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Tell me about your 2yo's fav books

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kaytee87 Sat 11-Aug-18 15:41:31

Planning to clear out my just turned 2yo ds bookshelf of the more babyish books and replace with some new books. Looking for inspiration. His favourite things are vehicles of any kind, animals and balls!

kaytee87 Sat 11-Aug-18 15:44:01

Off the top of my head he already has Beatrix potters full collection and the gruffalo.

bellinisurge Sat 11-Aug-18 15:44:54

Baby owl. Along came a bedtime.

Sevendown Sat 11-Aug-18 15:49:03

Dear zoo


Bing’s noisy day

We’re going on a bear hunt

YouAndMeAreGoingToFallOut Sat 11-Aug-18 15:54:55

Room on the Broom
Mog the Forgetful Cat
Where the Wild Things Are
Bee: Nature's Tiny Miracle

NerrSnerr Sat 11-Aug-18 15:55:33

A squash and a squeeze
Peace at Last
Five minutes peace
Stick Man
Any Peppa Pig book

BendydickCuminsnatch Sat 11-Aug-18 15:58:37

Usborne ‘See Inside Your Body’ because it has a poo in it 🙄

Usborne Questions and Answers About... books

Classics such as Albergs (Funnybones), Shirley Hughes, Jane Hissey, Julia Donaldson

Onesundaymorning Sat 11-Aug-18 15:58:49

A good vehicle one is 'Beep Beep, time for sleep'. My son also likes 'Mack and Muck'.

ToniBraxtonhicks Sat 11-Aug-18 16:00:52

Yy to Five Minutes Peace, DS can recite off by heart.

He also loves the '10 Little...(dinosaurs, pirates, superheroes)' ones.

Other Julia Donaldson ones like The Gruffalo, Monkey Puzzle.

The Tiger who Came to Tea. Recent favourite is 'Jam' by Margaret Mahy.

He loves the Meg and Mog books but I find them very difficult to read!

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