:06:16

An elephant.

Goldenbug Sat 11-Aug-18 18:07:10

horse - Nope. Too hard to pick up and move about. You need trailers for them and stuff. Ducks are much more portable.

Goldenbug Sat 11-Aug-18 18:08:01

elephant - Worse than horses as far as transportation goes. Also really dull plumage.

Goldenbug Sat 11-Aug-18 18:09:31

You shouldn't feed ducks pancakes. Not sure about the other stuff.

ratspeaker Sat 11-Aug-18 18:09:37

Three or more indian runners

Or rats, we started with 3, now have 10

Playmobilpeacock Sat 11-Aug-18 18:10:13

DH says 2 ducks.

Both DC said a chicken.

BIWI Sat 11-Aug-18 18:10:40


I win.

tentontruck Sat 11-Aug-18 18:11:05

A peacock.

Or a plate of halloumi.

Goldenbug Sat 11-Aug-18 18:11:31

Well obviously more ducks is better than a single mono-duck.

Rats - pretty good, but can scare people. (I like them though!)

doormatof Sat 11-Aug-18 18:11:32

A swan according to my DC

HemanOrSheRa Sat 11-Aug-18 18:11:51

A teeny baby goat in pyjamas.

doormatof Sat 11-Aug-18 18:12:18

three Indian runners?? what?

DickensianHysteric Sat 11-Aug-18 18:12:50

Oh, I know. A hedgehog!

ginghambox Sat 11-Aug-18 18:13:55

Two ducks.

Goldenbug Sat 11-Aug-18 18:13:57

Chickens - Wrong. Too common. EVERYBODY has a chicken.

Peacocks - No. They try so hard it's embarrassing.

kaytee87 Sat 11-Aug-18 18:15:46

My 2yo calls ducks 'kack kack's'

RJnomore1 Sat 11-Aug-18 18:15:56

A pig in Wellington boots.

Although a duck in Wellington boots would be better than that.

tentontruck Sat 11-Aug-18 18:17:02

Just to be clear, are we talking the feathery pond variety or the plastic yellow bath type?

Goldenbug Sat 11-Aug-18 18:17:26

Kittens - No. They grow into cats, ignore you and poop everywhere.

Halloumi - Well, as good as ducks when cut into chips and fried, but not better.

A swan - No. Too unwieldy. If you came at me armed with a swan, before you even unfolded it's neck I would have ducked you in the stomach.

tentontruck Sat 11-Aug-18 18:20:11

In that case fried halloumi chips eaten in the company of a charming and attentive duck.

Goldenbug Sat 11-Aug-18 18:20:16

Hedgehog - Yes! Well done! Somebody's got the right idea.

Pig in Boots - Yes. (Mysterious! What was he buying?!)
Pig in wellington boots - Nope.

And it's a regular feathered duck.

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