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What old films rely on something that these days does not make sense?

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crunchymint Sat 11-Aug-18 10:57:50

DP and I were chatting about films that rely on a plot device that does not make sense these days. For example, not being able to phone someone before mobile phones existed.
So 127 hours where the hiker has to hack off his own arm. These days he would have a mobile phone and phone for help.
Any other examples?

ASliceOfArcticRoll Sat 11-Aug-18 10:59:19

Would a mobile phone work out there?!

crunchymint Sat 11-Aug-18 11:06:38

Good point!! Maybe not

MyOtherProfile Sat 11-Aug-18 11:10:12

Parent trap. Nowadays they would have tracked the other parent down on social media and discovered the existence of a twin ages ago.

KurriKurri Sat 11-Aug-18 11:12:01

Sound of Music - would you allow a crazy singing ex nun into your house and let her dress your kids in old curtains without some kind of references and a CRB check ?

ASliceOfArcticRoll Sat 11-Aug-18 11:15:10

Point Kurri.

DavedeeDozyBeakyMickandTich Sat 11-Aug-18 11:17:59

I think maybe Guess who's coming to dinner? These days the vast majority of people are not going to be weird about their family member dating someone of another race whereas in that film the dad's reaction was seen as normal/expected. People like that who were openly uncomfortable/hostile would be in the minority now.

SequinsOnEverything Sat 11-Aug-18 11:29:43

Romeo and Juliet if either Juliet or Romeo's friend could just phone or text him they'd both be alive.

newmam37 Sat 11-Aug-18 11:37:35

^ Guess who's coming to dinner? These days the vast majority of people are not going to be weird about their family member dating someone of another race^

You've not been to the South Wales valleys, have you? 😂 I get loads of strange looks when I'm out with my black and Asian friends!

ChanklyBore Sat 11-Aug-18 11:42:02

127 hours isn’t a shining example as the real life events it portrays actually happened in 2003. He made a video diary of it and took photos, so I don’t think the problem was a lack of technology.

MyOtherProfile Sat 11-Aug-18 12:07:12

Cinderella could call child line now.

IamPickleRick Sat 11-Aug-18 12:08:53

Home Alone

Brahumbug Sat 11-Aug-18 13:44:57

Keeping the baddy on the phone long enough to trace the call, around 5 minutes! Now you just consult caller display grin

DelurkingAJ Sat 11-Aug-18 13:47:50

Many murder mysteries where DNA would pin things down in half a day.

HappyEverIftar Sat 11-Aug-18 13:49:05

Watched Die Hard for the first time last night. Most of the plot was trying to reach/contact the cops/outside world, but all phone lines had been cut off! Among 30 hostages, somebody would have been able to message the authorities and not had to rely on Bruce Willis saving them all.

Almost didn't recognise Bruce!

FATEdestiny Sat 11-Aug-18 13:58:28

Most of the anti-muggle precautions in Harry Potter would not work given the advent of social media.

It's not so much the (lack of) use of mobile phones that affects the Wizarding World. It's the fact that nowadays anything unusual is facebook live steamed, or instagramed, or snapchatted. It would be impossible to go unnoticed.

Hangingaroundtheportal Sat 11-Aug-18 14:04:30

Totally Romeo and Juliet!

pachyderm Sat 11-Aug-18 14:08:29

Also, Romeo and Juliet were 14, so there might be a call to social services.

mothmother Sat 11-Aug-18 14:11:10

Wicker Park (based on L'Appartement) is all about mistaken identities and wrong conclusions that would be sorted out in 5 minutes with use of mobiles and social media!

CircleofWillis Sat 11-Aug-18 14:39:19

The talented Mr Ripley would have been outed as soon as someone tried to add him on FaceBook or Twitter.

DavedeeDozyBeakyMickandTich Sat 11-Aug-18 14:44:03

Newmam yeah I appreciate it's not the same everywhere! Just basing off my own experience of being mixed race and in a mixed race relationship. People are definitely weird about it in some areas now but thankfully a minority. I just meant the attitude displayed in the film would be considered the norm at the time.

SuperSuperSuper Sat 11-Aug-18 17:07:48

The lead in Brief Encounter would be posting on Mumsnet about her emotional affair, and would be urged to stop sooner than she did, and work on things with DH.

I'm always fascinated during the cafe scene by the sugar being "in the spoon" as well. I've never come across that (born 1970s).

lljkk Sat 11-Aug-18 17:45:38

DC watch a lot of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The lack of cellphones is very amusing in many plot lines.

The Cat in the Hat story. I always assume the kids are about 7 & 5.

EduCated Sat 11-Aug-18 17:49:02

We watched Jumpin’ Jack Flash with Whoopi Goldberg, which was all based around a transmission system used by banks to transfer messages etc. Very 80s tech that was completely unrecognisable and I didn’t entirely ‘get’! A whole department of people sat doing stuff that I imagine happens in seconds these days!

butlerswharf Sat 11-Aug-18 17:51:06

Jumping g Jack Flash was the first film I thought of too. You just beat me to it!

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